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3 Keys for Becoming a Soul Coach & Healer

Soul Coach Tip

Are You Interested in Becoming a Soul Coach and Healer?

Are you seeking to access more Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom?

If so, becoming a Soul Coach and Healer may be a key step in your soul's journey, and if desired, in your work with others. 

It’s may help to know that it’s easier to start you may think. Why? Because the power and wisdom of the soul are readily available, if you just know how to access them. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the nature of the journey and the simple keys to success.

Learning how to access the soul’s enormous power and wisdom changed everything for us and the same thing could happen to you. It was the result of years of searching for a reliable way to access our own inner guidance and wisdom, and our desire now is to make it easier for others to do the same.

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Personal Values and the Golden Rule

Personal values are like guiding lights that bring out the best of our humanity. One of the most widely-known values of all is the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is an open-hearted expression of love that goes like this:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

With a focus on love and happiness, doesn’t this statement warm your heart?

This simple wisdom may also be the most profound personal value known to humankind. In his masterpiece, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, Napoleon Hill described it as “the Guiding Star.” It’s not surprising that the Golden Rule is a fundamental personal value for most of the spiritual and philosophical traditions worldwide.

The Surprising Absence of Personal Values

It’s perplexing that religion and spirituality, with such lofty ideals, are at the forefront of so many conflicts in the world. Religious conflict is currently the main cause of war and many disagreements between people.

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The Power of Reiki (Energy Healing) on the Spiritual Journey

The power of Reiki for energy healing is remarkable. Reiki is also a powerful tool on the spiritual journey. Users can benefit greatly from understanding the power of reiki for spiritual transformation.

We are both Reiki Masters and Ministers of Holistic Healing. We have experienced the miraculous power of Reiki both as providers and recipients. We also marvel on us its potential for assisting in a spiritual transformation from a fearful, divisive perspective to a more loving, unified perspective on reality.

We call this transformation The Ultimate Paradigm Shift.

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