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Overcoming the Top Three Energy Blocks

Clearing emotional and energy blocks is essential for personal and professional growth and self-development.

There are many obstacles as we progress through life. Some energy or emotional blocks are common– yet they can be quite obstinate to remove, even if hidden in plain sight.

They can stop you in your tracks. Here are three big, common showstoppers and a way to overcome each of them.

1. Pleasing

Being likable and agreeable can be part of your social graces. But it can also be an anxiety-producing tendency: to be accepted and liked no matter what.

You can end up dwelling on others’ approval. (“What will they think if I can’t come?” “Will I be letting down the people who count on me?”)

Being considerate can nosedive into having obsessive thoughts on what others think. Most of us were taught to be a good girl or boy. If we pleased others, we would be given approval and essential support for growing up (including love and even survival).

So pleasing leads to being burdened by too many obligations. You struggle to live up to what you think are others’ expectations.

A big part of this pattern is fearing to say “no,” even though as adults, we are no longer dependent on our parents.

Suggested Solution:

Use EFT tapping for your concerns on being “accepted.” “Even though part of me wants others’ approval and acceptance, I still love and accept myself anyway.”

The bottom line is to accept yourself, regardless of what others may think
or say.

2. Blaming

If something goes wrong, we have been programmed to blame someone or something, often outside of ourselves. It’s easier to point the accusing finger at others than ourselves, but it’s still blame in any case.

Things do go wrong. Mistakes are made, sometimes painful and costly ones. It’s easy to lose yourself in what seemingly went wrong.

As ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus advised,

“Is a little oil spilt? A little wine stolen? Say to yourself, ‘This is the price paid for apathy, for tranquility, and nothing is to be had for nothing.

When you call your servant, it is possible that he may not come; or, if he does, he may not do what you want. But he is by no means of such importance that it should be in his power to give you any disturbance.”

Suggested Solution:

Do some EFT tapping with this affirmation: “Even though this disturbs me, I will go on, survive, grow and even thrive.”

As with pleasing, blaming replaces an internal sense of control. To take charge of your life, realize that you are the creator, not the victim, of your life, however challenging that can seem at times.

3. Saving and Rescuing

Traditional preachers want to save sinners and rescue the heathens from certain destruction. So too may we have some of these tendencies, if perhaps in more subtle forms.

“Why doesn’t she eat more healthy foods or control her appetite?” “Doesn’t he realize how prejudiced that is?” Good intentions aside, we can be trying to save and rescue others.

These entanglements produce power struggles. In turn, we are deprived of a deeper sense of authentic power and well-being.

We can help others, if they ask and are open. Ultimately, of course, we can only live our own lives and not try to control others, which is futile and stressful anyway.

Suggested Solution.

Try this EFT tapping affirmation: “Even though I don’t like his/her behavior, I still can love and accept myself and be my best and bring out the best in others.”

Alas, we can only save ourselves, which can be a full-time job.

Paths to overcoming emotional energy blocks


Now that you’re aware of them, these common energy blocks — pleasing, blaming, rescuing – can present opportunities for growth and transformation.

First observe them in yourself. As you recognize these disruptive patterns, breathe and relax. Just your mindful awareness can be healing. And using the EFT affirmations above can be a big help too.

We applaud you for summoning the courage to overcome these energy blocks on
your path to self-actualization.