Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

Holistic Coaching and Healing: Benefits of Studying with Awakenings Institute

Are you considering training in Holistic Coaching and Healing with powerful processes like EFT and more?

If so, you are stepping into a wonderful world where you can help others to make transformational changes in their lives AND experience tremendous personal growth in the process.

With more than 20 years in the field, we have been impressed with the tremendous opportunities we’ve had to create a solid income AND experience a lifetime of purpose, wonder, and excitement.

On this path of coaching and healing, we’ve created amazing lives where we can make a unique contribution and teach others how to do the same thing in their own unique ways.

The Benefits of Studying with Awakenings Institute

If you are considering a Coaching and Healing Program, you are probably looking around and trying to decide which one is right for you. This is understandable and there may be a reason you came to this website. We excel at providing tremendous value to everyone who comes to us.

Here are the main reasons people choose to study with us:

1. You will learn powerful strategies that you cannot get anywhere else. Our combination of holistic coaching and healing with powerful processes like EFT and more is unique. It allows people who are being coached in any area of life to work through the inner blocks to success. It also allows people who are focusing on healing in body, mind and spirit to make positive outward changes in their lives.

2. We are established leaders in the field, with more than two decades of experience. Our approach is to teach people how to move quickly through blocks and create the lives they truly desire. Along with using EFT, we have developed some uniquely powerful coaching and healing processes you won’t learn anywhere else. These signature processes can facilitate transformational changes in a very short time.

3. You get a wealth of in-depth resource materials that you will use for your personal and professional development for years to come. We have published more than 12 books and manuals, as well as video demonstrations. These publications focus on EFT and other state-of-the-art healing techniques, life purpose, coaching people for success in any area of life, the stages in the spiritual journey, marketing your professional practice, and much more.

4. You will have our personal support. We conduct the training ourselves in an environment where you will receive the individual attention you need. Our students always get their questions answered and typically report getting MUCH more out of the course than they expected.

5. Our students learn what it takes to succeed. You will benefit from success and marketing strategies that are built into the program. We want you to avoid the years of trial and error we went through on the road to success. By the time you’re done with the program, you’ll have a solid foundation for your professional development. You’ll also have the confidence and clarity you need to succeed.

6. Your ability to understand and help others will amaze you. This is because the program is built on tremendous depth of spirit where every individual’s gifts are honored and nurtured. You will be able to offer this to your clients, too.

People are unique and they are at different stages in their development. You can’t just use a cookie cutter approach and expect extraordinary results. Based on decades of experience with ourselves and our students, you will get a roadmap that puts the entire journey into a powerful perspective.

This map provides clarity on how you can best be of service to people at any stage in their development. It allows you to help people to move much more rapidly and easily through challenges that may have blocked their progress for months, years, or even decades.

As you might imagine, you won’t find this information anywhere else. The journey is also translated into a vocabulary that just about anyone can understand.

7. On a personal note, our students report developing lifelong relationships with the other like-minded people who join them in the training. They practice together (and practice is essential) and lovingly support each other along the way. This is critical because everything of value is created by a “mastermind” of people who come together for a common purpose.

As you can see, we carefully cover all the bases. And all of this happens in a safe, joyful, loving environment where each individual’s unique gifts are honored and nurtured.


The Training Format

Having watched countless people go through our programs and other programs, we have developed a highly effective teleclass format for our training. Our students learn and explore a host of techniques together over an extended period of time.

You probably know that you can only cram so much learning into your head in a day, a week, or even a month.An approach where you learn gradually week by week allows you to experience in-depth learning and understanding of the material, so you come out with confidence in your abilities and with resources to help you going forward.

Our students experience their time with us as a deep personal transformation. They come out of the program as new, confident, self-empowered individuals.

A Comprehensive Approach

The combination of coaching and healing allows people who are being coached in any area of life to work through the inner blocks to success. It also allows people who are focusing on healing in body, mind and spirit to make positive outward changes in their lives. EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other signature techniques in Awakenings course make this happen with the greatest possible ease.

Your Next Step

Wherever you are on your journey, you are in the perfect place to take your next step!

Maybe the thought of learning about coaching and healing is new to you. Maybe you are more interested in studying these areas for your own personal use, rather than for creating a professional practice. Many people study these techniques for their own growth. In fact, it’s highly recommend, because your ability to help yourself will help you to expand and grow in amazing ways.

You may want to learn more about coaching and healing before you make a decision to enter into certification training. As another option, you may consider taking training for your own growth, which is, in fact, where it all starts anyhow. Your success going forward now will be based on taking action.

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