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The “Heart of Success” Roadmap For Manifesting Your Dreams

Ever wondered if you were missing something in your approach to creating the life you desire? The sad truth is that many people who try and give up never understand where they went wrong. This is where the “Heart of Success” Roadmap for manifesting your dreams comes in handy. If you want to realize your full potential personally or for coaching clients, it makes sense to become intimately familiar with the territory and the most direct route to success.

Our roadmap is based on decades of trial and error, with a proven track record of success. It identifies key elements for manifesting your dreams that many people miss. This is the map we use to guide our clients and students in our Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Certification Program. It takes you step-by-step toward success and the life you were born to live.

As you’ll see on the roadmap, creating success generally takes us through a lot of inner changes. When we’re in the right state of mind, we become inspired to take effective action to create the lives we desire. This is a key point. Success coach Tony Robbins, one of the most respected experts on the subject today, estimates that at least 90% of success is in your thinking. The action you take is only as effective as your thinking.

The Seven Steps on the Heart of Success Roadmap

Set your course.
Uncover your heartfelt joy.
Connect with your heartfelt dreams.
Clear resistance.
Eliminate the hold of the past.
Shift into “Manifestation Mode.”
Start to take inspired action.

We explore these steps in depth in our training with transformational results. Together, they produce a powerful synergy that can draw amazingly wonderful changes into your life.

Manifesting Your Dreams with the “Heart of Success” Roadmap

To get the best results with this roadmap, we suggest following these steps systematically. The results as you progress become elements we describe in our book and course on The Ultimate Paradigm Shift, both as steps to manifesting your dreams and moving forward spiritually on the journey to wholeness.

1. Setting Your Course: Map in hand, the journey begins with placing your hands firmly on the wheel and taking control of the direction in which your life is going. While most people are reacting to the events of their lives rather than taking charge of them, you can take command as the creator of your life.

The simple act of stepping out of the crowd and taking control can change your life forever.

2. Uncovering your Heartfelt Joy: This step, connecting with the wisdom in your heart involves choosing love over fear and exploring the joyous presence of your soul. In this state, you can solve many of life’s most profound mysteries. It also lifts you to higher levels of your awareness where miracles are a reality.

You cannot know exactly where the journey will take you. Nor can you know exactly how your dreams will manifest. As you connect with your soul and the synchronous flow of the universe, you will realize that this is part of the magic. From our experience, the results are generally more fulfilling and profound than we could have imagined from our limited perspectives.

3. Connect with Your Heartfelt Dreams: Now you bring your soul’s callings down to earth with the creation of your dreams. We all know that simply having more of the trappings of success doesn’t produce aliveness or fulfillment. The soul’s elevated awareness understands what is genuinely fulfilling for you and you can access this awareness as you set your goals. With an understanding of where you want to go, you can then determine precisely what you want to create, with a focus on aligning your goals with your soul’s callings and reason for being alive.

Don't Do That Again Road Sign4. Clearing Resistance: This is one of the often overlooked elements for manifesting your dreams. Energetic interference in the form of painful, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and judgments about yourself can create substantial roadblocks on the path. Rather than spinning your wheels or running into a brick wall, many of these obstacles can be easily removed with EFT and the other healing tools we teach our clients and students.

It is important to realize that addressing the roadblocks along the way is how we learn about ourselves and advance on the spiritual journey. It is also the fastest way forward. Without clearing, progress can easily come to a standstill, and we want you to succeed.

5. Eliminating the Hold of the Past: In his book Being in Balance, Wayne Dyer recommended letting go of one’s personal history. Freeing ourselves from the limitations of the past is critical, because many of us gauge our potential in the future on perceived limitations from the past. Here the focus is on leaving the old stuff behind and bringing in the new. This releases stuck energy you can use to manifest your dreams.

6. Shifting into Manifestation Mode: Now you examine your beliefs and engage the invisible realms in the creation of your dreams. What could be more elevating?

With expansive beliefs, you can align your mind and heart with the power of the universe to move in the direction of your brightest possible future.

Shifting your beliefs into manifestation mode connects you even more strongly with your power to create, so you can clearly sense, see, and feel your manifestations coming into being.

7. Taking Inspired Action: Once you have taken all the steps to set your dreams into motion, it’s time to open to the opportunities that may emerge and take inspired action. A key here is expecting that your manifestations are happening in a perfect way and letting go of any specific notions of how this will occur. Open to the infinite. Your dreams may come to pass in surprising ways that even exceed your expectations.

Stay On Course Road SignAs mentioned, action is a small (but essential) part of the roadmap. Along the way, you’ll find yourself expanding and growing in wonderful ways. You’ll also notice that the quality of your thinking changes.

The goal is to integrate your mind and your heart to access your full potential. When this happens, life becomes much more interesting. You might even find it miraculous, as we do.

Above All, Remember the Soul

The heart of success is rooted the presence of the soul. Wallace Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich revealed a profound truth here: “You must always learn to see yourself as a great advancing soul.” A beautiful thought, wouldn’t you say? And such a simple truth.

Fulfillment and the joy of being alive emerge from the wonders of the journey itself.

Ultimately, the most important thing is being connected with the synchronous flow of life and appreciating the deeper significance of each moment. This can start today as you open to the possibilities that emerge.

This Heart of Success Roadmap is just one of the tools we teach in our Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Certification Program.

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