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What is Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

Holistic EFT  is a specialized approach to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that integrates the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The goal is to create deep, lasting changes and clarity about the path to a bright future.

Why a Holistic Approach to Healing with EFT is So Effective

Recent science is proving what mystics have shared through the ages, that everything is connected. Awakenings Institute’s holistic approach lifts the power and potential of state-of-the-art healing tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and SK (Spiritual Kinesiology), a complete healing system we created, to higher heights.

A Holistic approach taps into the connectedness of each part of the whole. A Certified Holistic EFT Practitioner recognizes that the body, emotions, mind, and spirit are inseparable and that each of us is an integral part of the larger whole.

Awakenings Institute’s Holistic EFT Training Courses are for people who want to go beyond the norm to make powerful changes in people’s lives. Students and clients generally speak of being transformed by the experience.

One student describes it this way:

“I’ve learned that miracles can happen when I use these techniques on so many different kinds of symptoms and problems, like body pains, stress, anxiety, anger, allergies and more.”

Prepare for a Reality Shift!

Whether you are new to EFT or wanting to increase your effectiveness, you’re walking on the leading edge of healing and potentially, human development. It’s exciting – the leading edge is a wonderful place to be.

From this perspective – where almost anything is possible – you probably want to get the deepest, fastest and most profound results with EFT and other healing techniques you use. We do, too. That’s why we added some powerful features to EFT.

Our desire to learn the secrets for getting the best results with clearing roadblocks to well-being and success has taken us on an amazing decades-long journey of intense study, exploration, and experimentation with a whole toolbox of approaches. For us personally, it has been and still is the most exciting and life-enhancing journey imaginable.

These are the goals of Holistic EFT:

Holistic EFT

Beyond our own interests in healing, the secrets we’ve learned have proven to transform lives, and this has become a mission for us now.

We started to study healing work in the late 1980’’s and 1990’s, when we learned Reiki, Holistic Hypnotherapy, and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), along with some profound spiritual healing practices. When we combined everything we were learning, we recognized that a holistic approach is critical for anyone who wants to get deepest, clearest, and most lasting results, as we did.

When we studied the Emotional Freedom Techniques later in the 1990’s, it supercharged our effectiveness. Like many others, we immediately incorporated EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) into our work and we were amazed. We were already getting miraculous results, and EFT improved our effectiveness exponentially.

What You Can Do With Holistic EFT

Maybe you have a specific issue you hope to address with EFT. The wonderful news here is that you can try it on anything – health, prosperity, relationships, career, stress, performance anxiety, and more.

You may also see the Emotional Freedom Techniques as an opportunity to get rid of some old habits and/or emotional patterns that have been bothering you for awhile. On a larger scale, you may recognize it as a remarkable tool for personal and spiritual growth. All of these are worthwhile goals for Holistic EFT.

EFT is an incredibly simple, leading edge tool and it has produced untold thousands of what originator Gary Craig calls “one minute wonders.” There are also times when no amount of tapping seems to work. This is where the real skill comes in.

What do you do then, when you feel like you’re at a dead end? And how does this relate to taking a deeper, holistic approach to EFT? Having developed this approach for twenty years now, we’d like to offer some insights, because they can dramatically increase your effectiveness.

To understand how to use EFT in a more holistic, mind-body-spirit way than it is usually done, let us first share a story.

The Desire for a Quick Fix

A woman once came to Phillip because she wanted to stop smoking. Although motivated, it turned out that she wasn’t interested in understanding the underlying reasons for her addiction. She just wanted an immediate fix, sort of like taking a pill to end the nicotine cravings.

In this case, she wanted a hypnotic suggestion to reprogram her subconscious to stop craving cigarettes. “Just put me to sleep and give me the command so I won’t want to smoke anymore.” Although this hands-off approach can work in some cases, and we welcome it when it does, it often leads to disappointment.

We could have just had her repeat some relevant EFT affirmations we came up with. What we found, however, is that the most important element in any person’s success is having more awareness of what’s happening beneath the surface of their awareness.

Experts on the human mind have discovered that most people are only about 5% aware of what’s happening in their own minds, which means that as much as 95% of their behavior is unconscious. It’s scary! Most people have no idea why they do what they do most of the time. It’s like living on autopilot.

The Real Secret of Healing

What we discovered is that one of the great secrets to healing lies in our ability to increase our understanding of what makes us tick. Fortunately, this can be surprisingly easy to do. It also boosts the effectiveness of EFT in wonderful ways.

Learning what makes you tick is also an endless source of fascination. Our students and clients usually love it! New insights can help you to increase your self-confidence and excitement about what is possible for you.

The Deepest Benefit of a Holistic Approach to EFT

It’s interesting that most people miss what we consider to be the single most profound benefit of EFT – accessing the truth within. This is the heart of our approach. Like everyone, you have access to inner wisdom that knows what is right for you. It’s your birthright as a spiritual being and your greatest resource for creating the most amazing life imaginable.

When you encounter a stuck emotion or limiting thinking about yourself and your possibilities, you lose access to that sense of knowing what’s right for you. With Holistic EFT, when you release the stuck energy, when the intensity gets down close to zero and you feel calm and peaceful, you reconnect with your inner wisdom.

This is your most resourceful state and the insights you have at this time are like frosting on the cake for your work with EFT. Most importantly, it lifts the potential EFT has to transform lives to a much higher level.

To create the best possible life – the life you were born to live – our goal is to get to the heart of the matter. We want you to be able to pinpoint the source of issues, so you can avoid staying stuck for weeks, months, or even years, as so many people are. Life can be much better than most of us might imagine.

The Reset Process: A Holistic Addition to the Basic EFT Recipe

To connect users with their inner wisdom and resources for creating a brighter future, the Basic Holistic EFT Recipe includes an addition to standard EFT. We call it the “Reset Process.”

The Reset process literally resets the relationship between the head and the heart. The goal with Holistic EFT is to end the process with a focus on the heart, because this is the place where your wisdom resides.

We also provide special techniques we call GTT – the Getting Thru Techniques. These techniques allow users to go deeper and increase their effectiveness. The GTT Techniques include the Holistic Process, which identifies what’s happening on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, the Miracle Reframe, the Reality Shift, and more.

Always remember, you can break through the barriers that lie before you and live more freely, but it’s not just a matter of wishing and hoping. You have to overcome the imaginary limitations that restrain you, and this is the focus of Holistic EFT.

When you really think about it, what could be better? You’ll never know what’s possible unless you reach to your full potential – for better health, prosperity, a fulfilling career, supportive relationships, and more.

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