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What Light Workers, Way Showers and Spiritual Healers Need Most

Light Workers and Spiritual Healers

Light workers, way showers, and spiritual healers are special people who have unique missions in life. They are the way showers, exploring new possibilities and solutions to the many problems our troubled world faces.

Such people can make a profound difference in people’s lives. This opportunity can be deeply fulfilling, but it also comes with some unique challenges and obstacles.

We’ve been there ourselves, having opened to more loving, soulful, and supportive ways of being in the world more than three decades ago. Now, we have a pretty good sense of what people like us need most.


What is a Light Worker?

Light workers are evolved souls serving as spiritual guides who want to bring more love and light into the world. Opening more holistically and soulfully to love and light activates higher, more refined energy and awareness that reveals powerful solutions to the challenges society faces.



Human potential is expansive. Virtually anything is possible when we focus on turning fear and darkness into love and light.

Love and light can transmute fear, division, and separateness in miraculous ways. As spiritual guides, lightworkers envision and personally model ways of living and creating a more balanced and supportive world. They are often gifted spiritual coaches and healers, intuitives, and beacons of hope, joy and wonder.

What is a Way Shower?

Way showers are spiritually minded people who use a wide range of powerful modalities to light the way and as spiritual guides, support healing and awakening -- in the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Spiritual healing practices transcend the conventional allopathic model of healing, which is generally focused on fixing the physical body. These healing practices may also involve the use of dangerous substances and procedures.

In traditional cultures, healing was holistic. Traditional Indian and Chinese medicine introduced the natural elements to heal. They includeded the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and mapped out energy points and centers. They saw deeper connections in nature. In the west, there were medicine men and shamans.

From there, a tremendous diversity of healing modalities have emerged. They include the use of powerful energy healing techniques, visualization, hands-on healing, accessing beings of light who support us from the higher realms, using healing stones, crystals, and much more.

All of these forms are holistic and spiritual, tapping into the connectedness of each part with the whole. This interdependence plays out in often-intuitive and synchronous ways. Spiritual coaching and healing goes beyond a rational, linear approach into the vast realms of spirit.

What Light Workers, Way Showers, and Spiritual Healers Have in Common

As you might imagine, many lightworkers and way showers are spiritual healers and many spiritual healers are light workers and way showers. All are holistic in their approaches and sincere in their missions to change the world.

Light workers, way showers, and spiritual healers take on a monumental task. They are leading mainstream society into the unknown -- into healthier, more enlightened, and more supportive ways of living and creating a more loving and balanced world.

And each one of us matters. As Margaret Mead noted:


Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.

We can make a difference. Unlike those who only function within the mainstream of society, lightworkers and spiritual healers are forging new paths forward to realize their missions and make the world a better place.

This isn’t always easy. Many dismiss our efforts, and the path can be rocky, because there is no predefined way of reaching into the unknown.

What Light Workers, way Showers, and Spiritual Healers Need Most

Here’s an important point. These roles are challenging and many of us face confusion, anxiety and self-doubt along the way. To optimize our effectiveness in our chosen fields, it's vital to be clear and free of burdens that prevent us from realizing our full potential.

From our personal experience and the experience of working with countless others over the years in our holistic/spiritual coaching and healing trainings, we have learned some important lessons:

Five Important Lessons for Light Workers, Way Showers, and Spiritual Healers

  1. 1
    Understand that the journey starts within. The first essential step is “Healer heal thyself.” As we open to what might be possible for the outer world, we have to first understand the workings of our inner world and begin to heal the wounds that have occurred because of the traumas and difficulties our souls have faced over time.
  2. 2
    Don't try to "go it alone." Lightworkers and spiritual healers are entering into uncharted territory -- that includes a lot of detours, pitfalls, and obstacles along the way. If you want to progress quickly and effectively, here's what to do: follow in the path of someone who has been where you are and gone where you want to go.
  3. 3
    Access our soul’s truth and wisdom as our guide. This is a necessary step in understanding ourselves in a deeper way, accessing our intuition, and moving effectively in the direction of our soul’s purpose 
  4. 4
    Develop a keen awareness of the territory. Here we refer to the nature of the evolutionary journey we are all on. Awareness of the stages of the journey helps us to understand different perspectives and how to communicate effectively with those around us. This ranges from being on autopilot and dim awareness to being more fully present regularly (in but not of the world).
  5. 5
    Approach your mission in a grounded way.  A few important points here. One is use lifestyle medicine -- diet, exercise, sleep and sunlight-- to stay healthy and flexible ... Second, find balance by taking into account external sources to confirm, clarify and advance your direction. In other words, don't just draw exclusively from your own insights and knowing, however valuable, without keeping in mind other sources of validation and insight  Overall, look for ways to draw on the positive aspects of where society is now. Build on the good that exists, innovate, and move creatively forward.

