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3 Keys for Becoming a Soul Coach & Healer

Soul Coach

Do you want to become a Soul Coach and Spiritual Healer?

Are you seeking to access more spiritual guidance and Wisdom and create a more loving world?

If so, becoming a Soul Coach and Spiritual Healer may be a key step in your soul's journey. It may also be a key step in your work with others and in helping to change the world. 

More and more people are awakening to their true purposes as light workers, soul coaches, and spiritual healers. The challenge is in finding out how to get started or once you start, how to move effectively forward toward your dream.

It’s may help to know that it’s easier to start you may think. Why? Because the power and wisdom of the soul are readily available, if you just know how to access them.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the nature of the journey and the simple keys to success.


Learning how to access the soul’s enormous power and wisdom changed everything for us and the same thing could happen to you. It was the result of years of searching for a reliable way to access our own inner guidance and wisdom, and our desire now is to make it easier for others to do the same.

Our Soulful Journey

When we started our search a few decades ago, there was no such thing as a life coach or a soul coach. We felt like we were on our own. Our search began when we were members of an esoteric spiritual group. It was a valuable experience, but ironically, our greatest spiritual breakthrough wasn’t part of the teachings.

Like many spiritual groups, this one had a leader who claimed to be the ultimate source of truth. As you might imagine, members were taught to unquestioningly follow the leader. The teachings held our attention for some time, and we are grateful for the many things we learned, because we haven’t encountered similar teachings anywhere else since we left this organization more than three decades ago.

Where Soul Coaching and Spiritual Healing Come In

After being devoted members of the esoteric group for nearly 10 years, we recognized that something was missing. We were waking up to a critically important question, something you may have encountered, too. Here it is. “If our Teacher had access to divine wisdom, why is couldn’t we have this, too?”

Our search for the answer and the benefits of accessing the power and wisdom of the soul wasn’t easy. We left the spiritual group, and went out into the world seeking the solution. This brings us to our first key for Soul Coaches.

KEY#1: Follow your own path, wherever it may take you. 

On the spiritual journey, true seekers have to set out on a journey into the unknown, and take control of their lives. Unknown to them, they are following the life purpose and plan their soul's designed for their lives before they were born.

Stepping into the unknown feels risky, but it is important. This is an essential step in our spiritual growth, when we move into the driver’s seat in our lives.

Our search for our inner guidance and wisdom took us in new directions, where we studied intuitive development, channeling, and other techniques that we hoped would take us to our own truth. We met some wonderful people and learned some things, but we didn’t find a reliable way to access our soul’s wisdom right away.

How We Finally Discovered our Souls’ Guidance and Wisdom

We were in a place where we couldn’t give up, so we just kept going. We studied a variety of different spiritual techniques, types of meditation, intuitive skills, and more. But it was frustrating; something was still missing.

After a few more years, in the late 1980’s, we struck gold when we were invited to attend a presentation by a travelling spiritual teacher named Barry. We had no idea that this event would transform our lives.

That evening, we learned something new - the key we were seeking. From there, we studied with Barry for several years. His teachings provided the tools we were seeking and much more. They included accessing the soul’s inner guidance and wisdom, and healing the blockages that hold most of us in limitation.

Learning how to access the soul and heal blockages was important. We realized that healing plays an essential role on the spiritual journey and with opening fully to the power and wisdom of the soul. Most importantly, the techniques we learned during those pivotal years worked!

The Light Workers and Spiritual Healers Resource Kit

For us, accessing the soul and learning essential spiritual healing skills was the beginning of a new life. It could be the same for you, and you can start today with our free Light Workers and Spiritual Healers Resource Kit.

The Soul’s Presence in the Heart

The most important part of Barry’s teachings was a simple process he called Soul Centering. It’s a process we still teach in our Online Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Program that accesses the love, guidance, and wisdom each of us holds in our heart and soul.

Learning Soul Centering was like a dream come true, and from there, our lives changed dramatically. And this was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve explored the role of the heart in human development. Some Eastern Spiritual Traditions describe the heart as the spiritual bridge, and we agree. It is literally the bridge to a higher reality, where life becomes more joyful, creative, and profoundly fulfilling.

