How Can You Discover Your Life Purpose and Unique Genius?

Does it seem like you may never discover your life purpose?

Have you ever wondered if you have anything truly unique and special to offer to the world?

Then you may appreciate this. You are here for a reason, just like everyone else. Like everyone else, you also possess all the qualities you need to do something special with your life. You are in no way limited by your heritage, the grades you received in school, your looks, age, or any other common measurement of your potential.

Discover Your Life Purpose MessageThe truth is that each of us possesses a unique genius and discovering your purpose may be easier than you think.

Discovering Your Life Purpose

Some people believe life purpose involves completing a task, which may be something they don’t enjoy. They couldn’t be more wrong. Life purpose is not another form of torture. The things you are here to do are energizing.

Fortunately, there’s a surprisingly simple key for understanding and realizing your life purpose – focus on the things that bring you the most heartfelt joy and excitement. The wisdom of the heart is transformational . It understands that you are here for a reason. It can be awe-inspiring to think that your whole life was designed to help you to realize a special purpose.

A good place to start is to write a list of the strengths and talents that bring you the most joy and excitement. You may also notice strengths you have built by overcoming challenges. There tends to be a theme around the overcoming the challenges we face that is linked with our purpose.

These strengths and talents are the qualities to draw upon as you progress. It’s a wonderful relief to realize that you don’t need to be anyone other than who you are. Dare to be yourself. While we all need to develop some skills along the way and clear out some debris, we are essentially here by design.

Your Gifts to the World: Keys for Discovering Your Life Purpose

Next, think about the gifts that bring you the most joy and excitement, the ones that evoke passion about what you are doing. With them in mind, ask yourself what you might want to do to make the world a better place. This, in all likelihood, is your life purpose, or the path to discovering your purpose.

As a note, there may be more than one thing that you are here to do, and this is great. The key is to focus in on one or two areas to explore more and see where this takes you.

Here is our Life Purpose Formula:

Your Strengths and Talents

+ Your Passion and Heartfelt Joy

+ Your Unique Contribution


= Your Life Purpose

While you’re at it, you may also want to identify your weak areas. These, too, are here by design. We all have them. In fact, they can help you in two ways.

1. Weak areas can help you to understand the things you are not here to do. The things you don’t enjoy doing may not be your purpose. If they need to be done, these are the things you may want to delegate to others.

2. Weaknesses may also be obstacles you need to overcome to be your personal best. This is a critical point. There’s a saying “Your mess is your message.” We all have fears and limiting beliefs that are holding us back. If you succumb to them, your greatness will never emerge. If you overcome them, you learn valuable lessons that you can share with others.

Write a list that includes things you don’t enjoy or don’t come naturally to you. These are essential keys to your success.

Once you have identified your purpose, your job going forward is to become the creator of the life you were born to live. This requires a shift in perspective for most people, but you are here for a reason. We call this transformational shift “The Ultimate Paradigm Shift,” because your purpose can open you to a completely new way of being in the world.

The Three Lines of Transformational Personal and Spiritual Development

Purpose development is one of three lines of transformational personal and spiritual development. these three lines answer the age-old questions “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?” Our responses to these questions form the foundation of our lives.

“As you awaken to your purpose, you can create a life where you are operating out of your unique genius most of the time.”

On this miraculous journey, your purpose evolves, as you evolve. The rewards are worth the effort, regardless of the price. Nothing can compare with the aliveness you feel when you are connected with your greatest joys and making a difference in the world.

Your unique genius is what you are here to share with the world. It is also your secret formula for success in every area of your life – in body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Awakenings Institute’s Purpose

We would like to help you.

You can start by exploring the extensive resources on this site.

More possibilities for discovering your life purpose include the following:

  • Keep a journal. Make notes on all the things that lift your spirits and make you feel more alive.
  • Connect with the joy in your heart that seeks expression. As you do this, set yourself on a course toward incorporating more things that bring you joy into your daily life.
  • Take some action toward recognizing and realizing your purpose. The truth is that most people don’t ever make the effort to discover who they are and why they are here.

On a related note, Awakenings Institute, the organization that runs this website, offers a Life Purpose Home Study Course as part of our Spiritual Counselor Home Study Certification Program that explores this topic in detail.

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“When you follow your heartfelt joy and purpose, miracles will happen. Life will never be the same.”

Try it and find out for yourself!