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Awakening to Your Magnificence

Have you ever considered that you are a magnificent being?

Join the Circle’s host, Dr. Jane Mountrose, with special co-hosts Dr. Phillip Mountrose and Gretchen Comer. We’re spiritual coaches, healers and guides whose greatest joy is reaching into the vast realms of spirit to enrich our lives and open to more love and light for ourselves and for our troubled world.

This week, we’re going to reach into a more expansive reality and “Awakening to Our Magnificence.” As we move into the holiday season and open to the blessings of the year ahead, this is an opportunity to focus on who we truly are and how we can embrace our most magnificent selves entering the new year.

We’ll explore where we’re going and what might be possible in the next new frontier for humanity. Along with a lively discussion, we will also have a special meditation to take a deeper look. Stay with us and as is usual in the circle, we’ll see where this takes us.

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To letting your light shine even brighter,



Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Awakenings Institute

Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing