Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

Is Your Soul Calling You?

Is your soul calling you? … Yes, it is – so then the question becomes: Are you listening?  At first, the messages may seem like an inkling, or perhaps a glimpse.  “Maybe I just imagined it,” you might say, part dismissively, part wondering.

Yet by paying attention to the promptings from your deeper self, your life takes on a different quality, with more meaning and depth.

Two Important Questions 

A central theme to life is waking up.  This awakening leads to two important questions: What are you waking up to, and what are you doing prior to awakening?

The short answer is that we go from survival and short-term gratification to more love, presence and greater purpose. Let us explain this progression further.

Prior to awakening, we are often focused on survival goals and exploring the material world. Materialism can be useful for security, enjoyment, and new experiences. It becomes a problem when we become fixed on acquiring too much – an excess of materialism, devoid of much fulfillment.

At a certain point, we notice these patterns and their consequences. It can be a red flag when we see ourselves consumed by momentums, too distracted and with little overall direction. This too is part of the journey of awakening.

Challenges Wake Us Up 

Sometimes beauty elevates us to a soulful perspective, like a sunset or wondrous work of art.

Challenges can also wake us up.  An unfulfilling job or relationship, an illness or accident can cause us to stop, question and dig  deeper down into what we are living for. It can motivate us to grow, overcome limits, find out more of who we truly are. Problems then make us pause, evaluate and look outside our normal patterns, assumptions and routines.

Yes, it’s good to have a measure of security, but staying in the safety of the harbor never gets us anywhere. We can’t stay in a perfect bubble, protected from life’s forces, disruptions, and random occurrences. Stressors can strengthen us, making us more creative and resilient in response.

Life becomes a series of opportunities to love, grow, heal and contribute. It then helps to connect with the soul, your spiritual essence that waits to be heard.

What then do we wake up to? We become more aware, more conscious, free of judgment, and limiting mindsets.  We are more present, in the moment. We see more, feel more and are more. We can express more love, creativity and learn from our experiences.

Another way to describe awakening is that we remember who we are. We are evolving souls, filled with love and creativity, as we go through this lifetime on earth and onward in other realms.

Why Your Soul Chose this Lifetime 

Yet we didn’t start out by accident. The poet William Wordsworth saw beyond the veil of normal earthly existence.  As he eloquently wrote: “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar.”

Our soul chose a body, a family and setting for us – all so we could learn, heal and love more. The soul is our silent partner, the quiet leader who has set things up for us to explore in this lifetime. Yet we ironically have forgotten all these important choices in our “sleep and a forgetting,” as part of this earthly journey of awakening.

All the while, we have free will and can take each day as an opportunity to become our best. What does “being our best” mean? It means being  loving, kind, creative and using what shows up as a growth opportunity.

How Do You Awaken?  

How do you awaken then? As mentioned, sometimes there are jolts or shocks, such as an injury or loss. Or sometimes you keep getting clues, external messages (certain words, lyrics, commercials, or conversations for example) that point out something more for you, something to discover and pursue at a deeper level.

Sometimes it requires continual asking –  ask to be shown how to get out of the mess, that is, the hustle and bustle of daily life. Keep asking, being patient and persistent.  Help will come, signs and opportunities do appear.

Trust but Verify 

There is an Islamic saying, “Trust in Allah but tie your camel first.” We can use this wisdom for awakening to our soul and co-creating with it.

When the voice of your soul communicates, be receptive. Start to trust it. Yet still verify, especially if this rapport is new for you. It’s particularly important when it comes to making big decisions in your life.

If you are deciding something major – a marriage, moving to a new location, a big investment like a car or house – definitely get your soul’s input.  But since so much is at stake (although everything works out in the big scheme of things), it’s good to get other validation and input for your big decisions. Check with trusted others, do your research and due diligence.

In sum, use your soul along with outer resources to make good decisions. Then you will be coming from a grounded and intuitive place, rather than being the fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread.

Reinventing Yourself 

As you soulfully create your life, you continually reinvent yourself at higher levels. The challenge is to follow your passions without getting swept away and losing your footing. You stay grounded by continually updating yourself with new experiences and information.

You also continue to heal and clear blocks in your way.  Life can flow beautifully and smoothly … until things get disrupted.  What worked before, now doesn’t.

For example, our holistic business was going well for many years.  Then with COVID and changes in the marketplace, things slowed down. It grew increasingly obvious that we needed to change, invent and grow. What once worked had outlived its purpose. Now new energy, awareness and creations  awaited us.

As a result, the last year has been very creative for us, with a new book (The Loving Power of Your Soul) and course (Abundant Living with Angels, Oracles and EFT). So we are glad we reinvented ourselves and did not settle or fret (too much) when things slowed down. It turned out to be time for another change and deep transformation.

Why the World Needs You Now  

We are living in unprecedented times of both connection and division. Technology and social media connect us in ever-expanding ways.  Yet at the same time, social, racial and ethnic divisions are growing. The gap between the rich and poor is widening. The environment is in peril.

How then do you, as an individual, be a positive force in this world of chaos and madness?

Once again the answer comes from enlisting your soul – through soul connecting, meditation, and being in nature. This connection puts you in touch with your deeper awareness and knowingness. Whatever the stress, you can still breathe in deeply through your nose,  exhale slowly and say, “Relax. My soul is with me, we can work this out.”

Sometimes imminent danger causes the nervous system to act quickly. But usually there is ample time to respond deliberately, bringing in love, caring and creativity.

With all the fighting, yelling and blaming going on in the world, you can choose to be a peaceful presence. You can settle your nerves, enlisting your soul’s presence and be a calming voice. You can act from intention, caring and courage.

As you radiate more love and peace, people can feel it. It goes out into the world. You can connect with other like-minded peaceful warriors, light workers and change agents.