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Opening to the Mysteries and our Mystery School

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2) This article below gives you what’s really important to know about embracing the mysteries of life and leading your best life.

It also gives you a good background for why we developed a Mystery School over the past three decades. It’s called the Spiritual/Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program.)

Stages of Opening to the Truth

In the early stages of our soul’s journey home, we are very much like children. We need to learn the basic rules of the road, like how to get around in the world, love one another, and honor our creator.

It’s a time of preparation. We may still view ourselves almost exclusively as physical beings who are subject to the influence of the herd (i.e, our group and the status quo).

During these stages, we still rely on perceived authorities outside ourselves to guide us. We have yet to open to self-reflection and the truth within. We view ourselves as limited beings who need to rely on external sources to succeed in life. Spiritually, we consider ourselves  victims of forces that are greater than ourselves.

This holds us in limitation until we consider the possibility that there may be another way. As we start to mature spiritually, the hold of these controlling forces loosens.

We start to think for ourselves, which leads us to a major shift in our development. We prepare to emerge as our true divine selves. It’s a profound shift in realities.

Now we are ready to awaken to our true identities as creators of magic and miracles rather than victims who have to rely on outside authorities to get by in life.

The Question that Changes Everything

The shift from our perspectives from victims to creators opens the door to life’s deepest mysteries. This is when we start to awaken from the illusion and ask an important question.

What if we could become our own sources of truth and wisdom?

It dawns on us: we can and we must receive our own direct transmission of truth and guidance. It’s an exciting time. This question changes everything and takes us on a deeper search.

Now we are ready to move onto our own path, away from the consensus reality. We open to the truth that lies somewhere within us.

This powerful awareness opens the door to mysteries and opportunities that would have been unimaginable in earlier stages of our development.

Accessing the Mystery Schools

And this is where the mystery schools come in. These teachings can include access to all of the following:

· Instructors who are experienced in guiding students to uncover the mysteries for themselves

·  Archangels and enlightened masters who have been where we are. The masters, who reach to us through the ages, know how to get where we want to go – into the full truth of who we are and why we are here

· Members of our spiritual family here on earth who can support us in this journey of self-discovery

· Our soul’s living library (the akashic records), which we are now prepared to access to understand anything and everything about our soul’s journey and true identities as a masters in the making

· Oracles that will synchronously support us along the way

We (Phillip and Jane) have been unlocking the mysteries for decades now and recently have taken our teachings further into the resources and opportunities that are available to us all.

The Rise in Consciousness

From the 1990’s, when our understanding of the nature and stages of the journey came into focus, our mission has been to teaching ways to accelerate spiritual growth with a toolbox of highly effective tools. In recent years, we have been adding even more to this toolbox in response to the rising consciousness on the planet.

This elevation of consciousness that is now occurring on the planet is raising questions many have never asked before. These questions provide keys to our divine nature and unique essence.

Discerning answers and solutions requires more powerful tools and, as mentioned previously, access to our full range of resources. We are collectively opening to richer layers of our divine potential, and this is what we will explore next.

If this resonates with you, find out more about our Mystery School here:  Spiritual/Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program.)

Top Spiritual Coaching and Healing Articles of 2022

We’ve had an eventful year in 2022 and look forward to this new year!

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The One-Step Miracle

What’s a miracle hidden in plain sight? It’s so close you might miss it, just a step away. The miracle is that no matter where you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you might want to go, you can take the next step.

How to Awaken the Power and Wisdom of Your Soul

Within each of us lies the brilliant light, power, and wisdom of the soul. Nonetheless, for most people, it’s hard to imagine tapping into the soul as a resource for improving our lives.

Asking the Right Questions

Are you asking the right questions? Asking the right questions is critical for success in work, life and spiritual growth.

Becoming More Authentic: Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Remember when you felt at ease in a situation, be it in a social setting or out in nature by yourself?

Life Purpose: Your Greatest Lesson and Gift

Uncovering and living our life purpose takes each of us on a journey into the unknown. Unfortunately, without having a treasure map (tangible way to find it), your life purpose may seem elusive.

How to Really Make this the Best Year Ever

How can you really make it the best year ever?

