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By Holistic Trainer and EFT Pioneer Phillip Mountrose

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Holistic Healing Techniques Defined

A dictionary definition of Holistic is “relating to or concerned with integrated wholes or complete systems rather than with analyzing or treatment of separate parts”.

Albert Einstein discovered what metaphysicians knew for thousands of years: space and time are connected in what he called the space-time continuum. Physicist David Bohm took a further step to describe the bigger picture by saying that everything is part of a continuum. When we approach healing holistically, we connect the part to the whole;  in fact, the part contains the whole. Analyzing and fragmenting only work when they are integrated into the seamless whole. Isolating parts without the whole context leads to further separateness, fragmentation, and alienation.

Our pictures of reality — through past and future representations, dreams, paranormal experiences — are “holograms,” wherein every part is a representation of the whole. For example, there is DNA in each of our cells; every piece of a holographic film contains all the information to recall a whole memory.

In holistic healing techniques, the part is seen in reference to the whole. An individual’s issue is understood in relation to the whole person, including their body, emotions, mind and spirit. And the whole person is seen in relationship to the world in which he or she lives. Any dysfunction related to a subpersonality, judgment, belief, emotion, or physical ailment is brought back into harmony with the whole. This changes the recipient’s view of him- or herself, along with her perception of reality. It can help the recipient to view herself in an entirely new way and to create an increasingly more joyful, exciting, and fulfilling live.

As a caution, it is necessary to understand and tell clients that any method you use related to physical symptoms is provided to help them to bring understanding to their condition and not intended as a replacement for a physician or psychologist, when they are needed.

Life’s Journey to Wholeness

It is an awesome and humbling task to reflect on the meaning of life. It is different for each of us, but there are some common threads that have run through every age of humanity that provide clues about the essence of our experience.

To begin, we need to determine who we really are and why we are here. Throughout the ages, people have searched for the meaning of life and have somehow understood that there is more to it than surviving until we are old enough to die. There is a deep thread of spirituality that runs through all of our cultures and unites us in a common journey.

It is our belief that each of us is an ensouled being who comes into life with vast understanding and resources that we are are unaware of, which we can begin to access at any time. Each of us possesses a unique form of genius that we long to express in our lives. We all come from one source to experience the physical plane and, in embracing our uniqueness and our reason for being, we progress on the journey back to this source.

In essence, everything is energy: we are energetic beings who have created a physical reflection of ourselves. In other words, each of us is a soul who has created a physical body as a reflection of our true self. This means that all of the parts of our self, our life, our experiences, and so on are pieces of a puzzle that can tell us who we are.

The Importance of Addressing Blockages Holistically

Nothing is accidental. And every blockage we have serves as a doorway to returning to wholeness, to a more complete understanding of ourselves in a broader sense. The fields of energy that surround us create the physical body and determine how we experience the world. The reason we don’t understand our true identities is that we have blockages in these fields that prevent us from seeing clearly, much like filters cutting off light. As we are able to release these blockages, the filters are removed and the light becomes clearer and clearer.

In theory, we once came down to earth from the source (or God) with a clear understanding of our true identity. We each have a higher self (or oversoul) which is a direct connection to this source and a soul or true self which serves as an intermediary between the higher self and the physical plane.

When we became physical, our experiences here gradually caused us to forget our true identities. Each of us has a personality, which is designed to assist the soul with life in the physical, world. This personality is intended to operate under the guidance of the soul. However, in an attempt to deal with difficult experiences and through continuous exposure to limiting beliefs, the personality has misunderstood its role and to one degree or another, it has taken command.

As a result, many of us have lost sight of our relationship with the Source and now view the physical world and the limitations of the personality as our true reality and identity. This has been a gradual process of developing blockages and cutting off the light. The personality has done its best; it simply doesn’t have the ability to see the big picture.  Now, to reverse the process, we are beginning to seek our true identity and take the journey back to the Source. Our work is designed to help people on this journey, providing both the internal work of embracing their true identity and its manifestation in their external world.

A Pioneering Approach to Holistic Healing Techniques

With our pioneering applications of holistic healing techniques, we can systematically release the blockages in ourselves and others and bring in more light or understanding of our true identity. The personality can return to its rightful position and the soul and the higher self can begin to guide our lives. As we do this, we can experience life more fully and open to new opportunities we would not have previously imagined possible. Coaching and taking action steps allows us to bring spirit fully into form as we realize our soul’s true divine purpose and create a miraculous life.

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