Spiritual Counseling Home Study Certification Program with EFT

Exclusively from Holistic Coaches, Energy-Healing Experts and Personal Transformation Pioneers Phillip and Jane Mount​​​​rose

OFFERED SINCE 2004 – gain from more than 25 years of in-depth experience... You can start today online -- no travel required.

Do people naturally come to you for advice? Do they naturally seek you out to improve their lives? Perhaps counseling and helping people is one of your strengths, something that is even a passion for you.

To develop further, would you like to learn the powerful tools and knowledge to provide real, lasting solutions for deep healing and spiritual growth?

Now you can learn an integrated approach to spiritual counseling in this certification training program. It's a practical and transformational spiritual course, from two leading spiritual pioneers …

To be a spiritual counselor, you need effective tools, knowledge and support.

Maybe you’ve already had some results in helping others, and now you know you can work with them at an even deeper level. Maybe you also know there are some "missing pieces" that you need to learn to be consistently effective in helping others.

What's missing?  Having a flexible systematic program...

With our signature systematic approach to spiritual counseling you can …

  • have clarity and focus because of an easy-to-follow, comprehensive approach

  • feel self-empowered, knowing how to help yourself and others advance in the right direction

  • be trained by leaders in the spiritual development field with over two decades of experience and a customized program

  • experience a deep sense of joy and satisfaction because of the difference you make in people’s lives

  • provide deep, lasting results to help many different people.

Joyce LeQue Health Care Supervisor,
Palm Springs, California

After going through this program, I opened up to so many things in my life and feeling the freedom of spirit. I removed many fears, including even taking this program. It moved me forward for what I am here to do. Even many months after completing the Spiritual Counseling Home-Study Certification, I still regularly refer to the excellent books, cds and dvds.”

Sue Lang Writer, Artist,  Australia
If I were to recommend a well-rounded course for understanding the physical, emotional, mental and intuitive complexes within a spiritual context, it would be the Awakenings Spiritual Counseling Course."

The tools and knowledge must be practical and soul-based, ones that have been proven to work well. Your spiritual counseling training also needs to include practicing and integrating what you learn.

Phillip & Jane Mountrose-- Holistic Coaches and Authors

During the past decade, we produced many popular books, cds and dvds on EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology, intuition and life purpose. In the process of our work, we watched our students, others and ourselves grow. This led us to identifying the specific stages of spiritual growth people go through on their evolutionary journey.

We specialize in bringing lofty spiritual topics down to earth so they can be easily understood and applied. Over the years, we have become known for our ability to implement state-of-the-art techniques in ways that are very effective.

As a result, we developed a systematic Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Program to insure success for people, so you can feel confident in helping others. It comes from a depth of spirit that and several decades of experience and research.

What's included in the Spiritual Counselor Home Study Certification?

  • Skills for connecting with people from different perspectives: understand their purpose and unique gifts they are here to share; know their next steps for personal and spiritual growth…
  • Easy-to-learn and proven healing tools including EFT, SK (Spiritual Kinesiology), intuitive techniques.
  • Our unique, transformational GTT (Getting Thru) Techniques that we developed for detecting and clearing the challenging issues that hold people back
  • Confidence and clarity on addressing core issues so you can help people to progress quickly and easily
  • Powerful follow-up business development and marketing skills so you can create a successful professional practice if desired

This Program includes five specially developed, integrated courses -- and they are easy-to-follow. Here's an overview:

Each one comes with tailor-made hard-copy books, cds, dvds and online materials -- with step-by-step tools and information that are easy to follow and apply.

The course totals 154 hours of study and practice. You will receive a certification after each individual course, which stand alone in themselves.

Each course takes 4-12 weeks, going at your own pace.

1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certification Course
36 hours:

Learn energy healing techniques that have been called a “modern miracle.” EFT and our complementary deepening techniques (GTT) can allow you to help people to resolve issues that have been troubling them for months, years, or even decades... in hours or sometimes even minutes. EFT revolutionizes the way people understand their possibilities. The EFT tapping technique is easy to use, versatile and complements many modalities.

Hard-copy materials: Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT book, 2 cds, 2 dvds ($78 value)

2. SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) Certification Course -- 36 hours:

Offers a dynamic alternative to EFT, which some people prefer. It's sometimes even more effective. SK also puts issues and healing into the broader context of the spiritual path with essential information about the stages people go through. You will also learn how to use muscle testing with powerful checklists to analyze issues and quickly get to underlying challenges. With Spiritual Kinesiology, you can help people even more precisely because you understand what they are experiencing.

3. Spiritual Intuition Training Certification Course -- 36 hours:

Learn a complete intuitive system that will allow you to feel confident about following your inner guidance, make the right choices, and create far deeper rapport with your clients.

