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There couldn’t be a better time for self-help and self-improvement. With so many resources online, there are more opportunities than you can possibly take. The key is to be on the leading edge, where you’ll find the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable possibilities.

We’ve been there ourselves, seeking solutions to the kinds of problems so many people face – limited time, limited resources, too much hurry and worry, confusion, stress, etc., etc. Our lives weren’t working and none of the conventional approaches seemed to be very effective.

Our search for better lives took us to the leading edge of personal and spiritual development. That’s where we found the most powerfully effective ways to create the lives we desired, the lives we were born to life.

Maybe you feel the same way…

Maybe the “old ways” don’t seem to make much sense any more. If so, you’re in the right place, because over a period of more than 30 years, we learned a lot of shortcuts we’re ready and willing to share now.

The Amazing Potential of Self-Help and Self-Improvement

The biggest secret we discovered is that life can be much better and much more interesting than most people imagine. Our lives have changed dramatically for the better. Our whole reality has shifted. Over time our journey led us to change careers from Phillip being a teacher and Jane being an architect to both becoming holistic professionals, focusing on how to accelerate our progress in these areas and more.

Free Resources on Self-Help and Self-Improvement

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Here, our goal is to introduce you to some opportunities we have created to teach like-minded people how to transform their lives with the greatest speed, joy, and ease. It’s a paradigm shift that’s well worth making.

Some of the shortcuts we discovered surprised us, though they make perfect sense now. To begin, while most people look for solutions outside themselves, in more entertainment and distractions from the problems they face, we realize now that the real solution lies within. This is why self-help and self-improvement are so critically important.

How are Self-help and Self improvement Different?

It’s kind of a natural progression. Self-help is defined as “the use of one’s own efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others.” Self-reliance and self-empowerment are important as is the focus on achievement. It’s really where life at its best begins.

Self-improvement goes a step further, involving “improvement of one’s mind, character, etc., through one’s own efforts.” The key word here is “mind,” because everything we want in life starts in the mind. As Buddha stated

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

This is where many people fail, trying to improve their lives in the wrong frame of mind. Simply stated, if your thinking is off, so are your results.

This brings us to another obstacle few people overcome. Once you recognize the power of the mind, you also face the challenge of monitoring what research estimates as somewhere around 70,000 thoughts each day.

Sounds like mission impossible, doesn’t it? By itself, it usually is, but we’re going to share a secret that makes it relatively easy while accelerating your progress exponentially.

The Core of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement and self-development both suggest growth and expansion of the self. We’re all here to live fully, to expand and grow, and the thought of the realization of our full potential is energizing. It’s also mind-expanding.

With the focus on thinking, the secret is that our thoughts and emotions go hand-in-hand. So if you’re feeling stressed – overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, and the like – you’ll have thousands of thoughts that match these feelings. Some examples:

“I’ll never get out of this situation.”
“I can’t stand this any more.”
“I hate my life.”
“When will this end?”

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, with a host of hideous thoughts rambling through our heads day after day. It’s stressful and studies now show that stress is a killer.

The solution is shift your focus to the emotions behind the thoughts, and this is one of our specialties. Think about it. When you feel good – happy, playful, inspired, excited about life – there’s no room in your mind for stress and frustration.

To simplify, focusing on love and happiness works wonders.

Love and Happiness as Keys for Self-Help and self-improvement

Focusing on feeling good works wonders, so we created a special report you can access now for free called Ten Powerful Doses of Love and Happiness.

Ten Powerful Doses of Love and HappinessThe facts are in. Everyone can benefit from the power of love and happiness. The primary mission of this website is to create a world where love and happiness abound, where everyone can live fully and reach their full potential.

With this mission in mind, we want to share the possibilities with as many people as possible, the more the merrier! After all, love and happiness are life-enhancing. It’s actually pretty simple. Love and happiness make you feel good and good things happen when you feel good.

So our professional recommendation is to take as many doses of love and happiness as you can each day. Just follow this link to access your free report now.

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What if Love and Happiness Are Impossible to Reach?

This is another area we have explored in depth: clearing the blocks that keep people stuck. One of the leading-edge techniques we learned to deal with painful emotions that don’t ever seem to go away is EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

We have a free resource for emotional freedom, too, our Holistic EFT “Get Started” Manual, which you can also access instantaneously. Here’s how to get started now … click the button below to join over 14,000 people who downloaded the …

Self-Help and Self-Development on the Leading Edge

paradigm-shift-bookIf you want to go further on the leading edge, check out our latest book, The Ultimate Paradigm Shift, A Guidebook for Creating the Life You Were Born to Live.

We also recommend exploring the blogs, articles, and resources on this extensive website. Over a period of more than two decades online, this extensive website has a wealth of information and opportunities for your personal and professional development.

Happy Hunting!