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You and Your Soul’s Plan: Getting onto Your Highest Path

Your soul is calling you to a greater life — a great life, one filled with joy and wonder. And before you were born, it had a path in mind for you.

How then do you recognize the signs to get on your highest path or one that is highly beneficial for your growth?

This leads to some important questions: what do you need to do and to avoid? Let’s examine your possibilities to create this wonderful future you.

A Helpful Metaphor for Your Soul’s Plan

Say you want to go to a tropical island.  You prepare for the trip and plan to depart, knowing that this will be an exciting adventure, one that you feel inspired to do.

But someone told you about another trip you should take. So you get distracted and forget your longed-for trip to the tropical island.  It turns out that by following the other person’s advice, you go in a very different direction. You end up in a cold winter land with snow and mountains. All your swimwear and snorkels are of no use here.

How to Find Your Soul’s Highest Path

Your soul does have a plan for you. It’s a fluid, dynamic path where you can express your gifts and develop your talents. With a direction in mind, you can grow and love. You can also heal the areas that need attention.

You do have free will to create your destiny. In our metaphor, it would mean following your heartfelt passions and going to the tropical island, rather than listening to others and ending up in a frigid place.

By opening your heart, you sense the best path for you. You don’t need to do what others advise, unless it aligns with your deeper desires. And sometimes by going in the wrong direction, you do learn what is the right direction for you.

Do’s and Don’t’s on Your Spiritual Path

There are no hard and fast rules here as you write your life story. With your soul’s prompting, you step up and become the hero of your own story.

Some do’s include following your passions in a grounded way. It means developing your creativity gifts and skills. It means addressing inner wounds, such as fears, doubts and separation.

As for avoids, watch out for perfectionism. That means fear of going forward because you might make a mistake. You will of course make mistakes, but you’ll learn and grow in the process.

Also watch out for procrastination. Staying in the same place too long becomes a rut. “Someday” never comes. The ducks don’t line up. All the money and time are never perfect for going forward. Sometimes you must feel the fear and do it anyway.

With Your Left and Right Brain’s Help

The left brain is good at language and categorizing, sometimes too much so.  By overanalyzing, we can become narrow minded, too cautious and security minded.

Yet the left brain can help us focus and articulate what we want. Our logical mind can help us strategize and take care of the details.

The right brain is more intuitive, going beyond rational thought. It’s more aligned with the heart, amplifying connectedness and wholeness. Your heart can give you the energy and inspiration to follow your passions. Your soul — along with guides and angels — will help.

Strategy: Open your mind to your most exciting and fulfilling life.  Breathe… reflect… what might be possible…

Final Thoughts on Your Soul’s Highest Path

To help follow your highest path now, imagine your final moments in this life. You look back at the path you chose. Knowing that you followed your soul’s input will give you deep satisfaction and fulfillment. You did your best. You followed your heart and soul.

Coming back to this moment, in the here and now, you realize that there is no need to delay or be perfect.
[pullquote align=”right”]Right now, you might not know exactly where you are going.  But you can feel into it, with an open mind and open heart.” [/pullquote]

Right now, you might not know exactly where you are going.  But you can feel into it, with an open mind and open heart.

Consider your talents and heartfelt interests, what inspires you. By going in that direction, you will inspire others and elevate them on their paths, too.

Yes, now you can truly take charge of your life, without controlling or pleasing others. You can keep your head up and heart open. By expressing your deeper truths and following your path, you grow into a more caring, and creative self-actualizing being.

Breathe in the aliveness now… breathe out any fear… you can take your next step on to your brightest future. Congratulations!


Spiritual Living, Guidance and Healing