Hard-copy materials: Getting Thru to Your Soul Intuitive Techniques workbook, 4 cds ($97 value)

4. Life Purpose Guide Certification Course -- 36 hours:

Understand what makes people tick, their core similarities and differences, including their greatest lesson and greatest gift. Help people, including yourself, to understand their unique purpose and how to bring it into form – that literally has been life-changing for so many. You will learn the system of "overleaves," drawn from the Michael Teachings and Gurdjieff that identify people's distinguishing differences and similarities .

Hard-copy materials: Awaken to Your True Purpose Workbook and 5-CD set
($97 value)

5. Final Studies -- 36 hours:

Bring it ALL together by learning how to be more therapeutic and sharing your wisdom with the world by teaching classes. We also offer follow-up business development tools.

Hard-copy materials: The Heart & Soul of Being Therapeutic, The Heart & Soul of Teaching (3-ring binders) ($50 value)

Is the Spiritual Counselor Program for You?

This high-quality, in-depth program is not for everyone. It takes...

  • being able to work independently over an extended period of time (each module takes a couple months to complete and there are 5 of them (you will receive a certificate after each one)

  • a commitment to integrate the profound knowledge and tools of the program

  • an investment in yourself of your time, money and energy (this investment will pay off handsomely if you follow through!). Ultimately, you're investing in you, your best resource.

The Spiritual Counselor Program is non-denominational. We accept the great truths of all spiritual traditions. We emphasize finding the truth through your own awakened inner wisdom and to connect deeply with the underlying unity in all things.

We also do offer other courses and programs:

If you prefer live group programs, see our Holistic Coaching and Healing with EFT Telecourse Certification Program.

Click here to learn more about the Holistic Coaching and Healing Telecourse (class by telephone) Certification Program (all calls are recorded).

If you wish to take one home-study course (versus the entire Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Program of 5 integrated courses), start with either of the two courses below...

1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner Home Study Course.

Click here to learn more about EFT Training.

2. Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) Practitioner Home Study Course.

SK is an easy-to-use energy technique as powerful and effective as EFT. It can stand alone, complement EFT or other modalities. It also has the added benefit of healing directly with the soul's guidance. Click here to learn more about the Spiritual Kinesiology Course.

If you start with a single home-study, you can followed up with other courses in the Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Program.

Alternatively, some people start with the Spiritual Kinesiology Training Course.

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If you do feel guided to become a certified Spiritual Counselor, you can take your gifts out into the world and help far more people at a much deeper level. We encourage you to follow your heart, which of course we imagine you would “counsel” others to do so as well.

If you repress your heart’s desires to grow and be more alive, what will result? And how effective will you be at helping others and making the world a better place?

We know this Program will stretch you, and the rewards will come back many times, now and in your future.

Note: for people who live outside the United States.
Yes, you can take the Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Certification from anywhere in the world. You would just need to complete the requirements for the program.

Bev Wood, Spiritual Counselor, Tucson, AZ

“Even though I was very drawn to the Spiritual Counselor Program, I feared it was too big an undertaking. Was I up to it? I’m so glad I went ahead since it’s what I really wanted to do. The program was very comprehensive. It really anchored me in fulfilling my purpose. Even though I’ve studied these areas for many years, it gave me great tools and knowledge that were clear, profound and kept me on track. It validated that my soul led me to this program.”

What’s a Spiritual Counseling Certification Program like this worth?

What’s it worth to have the knowledge and tools to help others (including yourself) at a deep, transformational level? The Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Certification Program can give you the ability and confidence that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Also keep in mind that this program will complement any other modalities and trainings you already have.

Remember this is a unique practical program that you can’t find anywhere else. You will learn tools that you can use over a lifetime. There is nothing quite like an opportunity to learn from our many years of experience and trial-and-error in the field. Our experience and research has been distilled into this step-by-step program.


Some programs charge thousands of dollars, but we want to keep it affordable. If the price is a stretch for you that will just help you value your experience all the more.

Each of the 5 courses range from $247-$267, depending on how far you go with it, that is, how many of the five certificated courses you take.

You want to go further with your spiritual development and help others. So what would it be worth to do it in a systematic, enjoyable way – and go at your own rate without the additional effort and expense of having to travel?

Anar Alibhai, Counselor, Ontario, Canada

I felt there was something missing in my life and enrolling in the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program was like landing home - this is what I was looking for."

Plus Your Spiritual Counseling Bonuses ...

1. "How to Market Your Holistic Practice" Online Course ($197 value)

A step-by-step online course on how to attract clients and create a prosperous practice. Includes connecting your practice with your purpose, crafting your message, finding your niche, writing an ezine and blog and much more. Fully downloadable 9 hours of audio, worksheets and e-handbook. Available for immediate download.

Keys to Communication

Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling

2. "Boost Your Success with Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling " Online Course ($97 value)

Learn an empowering approach to live more intentionally and masterfully -- and help others to do the same. You will directly tap into your emotional and spiritual intelligence, so you can grow at your optimal rate and help others do so as well. A 4-part audio tutorial with handouts and more...

