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The Power of Reiki (Energy Healing) on the Spiritual Journey

The power of Reiki for energy healing is remarkable. Reiki is also a powerful tool on the spiritual journey. Users can benefit greatly from understanding the power of reiki for spiritual transformation.

We are both Reiki Masters and Ministers of Holistic Healing. We have experienced the miraculous power of Reiki both as providers and recipients. We also marvel on us its potential for assisting in a spiritual transformation from a fearful, divisive perspective to a more loving, unified perspective on reality.

We call this transformation The Ultimate Paradigm Shift.

This shift into a more loving reality is the primary focus of Awakenings Institute, the creator of this website. We recognize that our views go beyond the traditional views of Reiki. We share them as food for thought for other reiki users who focus on the spiritual journey.

What is the True Power of Reiki?

For those who are new to this method, Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing that transmits universal life force energy for healing. It works holistically, on all levels of our being – body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

The life force energy that is transmitted through the power of Reiki is the building block for all forms of life. We often refer to it more simply as aliveness, because feeling alive is essential to our well-being.

Life energy is a key point both for healing and for accelerated spiritual growth. When we feel fully alive and excited about the life we are creating, we are on track to realize our true potential and purpose. We are living the life we were born to live.

The Power of Reiki on the Spiritual Journey

On the spiritual journey, aliveness is the fuel for growth. In the body, the source of our aliveness is the heart, which is the spiritual bridge at the center of our being. As we access the wisdom that emerges from an awakening “heart and soul,” we open to a paradigm shift into a more elevated reality. This elevated reality is the place where we can embrace our true potential as creators of our lives. It is also the place where miracles occur.

By contrast, feeling sluggish, isolated, and skeptical about life indicates that we have deviated from our spiritual path. In this state, not much is possible. Rather than recognizing ourselves as self-empowered creators, we tend to experience ourselves as victims of forces that are larger than ourselves.

The life-enhancing energy of Reiki can help tremendously when our spirits are down, but there is another key – awareness. We also have to understand some truths about ourselves to advance spiritually. Here, progress can occur faster and easier with the addition of clearing techniques like Holistic EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology.

We’ve been using these techniques for several decades now with tremendous results, for ourselves, our clients, and our students. All are fascinated and excited with the results.

The elevated awareness that comes with targeted clearing enlists our ability to embrace the vast realms of spirit. It is from this elevated awareness that we access the soul’s wisdom and resolve the challenges that block us from feeling fully alive and excited about where we are going.

Enhancing the Power of Reiki with State-of-the Art Energy Healing Techniques

As each of us embodies our soul’s wisdom and sense of purpose, we will open to the life force energy that permeate everything.  This opening magically blesses, honors, and offers healing to both the provider and the receiver. It also opens a doorway to the expanded awareness that can emerge with the use of powerful energy healing techniques that can more efficiently clear blocks and open the door to the life each of us was born to live.

Those who are blocking this spirit of unification in the use of Reiki have not yet opened to its full potential. It’s time for us all to move forward and upward, so it is exciting to elevate the use of Reiki energy to its pure form, as a vehicle for unification rather than separation.

The Power of Reiki and the Human Energy Field

Another way of enhancing the power of Reiki is with awareness of the nature the human energy field. The energy field is multi-dimensional, and energy flows from the higher dimensions into our reality by moving through different layers of the energy field.

There are seven main layers that stabilize the human form in our current reality. Spanning these layers is the chakra system, which is composed of major and minor energy centers that connect these energetic layers and transmit energies from the higher dimensions into the physical body.

Considering the way energy flows through the energy field, there are ways to transmit Reiki energy more directly. Rather than using the traditional hand positions, Reiki energy may be transmitted directly into the major energy centers, which distirbute the energy wherever it is needed in the energy field.

The hands are used to focus the energy by cupping them around a chakra and sending the energy directly into the energy center, or placing one hand on one chakra and the other on another chakra to transmit energy between them. With practice, it is possible to sense the quality of the flow through each of the chakras to balance the entire field.

A Powerful Reiki Treatment Formula

For a general Reiki treatment, then, we recommend starting at the crown chakra and moving down the seven major chakras – the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel and base. Then cover the extremities, through points in the shoulders, elbows and hands, along with the hips, knees and feet.

When viewed energetically, the chakra system and the layers of the energy field provide a roadmap that can facilitate healing at all levels. With an understanding of the physical, psychological, and spiritual significance of each chakra, the Reiki provider can feel how energy is flowing through the system and help the client to become aware of the significance of any blockages he or she perceives.

When this kind of awareness emerges, the use of Holistic EFT or SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) can work wonders for clearing the block. In this way, Reiki and clearing can go hand-in-hand.

Enhancing the Power of Reiki with the Symbol for Unity

The ultimate goal of the spiritual journey is unity, which is love, feeling connected to everyone and everything. Here there is no separation, no fear, no victimization. Ththe journey revolves around three lines of development we call the Transformational Triad.

The three lines of development address the age-old questions that form the foundation of our lives.

  1. Developing Ourselves (“Who are we really?”) and connecting with our true identities as wonderful spiritual beings
  2. Developing Our Heartfelt Dreams and Goals (“Why are we here?”)
  3. Developing Our Life Purpose (“Where are we going?”)

Reiki Unity Symbol

With unity as the ultimate goal, we created a symbol for unity, which you can see here.

Reiki providers can use this symbol to counteract the energy of separation that holds us down. This symbol may be added to any of the other symbols to bring unity to the healing process and to unify the energy field on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The Ultimate Power of Reiki

Ultimately, the goal of enlisting the power of Reiki for healing and on the spiritual journey is the Ultimate Paradigm Shift. With activations of life force energy and clearing techniques, we shift into a place where we can realize Awakenings’s dream and love conquers fear.

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