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What is Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)?

By Authors, Life Coaches, and Holistic EFT Training Experts Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Kinesiology is another name for muscle testing. Kinesiology testing was developed in the 1960’s by George Goodheart, a chiropractor who created a system in which the muscles and surrounding nerves are manipulated to alleviate ordinary aches and pains and also to diagnose and treat organic diseases.

Kinesiology MessageAs is generally true with new ideas, kinesiology has received its share of ridicule. Though muscle testing is unconventional, there is a basis for its effectiveness. Goodheart discovered that there was a relationship with the meridians and major organs in addition to the muscles. He called his system Applied Kinesiology.

Following these initial applications, kinesiology has continued to expand over the years. Methods have been developed to test many areas of the body as well as how the body is affected by food and other substances. Kinesiology is also used to determine how well one handles emotional, mental and spiritual stress.

Psychology pioneers like Dr. John Diamond and Thought Field Therapy pioneer Dr. Roger Callahan applied kinesiology to reveal a person’s unconscious belief systems. This gave them an effective way to shift destructive beliefs to supportive ones. Callahan’s information was synthesized by Gary Craig and called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT uses kinesiology to assess negative, sabotaging beliefs called “psychological reversal.”

Muscle Testing with Kinesiology: How is It Done?

Muscle testing is a form of biofeedback. To perform kinesiology, a particular muscle is held in a contracted state. Then pressure is applied to this stiffened muscle. If the muscle holds or “locks”, it is considered a positive feedback response. For example, if we have the testee think about her weight and the muscle goes weak (unlocked), that would indicate a negative response to the subject of her weight. It indicates that we have identified a “set point” that is keeping her stuck.

With kinesiology, many different types of stress and potential set points can be tested to see how they affect an individual. Muscle testing is both an art and a science. You must have an open mind, free of agendas, when testing another person or yourself. It takes practice to master.

Does Kinesiology Really Work?

As with all new ideas, it’s normal to be skeptical. We admit that muscle testing sounded a bit strange to us at first. The good news is that the proof is in the results, and with kinesiology, we’ve found the results to be no less than transformational. It allows us to help people to pinpoint stuck points that might otherwise go undetermined for months or even years regardless of consistent efforts to change.

The key is to try it for yourself and find out if it has value for you. As you’ll likely see, there’s nothing to lose and much to gain.

Is Muscle Testing with Kinesiology Safe?

Muscle testing is safe, non-invasive, and easy to learn. As with everything of value, accuracy improves with practice and practical experience.

Is this a form of medical treatment?

No. Kinesiology can help identify blockages and balance a person. It is not used to diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. Kinesiology enhances the body’s innate healing ability. It is not a substitute for seeing a licensed doctor.

Can I do muscle testing with kinesiology myself?

Doing muscle testing on others takes training and practice. Doing it on yourself may be more challenging, since you need a neutral and unbiased intent when doing it. This can be difficult when testing yourself depending on how “committed” you are to receiving a certain result.

If you can muscle test yourself in a neutral state of mind, as if you were muscle testing a stranger, your chances of success are great.

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Kinesiology/Muscle Testing Resources and Training

What is the potential value of learning to pinpoint what’s blocking you and, if applicable, those you serve professionally, from realizing your full potential? As with self-help techniques like EFT, muscle testing with kinesiology can provide tremendous value now and for the rest of your life.

You may also want to consider these other options for learning more about kinesiology and more:

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Further Kinesiology Study and Resources

Phillip and Jane Mountrose’s book and dvds on Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT demonstrate how to do muscle testing.

The Mountroses have also created many unique checklists that can be used with kinesiology in their Getting Thru to Your Soul book and dvds, which detail a process called Spiritual Kinesiology. Spiritual Kinesiology draws on spiritual energy, which is the most powerful healing energy of all. It’s a complete system that includes the use of muscle testing to precisely pinpoint imbalances. After the clearing process, muscle testing is also used to check the results. Imagine the possibilities…

kinesiology discovery wayThe Mountroses’ kinesiology checklists in their Getting Thru to Your Soul book include ways to use kinesiology to pinpoint blocks related to emotions, activities, events, places, the body, the chakras, archetypes, polarities, subpersonalities, family heritage, and more.

The ability to determine what is blocking a person from moving freely forward in virtually any area of life is priceless! It can save years of hunting around in the recesses of the mind trying to figure out exactly what needs to be corrected.

Want to Start Now?

Check out the Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) “Get Started” Manual.Kinesiology Quick Start Guide

This Introductory Kinesiology Book includes:

  • How to do muscle testing alone or with another person
  • How to clear internal blocks with EFT
  • Three checklists you can use to pinpoint weak areas in your health, lifestyle, and more
  • Ways to learn more

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, we encourage you to give it a try.

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