3. Free Shipping on all hard-copy materials to the US and Canada with your order

Heart & Soul of Teaching 3-ring binder Book
($347 retail value for above materials)


A beautiful Spiritual Counselor Certificate upon completion suitable for display

And individual certificates for completing the four courses within the program: EFT Practitioner, SK Practitioner, Intuitive Practitioner, Soul Purpose Advisor.

Optional mentoring -- have ​Phillip and Jane Mountrose answer your questions directly and give you additional guidance

PLUS ...

Bonus 1: “How to Market Your Spiritual/Holistic Practice” ($197 value): 9 hrs of audio tutorials, worksheets and handbook available for instant download once you enroll.

Bonus 2:  “Boost Your Success with Spiritual Healing, Coaching and Counseling” Online Course  ($97 value): Maps out key communication skills through audio tutorials, videos and handouts ...

Sarah Hardy, Yoga Teacher, Windsor, Canada

When I started this program I was unsure of myself. After releasing blocks through using the material, my judgments let up and fears lifted -- I now feel light and happy. I now am offering these techniques to my current clients and am confident that I am in the right field of work!"
Rebecca Spencer, Spiritual Counselor, Orlando, Florida

I found the medical world too harsh for my preference and incorporating alternative therapy techniques from the Spiritual Counseling program in my work has felt more in alignment with my life purpose."

Heather Nodello, Holistic Practitioner, Windsor, Canada

Now I am working as a counselor and running workshops full time."
Gettingthru Heart

We value you.  

After you complete the program, if you don't feel you received value from your studies, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

Jay Cleve
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Stevens Point, WI


Going through all the modules helped me put together some of the things I have been exposed to over the years and introduced me to new ideas (the Michael material, for example). The Program builds on itself. The material required me to look at myself and my own growth and increased my awareness of the need to attend to my spiritual/psychological growth. I will continue to be integrating it in years to come as the concepts ‘stretch’ me emotionally and spiritually.

Angele Boudreau, Crisis Intervention Counselor, Cache Bay, Canada


This wonderful program has heightened my abilities to discover my skills and development as an individual.  I so proudly engage in this work as spirit directs the way of restorative healing."

Become a Certified Spiritual Counselor ​--

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Note: We have kept this unique, comprehensive Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Program at an affordable rate. We don't know how much longer we will keep it at the current tuition

Choose The Option That Is Right For You:


Spiritual Counseling Home Study
Certification Program

includes all hard-copy books, cds, dvds ($347 value) plus bonus “How to Market Your Holistic Practice” program for instant download ($197 value)

Single Payment -- Tuition  $1297


Credit card or Paypal accepted

Note: To help you organize the program, we will send you each of the 5 certificated courses that comprise the Spiritual Counselor Home-Study Program one at a time.

So after you finish the first course (EFT), we will then ship your next course. This way it's easier to manage the program. We will send your bonus downloadable "How to Market Your Holistic Practice" immediately.

Add Mentoring*

Three 20 minute calls with Phillip or Jane Mountrose to get further support and depth

*Can add mentoring at a later time.

Mentoring $95


Credit card or Paypal accepted


As a note, we recommend starting with this option, where you pay on an installment plan.  You then enroll for one course at a time. In effect, you can only attend to one course at a time anyway.

We recommend starting with the EFT Home Study Course, although you can choose another one to start. You then pay for each course one at a time -- in effect, it's a payment plan.

You will also receive a certification for each individual course as well.

After completing all 5 home-study courses, you will also receive, in addition to the other Practitioner Certificates, the "How to Market Your Holistic Practice" course.

EFT Level 1 Home Study Certification Course

includes professional hard-copy book, 2 cds, 2 dvds with Free US and Canadian Shipping ... Plus Immediate Online Access to all course materials and Bonuses --

Tuition $267


Credit card or Paypal accepted

SK (Spiritual Kinesiology)
Home Study Certification Course

includes hard-copy Getting Thru to your Soul book, 2 cds, 3 dvds Plus immediate access to all materials online. Plus immediate access to all materials online

Tuition $247


Credit card or Paypal accepted

Intuition Home Study Certification Course

includes hard-copy Getting Thru to Soul book and Soul Intuitive Techniques workbook and 4 cds

Tuition $247


Credit card or Paypal accepted

Life Purpose Guide
Home Study Certification Course

includes hard-copy Awaken to Your True Purpose workbook and 5 cds

Tuition $247


Credit card or Paypal accepted


*Note, as explained above, there is also a fifth course, "Final Studies." This course focuses on Being Therapeutic and Teaching Classes (tuition $247), which is taken as part of completing the full Spiritual Counselor Certification Program

As mentioned, becoming a spiritual counselor is not for everyone. It's definitely about stretching and growing. Follow your heart and a great life and contribution will follow. You are worth it.

​We look forward to seeing your progress.

To the heart and soul of your success,

​Phillip and Jane Mountrose
Co-Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute

P.S, Remember that you can start today online -- no travel required.

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