Are You Following Your Heart and Blisters?

Have you ever wanted to take a course, start a new business, join a group, and… something gets in the way?

You are too busy, an unexpected bill comes, a family member needs your help…

obstacles-road-signAre these obstacles signs from the universe that it’s not supposed to be?  Or that you need to put your dreams on hold?

Does that suggest the universe will make things easy, all the traffic signals will be green, in order for you to follow your heart and even your calling?

Yes there is a sense of timing to things. Synchronicities occur. Interference can alert you to things to watch out for and perhaps re-evaluate.


We have been tempted to call it quits when moving forward becomes more difficult than we had figured. And it would be an easy way out to say that instead of making an extra effort, or finding a creative solution, we were somehow being “guided” not to continue.

The problem is, as we know, a life without challenge is unrewarding. And it’s actually not so much fun trying to always play it safe. Yes the angels are helping and surely they are not putting up obstacles for us to achieve our heart’s desires.


“Follow your bliss,” writer Joseph Campbell once famously said. He was said to have later reconsidered this statement, seeing how it was misused “to feeling good no matter what.” He supposedly quipped that he should have said, “Follow your blisters.”

We highly recommend feeling good. Just don’t let it be a way of avoiding responsibility or doing what it takes to succeed.

You can feel good and make the extra effort when needed to go forward, and be truly happy in the process. It can feel good knowing that you did your best, even if it took a lot of effort to do so.


New research shows that using the inevitable stress that life brings gives you more purpose, health and resilience. In contrast, avoiding and fearing stress actually weakens and depresses you.

In other words, it’s your attitude toward stress that’s key. A positive mindset toward stress can improve your situation, make you more compassionate, and put you in the flow. And using stress can give life more meaning and purpose.

So following your heart, even with the challenges that entails, makes you stronger. You can use difficult experiences to evolve.


One lady once told us how she tried to be a holistic practitioner for a few months but it didn’t work, so she quit.

Some things (like a profession or calling) take more than a few months to master. The deeper growth and experience requires time and effort.

perseverance-doorwayWhen we started our holistic practice (we still had full time jobs at the time), we enjoyed it so much we would do it even if we didn’t get paid (which was sometimes the case when we began).

Over time, our commitment paid off, despite the many setbacks and trial and error that we experienced along the way.

We know many other people, including some whom we have trained, who succeed by persevering in doing what they love and feel called to do.


At the end of your life, do you want some obstacle — a missed appointment, an unexpected bill, a failed attempt– to limit your success, to have held you back from all that you could have become?

You deserve the best, and that comes with some ups and downs.

Your seen and unseen friends are trying to help you, not hold you back.

Be strong. Be courageous.. and go for it!

Phillip and Jane Mountrose