These lessons can help you to avoid getting stuck in an all-too-common  spiritual malady -- the dark night of the soul. We were there once ourselves and we've guided countless spiritual seekers through it over the years.

Here’s the good news. Wherever you are on the spiritual journey, you are always in the perfect place to take your next steps. If you’re a light worker and a spiritual healer like us, being on the leading edge of society probably feels exciting and energizing.

We experienced this excitement more than 30 years ago whenhardly anyone was talking about light workers and spiritual healers. In spite of the resistance we encountered from the mainstream, we forged our own path to support others who want to change the world.

Over the years, we became recognized as innovators in the fields of holistic/spiritual coaching, counseling, and healing. We clearly saw the potential in the powerful skills we were learning and developing.

At the same time, we know that it can feel overwhelming, like being David facing Goliath. Our society is dealing with growing crises in areas like healthcare; emotional, mental and spiritual health; climate change; war, hatred, and conflicts between different sectors of society; and more.

We have to learn to keep our focus on our vision of the future we intend to create. As Desmond Tutu noted:


Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

With hope and faith in the divine, these crises can inspire us to innovate. Like us, many spiritual healers and light workers are learning and developing powerful, even miraculously effective solutions to the challenges society faces.

Those of us on the leading edge may also feel unequal to the massive scale of the challenges we face. Fortunately, the future is starting to look brighter.

The Next Frontier for Light Workers, Way Showers, and Spiritual Healers

With so much innovation, the structures of our society are opening up to what might be possible. We can harness these new opportunities if we first connect more deeply within ourselves. Then we are ready to reach out the world in synchronous and effective ways.

The next frontier for light workers, way showers, spiritual coaches and healers, and our society as a whole involves exploring and understanding the truth of who we are: magnificent souls who are here for a reason.

Nothing is coincidental and there is probably a reason you are reading this right now.

So too, it is not an accident that you are here at this monumental time. If you sense that you have a role to play in transforming the world, this is an indicator that you can make a difference. 

Rainbow of Hearts

The Ultimate Goal for Light Workers, Way Showers, and Spiritual Healers

On a universal level, it is also essential to recognize the ultimate goal, which is love. If everyone on the planet was guided by love, there could be no poverty, because everyone would be cared for.

There could be no war, because we would love each other regardless of differences in race, sexual preferences, religious differences, or any of the factors that divide us now. The environment would also benefit from love for nature and for our own health.

We came to this realization ourselves as we opened fully to our mission and created Awakenings Institute, the non-profit organization that we have directed for nearly two decades now.

Over the years, we also recognized that spiritual energy, which is essentially love, is the most powerful force available for healing ourselves. It produces the deepest and most complete healing, along with bringing more understanding of the journey.

As spiritual guides, this makes understanding what is possible a “must” for lightworkers, way showers, and budding spiritual healers who want to realize their full potential. Tony Robbins put it this way:


Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.

What’s Next for You as a Light Worker, Spiritual Guide, and/or Spiritual Healer?

The key for taking your next steps is always to follow your heart and soul. Fortunately, learning to enlist the loving power of the soul is a skill anyone can develop. And as you know, much more is possible.

If you are looking for further education and support in fulfilling your mission, you can start today by learning about the Spiritual Guide Certification Program that is now offered by Awakenings Institute. 

As you might imagine, the soul is the focal point of all of the teachings offered by Awakenings Institute. One of our main goals is saving others from having to take as much time as we spent getting to the truth. In 1994, we started teaching many of the transformational techniques we learned.

The Spiritual Guide Certification Program

Little did we know at the time where the journey would lead us. Our first comprehensive program was based on holistic hypnotherapy. Since that time, our explorations, discoveries, and unique innovations have gone much further, to include explorations of the higher realms and the beings of light who are supporting us in realizing our missions as light workers, way showers, and spiritual healers.

In recent years, we have been guided by beings of light in the higher realms to support humanity in taking its next steps, opening us to higher energies and truths as we reach into the vast unknown. We now teach three integrated courses in our comprehensive Spiritual Guide Certification Program to support light workers, way showers, and spiritual healers in opening to the next new frontier for humanity.

How to Learn More About the Spiritual Guide Certification Program

As you might imagine, this live, time-tested program transforms lives. If you are seeking a program to learn to be a Spiritual Guide to accelerate your spiritual development and, if desired, to support others, we’ve been told by our students that they haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. 

Want to Talk to us about Becoming a Certified Spiritual Guide?

Our work is our life’s mission, training open-minded individuals how to connect with the power and wisdom of the soul as spiritual healers and guides. We’d be delighted to speak with you. If you are interested in a free planning session to discuss your possibilities, you can start now.

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