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The Four Biggest Myths about the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vast higher-dimensional storehouse. It holds each person’s energetic imprints (past, present and potential futures). These archives have been drawn on by spiritual luminaries (like Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Yogananda and others), and by major religions as we have previously described .

Since the Akash is not a normal physical or digital library, there are understandably misconceptions about its actual nature.

Let’s dispel four common myths about this “Book of Life,” so you can better understand it and open to  receive its many profound benefits.

Myth #1: You need special abilities to access the Akashic Records.

These “Hall of Records” are an open source, freely available to anyone. Yes many psychics and mediums do use it in their work.  Nonetheless, anyone with the right intent and preparation can directly experience this priceless resource.

In other words, if you are willing and receptive you can access them.  Having some training will help too.

Myth #2: There is only one way to enter the records.

Some teachers use a certain way to access the records, be it a prayer, invocation, meditation or visualization. But there is no one way.  Different ways can work for you. It’s good to see a variety and pick the one that resonates most with you.

It’s just a matter of opening to the experience with the right approach for you.

Myth #3: The Akashic Records is a literal library filled with books.

Yes some people do “see” a library when entering the records.  And they may view many books and/or scrolls containing the information they are seeking. And there may be record keepers there, too.

Just know this is not a literal physical or digital library. And not everyone even uses the representation of a library when in the records.  Nor do you “need” a record keeper to assist. All of this can be useful, but not required to have a profound experience in this cosmic “library.”

To comprehend this energetic database, the aim is to make the information intelligible, translatable and useful. If seeing a book serves your purpose fine. For others, it might be like a movie screen or computer.  For others, it might be sensing a story play out. You may get images, symbols and messages as well.

Here’s something important to realize. By keeping your linear, logical brain out of the experience, your reading will unfold in a natural way.  You want to not “think” here but allow and be in flow. If you think about it, you will disconnect, lower your state, like having an internet connection drop out.

After the experience is over and you have exited the records, you can enlist your analytical brain to assist you.  Also over time, some of the experience may come together with aha’s and breakthroughs, as you metabolize the data into your awareness.

Remember this Book of Life, as the Bible refers to it, holds your records and everyone else’s in the collective unconscious. It’s all stored in the higher realms of the Akashic Records. Yes these energetic chronicles do record our lives in linear time. Know, though, that this energetic database exists outside of time and space.

Myth #4: The records tell your future.

There’s a reason the records can’t predict your future with certainty.  We all have free will and can change the path we are on.  In addition, outside events, like war and natural disasters, can greatly disrupt where we are heading.

To be sure, we all have trajectories we are trending toward based on our past as well as current thinking and actions.  For example, if we keep overeating and not exercising, our health in the future will look bad.  But we can certainly change the way we eat and exercise and head toward a healthier future.

Clearly, our past patterns – in this lifetime and previous ones – influence our outcomes. So following up our lifestyle example above, you create multiple possible futures depending on the choices you currently make with your daily eating and exercising patterns.

We do have free will to navigate through life’s complexities. Many factors are always at play, both internally and externally. The future is dynamic and not set in stone.  Certainly, the Akashic Records can provide important information to consider the choices we make now that will influence what is to come for us.

The records are a non-judgmental neutral recording of events along with thoughts and feelings we’ve had or do have.  What we do with those records, including how we interpret them, is up to us. In short, it’s a powerful resource to be used wisely.

The Status Quo and Higher Realities

The mainstream sets up certain conditions to consider something real and credible. So what the status quo consider as “real”? It must be physical, tangible and measurable by our external senses.  In contrast with the materialistic mainstream perspective (and what it believes is possible), the Akashic Records operate in a higher dimension, beyond conventional norms. This is a different realm from what is conventionally accepted as “reality.”

Higher realities, by definition, exist beyond our current 3D reality, although the higher does include the lower. And the lower cannot see or understand the higher, which is part of the spiritual laws that structure reality.

The mainstream reality is also a small part of the higher worlds. The higher dimensions — which are beyond the physical and where we will find the Akashic Records — exist, even if we are unaware of them, or can’t prove them by ordinary measurements.

So it’s understandable that myths and misconceptions surround this Book of Life, which is metaphysical, containing a vast compendium of everyone’s lives and experiences.

So how can we reconcile everyday CNN reality with the higher realms?  In order to grow and accelerate our evolution, we have to let go of our logical minds that holds sway over our everyday lives and reality. If we choose to open to a higher reality, we can transcend the brain’s limiting capacities. And importantly, accessing the records develops our intuition, a key capacity for spiritual growth and understanding higher realities.

As a note, our brain is vitally necessary for survival and certain processes, but there is a limit to its function.

Final Thoughts on the Akashic Records

By learning how to open a space for them, the records become an extraordinary resource for our spiritual growth. They give you superior insight and direction. Learning how to read the Akashic Records is part of our Spiritual Guidance Certification Program.

In the process, your horizons wonderfully expand. So do your possibilities for a more magical, meaningful and exciting life. 

Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing