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Your Angelic Support

Angels are all around us, however subtle it may be.

They’ve been written about throughout history too. Christian texts refer to Archangel Michael as a protector and Archangel Gabriel as a messenger. In Islam, Angel Gabriel was also the messenger who imparted the Koran to Prophet Muhammad. In the Old Testament, Abraham was prevented from sacrificing his son Isaac by an angel.

Angels can be of great help in today’s world, where the ongoing multiple crises can, with the right response, awaken us.

Why Connect with Angels?

There are many good reasons to connect with angels including:

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The Alchemy of Gratitude

The growing metacrisis – the overlapping global problems – is putting us under mounting pressure.  Looming over it all is global warming with its existential threat.

Yet it does serve a purpose. The good news is that all this trouble may be accelerating the Great Awakening. We can then transform and create a better world, one that is more unified and working together.

For a better world, it starts with each of us individually: how we relate to ourselves and others. To accomplish our earthly mission, one of the best tools we have easily available is gratitude.

It’s ironic that in this “fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into Ollie,” (to quote Laurel and Hardy),  being appreciative is one of the best ways out of our predicament.

Gratitude is a wonderful elixir. It can change the mundane into something profound, lifting us out of the mud. For practical purposes, let’s use gratitude by considering our past, present and future.

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How to Grow Spiritually

Becoming a wiser mature person — how do you do it?  For spiritual development, it’s more than just aging and having more experiences, which come automatically. It’s what you do with your time and opportunities that makes the difference.

Shakespeare’s King Lear offers a cautionary tale for us here. The king made some bad decisions on ruling his kingdom with his adult daughters.  His most virtuous daughter wouldn’t flatter him, so he gave his kingdom to his fawning daughters, who manipulatively praised him.

As a result, he lost his kingdom — and in the end, he lost his health and sanity. At one point, his companion/counselor — “the fool” — told him: “Thou should not have been old till thou had been wise.”

Important Items to Consider

Part of self-improvement is determined by two factors: having free will and how timing plays into our journey. Free will gives us the ability to choose, to create our destiny by our choices. Whether we make growth or fear choices matters.

Also, there is a timing to life.  Sometimes we need patience, other times it’s good to strike while the iron is hot. Plus there are life stages. Often by midlife, for example, a transition or crisis causes us to pause and possibly change direction.

Keeping in mind these considerations (free will and timing), here are five ways to grow spiritually.

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The Healing Power of the Soul

The soul is your most important resource for healing, spiritual growth, and accessing your full potential. You could even say it’s the next frontier in human development. Unfortunately, few people understand how to access it and integrate its power into their daily lives. This is ironic, considering the fact that accessing the power of the soul …

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Do You Fit In?

To fit in or not to fit in, that is the question, to echo Shakespeare’s perennial question about being or not being.

In a previous article, we wrote about what others think of you. To be sure, it’s a crucial topic – one that can dominate your thoughts and behavior.

It’s such an important topic that we want to delve further into how we relate to others – in our thoughts, feelings and actions. Many of our fears and doubts come from what we “think” others will do or say about us.

This need for approval starts out as legitimate concerns for our safety and security. In early childhood, we need protection by a caregiver.  But as we will discuss, all of this energy can be flexibly used and transcended as we mature.  More details in a moment.

Let’s look then at this important part of our lives – in how we relate to others – more closely.

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Decisions: How to Make the Best One

Your life is a series of choices. How do you decide which choice to make, to live most fully now and going forward?

Let’s examine three essential components.

1. Your intuitive mind 

Where you have a choice – whether big or small – you may notice a feeling in your gut or heart.  The gut and heart do overlap.

To distinguish, a gut feeling has more to do with instincts, keeping one safe. Following your heart takes you in a more soulful direction, connecting with the bigger picture around you.

It’s wise to consider both your gut instincts and heartfelt guidance.

An important caveat on the intuitive mind:

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Reflections on Your Life Plan

table of contents Considering Your LifeThe Scientific ViewEvidence of Life Independent of the BrainYour Soul’s PlanQuestions to Understand Your Life PlanFinal Thoughts  Considering Your LifeIf you step back and consider your life as a whole for a moment, a deeper awareness can emerge.You realize you are on a lifelong journey, the author or hero of …

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What Others Think of You

There is a notion that what others think of you is none of your business.  This is a partial truth. To understand more, we can put things in context by viewing the bigger picture.

Let’s begin with considering a few things. We are all energy, and all connected. So what affects you, affects me.  At the same time, we are still individuals creating our own destiny, our unique life path.

Actually, we’re embodied souls ─ and we are in the process of waking up to that fact. In turn, we can live more fully and help ourselves, others and the whole.

To put things more in perspective, here are three points relating to what others think of you.

Context Point 1: It’s natural to want approval.

Whether you desperately want to be approved of, or say you don’t care what others think of you, there still is an innate need for  approval. 

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How to Age Well: Four Keys

At a certain point, it becomes more apparent that you won’t live on this plane, on earth, forever. So you might as well make the most of it.

Isn’t that why you (your presence, what brought you to earth) came here? Aren’t you here for some reason, beyond mere surviving and existing (although that is part of the scheme of things too)?

Coming on seven decades now, for us aging well becomes increasingly important. We have felt that successful aging means a holistic approach – body-mind-spirit.

Our experience – as well as research – has shown four keys to help you live fully. We are talking here about living with the power of your soul, growing wiser with fulfillment.

Here are four keys:

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