Some also describe the heart as the seat of the soul. Again, we would agree. Now, many people, picking up on the profound nature of the heart, simply say “Love is the answer.” We would also say:

“Love is the language of the soul.”

This brings us to the second key.

KEY #2: Connect with the truth and wisdom in your heart and soul every day.

Scientists are even joining in. They are rediscovering what many cultures have known all along. The heart is more than a mechanical pump. Not only does the heart feel; it also thinks, communicates, and remembers. As we learn to silence the momentum of the thoughts that run constantly through our heads, we open to the wisdom of the heart and soul.

From the time we started to do Soul Centering each day, our lives have blossomed. And it wasn’t just us. We’ve found that anyone with an open heart can do this. We’ve witnessed wonderful results in the lives of countless clients and students who’ve studied with us over the last three decades.

We were surprised at first that we could access such a simple wisdom at the center of our being. It’s also profound and rings true. As such, Soul Centering has become the central focus of our teachings with people from all around the globe.

The Light Workers and Spiritual Healers Resource Kit

If you’re interested in spiritual transformation, Soul Centering is the real thing, and you can find out for yourself today. You can learn how to enlist spiritual power with Soul Centering now and much more in our free Light Workers and Spiritual Healers Resource Kit.

As you might imagine, this initial discovery was just the beginning. There is so much more to explore, and accessing the soul’s truth and wisdom led us to more miraculous discoveries.

What the Soul’s Guidance and Wisdom Can Do for You

This soulful approach to coaching can help you and people you want to serve in innumerable ways.

Before we learned how to do Soul Centering, we were both burned out, Phillip as a school teacher and Jane as an architect. Everything looked fine outwardly - we had all the trappings of success, but we knew something was missing. Jane felt like her soul was dying. Phillip, too, felt that much more was possible.

We were fortunate to find the solution, and you can benefit from it, too. In addition to learning how to access spiritual guidance and wisdom, we discovered how to use this powerful energy for healing and for accelerating spiritual growth. This soulful journey can be a miraculous source of fascination, transformation, and enlightenment for you and others.

KEY #3: Open your heart and soul to guide you in your spiritual growth and as a Soul Coach. 

We all know the phrase “Follow your heart,” but few of us actually do it consistently. Once we mastered Soul Centering, we broadened our focus to the nature of human evolution, and a holistic approach that unifies the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

We learned many techniques - Reiki (hands on healing), holistic hypnotherapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), spiritual healing, kinesiology, and more. Understanding the tremendous value of what we had discovered over the years, we shifted into teaching coaching and healing.

As you might imagine, the soul is the focal point of our teachings in holistic life coaching and healing. One of our main goals is saving others from having to take as much time as we spent getting to the truth. In 1994, we started teaching many of the transformational techniques we learned.

Soul Coaching and Accelerated Spiritual Development

Little did we know at the time where teaching would lead us. Our first comprehensive program was based on holistic hypnotherapy. Since that time, our explorations, discoveries, and unique innovations have gone much further, to include EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques), Spiritual Kinesiology (a complete spiritual development system we developed), and powerful spiritual healing techniques that draw on the energy of the soul in miraculous ways.

By the late 1990’s we discovered how the entire spiritual journey is built into us – in the human energy field, which opens to higher energies and truths as we evolve. We now teach three integrated courses in our comprehensive Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program.

How to Learn More About the Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program

As you might imagine, this time-tested program transforms lives. If you are seeking a program to learn to be a Soul Coach or a Holistic Life Coach and/or to accelerate your spiritual development, we’ve been told by our students that they haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. 

Want to Talk to us about Becoming a Soul Coach and Healer?

Our work is our life’s mission, training open-minded individuals how to connect with the power and wisdom of the soul as holistic life coaches and healers. We’d be delighted to speak with you. If you are interested in a free planning session to discuss your possibilities, you can start now.

“Anyone can experience how miraculously the truth of the soul transforms lives.

– Jane Mountrose

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