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Open Your Heart to Love and Light

Rainbow of Hearts

People who know us understand that activating the love that lights up our hearts is our mission in life, along with clearing obstacles that stand in the way. It’s been a miraculous journey so far, and it continues to evolve as all of us evolve.

An Enlightening Test

With three decades of experience in the fields of Holistic Life Coaching and Healing, we continue to be amazed at the value of opening our hearts to love and light.
If you don’t know why this is so significant, you can confirm the importance of the heart quickly with this little test:

Before reading further, take a nice, relaxing breath, and point to yourself.

This is the whole test. Read on to understand what it means.


The Key to This Test

As simple as it is, this test is also surprisingly profound. Here’s the key. If you are like most people, you pointed to the area around your heart. This is significant. While most of us associate ourselves with our heads, something deep within us understands that our true identity lies in the heart.

People commonly talk about “getting to the heart of the matter” and “following my heart,” but rarely consider what this means. In the spiritual traditions of India, the heart is regarded as the doorway to our essential and ultimate nature, the Supreme Consciousness, what many in western philosophies refer to as the “seat of the soul.”

We view the heart as the spiritual bridge. In the body, the heart is the bridge to a higher perspective on reality that is based on love, joy, expansiveness, and connectedness. Consider this perspective in contrast with the fear, anxiety, repression, and separation that dominate so many lives.

Rainbow of Hearts

The Expansiveness of the Heart

It’s holistic – everything is connected, and everything has meaning. In the body, the heart is the bridge to a more expansive perspective on reality. We would also say it is also the bridge to a more expansive perspective on ourselves.

When you focus on the truth you hold in your heart, your life may look vastly different, as does your understanding of yourself as a wonderful spiritual being who is here for a reason. The soulful truth and power you can access here, at the center of your being, is also the bridge to your next steps on the journey to wholeness.

The potential we hold in our hearts is like a secret hidden in plain sight. Everyone knows the heart is an essential organ in the human body. But do we understand the true power of the heart? And do we understand the transformational power of love and light? We would say no.

We would also say the heart is probably the most undervalued resource we have for realizing our full potential and living life to the fullest. When we activate the love we hold in our hearts, amazing things start to happen.

Love is the Beauty of the Soul, St. Augustine

The Miraculous Benefits of Love and Light

Consider this question: why is the thought of opening more and more to love and light so appealing? We would say it is because something in us, in the depths of our hearts and souls – knows that love is the way. In essence, we all have a choice of choosing to have love or fear dominate our lives.

This choice is important, because they take us in opposite directions. Love and counterparts like gratitude, happiness, connectedness, exhilaration, and the simple joy of being alive are expansive. They also light us up with aliveness as we embrace more love and light.

On the other hand, fear, and its counterparts – stress, worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, and feeling alone in life - repress our aliveness, along with our enjoyment of life. 

Stress is so common, many people consider it normal, but it isn’t.  It has been associated with almost all major diseases, and in some cases, with death. Fortunately, anyone can change it.

We discovered the miraculous power of love and light during some challenging times when we didn’t know where to turn. Maybe you’ve been there, too. It can feel like life is passing you by, which is not a good place to be.

Jane got burned out at her architect’s job years ago. She eventually became too sick and run down to work regularly and felt like her soul was dying. Phillip continued as an educator, but also knew his vitality was waning and there was much more to discover.

Synchronously, we were given an opportunity to explore the power of the heart and open to love. This simple shift transformed our lives in wonderful ways that continue to evolve today.

Now, as holistic life coaches, healers and personal transformation pioneers, our most important focus is on helping others to tap into the love, light, and wisdom that lie hidden in their hearts.

Through the love that lights an awakening heart, all of us can open to our full human potential. The heart is the place where we discover our value, our purpose, and our connection with everyone and everything. Love is also the solution to the overwhelming challenges we face collectively.

Rainbow of Hearts

Start Now with this One-Minute Love and Light Meditation

The best part is this: each moment provides the choice of embracing love or fear. To embrace more love and light in your life, here is a fast and easy process you can do now, and any time you think about it during the day.

The Love and Light Breathing Process

  1. 1
    Step back from whatever you are doing. You can do this mentally, breaking any momentums you may be in or physically, by moving into a different place. As a brief break, you may want to step outside or imagine being in a beautiful place in nature.
  2. 2
    Take a few nice, deep, nurturing breaths, and as you continue to breathe, inhale love and light and exhale fear, stress, confusion, or anything that feels limiting in any way. Imagine sending these limiting energies back to the universe, where they can be transformed back into love and light.
  3. 3
    As you feel your spirits lightening up, imagine radiating this love and light out around you. With your intention, you can send it to people you love, to your community, to the whole world, or any place of choice.
  4. 4
    Notice how much better you feel.

This simple process only takes a minute or two, and it can make a dramatic difference in your life if you use it regularly. The key is to remember. Any time you think of it, you can easily breathe light and love. As a reminder, you can also wear a heart, put a rubber band around your wrist, or anything different you’ll notice frequently during the day.

Technically, since you are breathing all day long already, this doesn’t take any time at all. It’s a gift you can give yourself and a process you can share with the people you love

Be part of the growing love and light community and make a difference!


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Our Mission of Bringing More Love and Light to the World

This brings us to the mission of Awakenings Institute, the non-profit organization we founded in 1996. Awakenings Institute focuses on helping to create a more loving world where each individual’s unique gifts are honored and nurtured.

At some point, it became clear to us that a society motivated by love can put an end to war, poverty, and environmental abuses.

And while focusing on love and light may seem silly to some, recent scientific studies have shown that love, gratitude, happiness, and the like produce tangible benefits for our health, well-being, and fulfillment in life.

Opra Winfrey on Choosing Love Over Fear

We have received all of these benefits ourselves, and we want everyone to receive the benefits we have received. Maybe this is all new to you or maybe you already have benefitted and want to take it further. Either way, a life with an abundance of love and light just gets better and better.

The Circle of Love and Light

With this in mind, we are offering a new opportunity for those of us who want to enjoy more of the benefits of love and light, both for ourselves and for helping to create are more loving world.

Anyone can join in on our weekly gatherings for free to learn, grow, connect with likeminded people, and much, much more. Starting September 5, 2021, we will have weekly Circle Gatherings in our "Circle of Love and Light" Community on Facebook.

We will also offer videos of the weekly gatherings on our "Circle of Love and Light" Youtube Channel. This gives you have several ways to participate as we come together beyond the limits of time and space..

You can also join the community for on our new website. In appreciation for being part of the change we all want to see in the world, you'll receive some free offerings and updates on our activities.  

As you likely know, the power of a community of likeminded people who come together with common goals provides exponential benefits to all involved. In our gatherings, we will also enlist the support of the beings of light who so lovingly support us from the higher dimensions – the angels, guides, and masters who are ready and willing to help us to realize our full potential.

Rainbow of Hearts

This community is so important to us that we created a new "The Circle of Love and Light" website. 

You can learn more on the new website and join the community today.

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