The energy of a new year is a natural time to look ahead and set goals. But, as you know, this initial spark can soon fade over time. The better diet, exercise, organizing can start out fine and soon peter out, as the old habits boomerang back to the old set point.

What’s Going on with Goal Setting?

A goal is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “the end toward which effort is directed.” It can help give us direction so we are not spinning our wheels and just letting life pass us by. A goal may motivate us to take challenging actions (change of diet, exercise, routines) now to experience a better future.

As research shows, though, goals can easily become too difficult and defeat our will. What started out as a loft intention can ironically end up lowering our self-esteem in what turns out to be another failed attempt.

How Your Story Becomes Your Purpose

Your life is a story, a unique and personal one. Did you know that you can choose to turn your narrative into a hero’s journey?

Here’s the challenge: it’s easy to be unaware of your heroic possibilities as you get lost in routine, distraction and hurry-and-worry.

So let’s look at how you can become the hero/heroine of your own story – consciously authoring your own life. 

What Limits Your Story  

What holds you back? It’s largely the limiting beliefs, programmed into us by authorities and carried over from generation to generation and lifetime to lifetime. 

Life Purpose: Your Greatest Lesson and Gift

Life purpose is a mysterious and important key to our spiritual growth. It's like the magical treasure that gives meaning to life.

Uncovering and living our life purpose takes each of us on a journey into the unknown. Unfortunately, without having a treasure map (tangible way to find it), your life purpose may seem elusive. 

This can be disappointing. Each of us is here for a reason. And each of us has a life purpose that's uniquely special and deeply fulfilling. It's the key to feeling fully alive and excited about where life is taking us.

Not knowing what our life purpose is right away is common. After all, self-discovery is an essential part of the evolutionary journey.

Life Purpose Feature

Spiritually, each of us is on a treasure hunt to find the answers to life's "big questions."

Is Your Soul Calling You?

Is your soul calling you? … Yes, it is – so then the question becomes: Are you listening?  At first, the messages may seem like an inkling, or perhaps a glimpse.  “Maybe I just imagined it,” you might say, part dismissively, part wondering.

Yet by paying attention to the promptings from your deeper self, your life takes on a different quality, with more meaning and depth.

Two Important Questions 

A central theme to life is waking up.  This awakening leads to two important questions: What are you waking up to, and what are you doing prior to awakening?

Competitive or Creative– which is better?

Which of the following scenarios is more inviting?

You struggle in a dog-eat-dog world, continually trying to be on top of things. Life becomes a daily survival of the fittest. Or…

You know that you live in an inclusive world, where everything is connected. You learn from the challenges, creatively and compassionately problem-solve and live your heart’s desires.

The first scenario illustrates existing on the Competitive Plane. The second one gives a taste of the Creative Plane. More on these important terms in a moment.

A helpful way to understand yourself is to observe how you operate, what model of reality you tend to use. Said differently, what is your framework? How do you orient yourself to being in the world?

Here is a great clarification for this important topic. Over a century ago, Wallace Wattles described the Creative and Competitive Planes in his classic works The Science of Getting Rich and The Science of Being Great.

These “planes” are states of mind that govern our thoughts and actions. They determine our way of being and how we show up in the world.

In our Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing Program we explore these worlds, let’s  share some key points in this article. In the process, it will help  boost your soul awareness and spiritual growth.

Becoming More Authentic: Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Remember when you felt at ease in a situation, be it in a social setting or out in nature by yourself?

It can feel good to be where you are – without having to put on a certain face or act in some way (to protect yourself or fit in).

The freedom of just being at ease with yourself is a joy of being who you are, in the moment – a spiritual being exploring a human experience.

Here are four aspects to keep in mind.

What Lights You Up?

What lights you up?  What brings a smile to your face, straightens your posture, makes you lean forward and ready to go?

Our dear friend and colleague Micah Blacklight discussed activating your creative spirit on a past Soulful Living Show. He emphasized finding ways to embody a space that lights you up, which serves yourself and others. This light-you-up spot is the “happy point, the juice.”

The phrase “what lights you up” contains many wonderful elements. Let’s unpack four of its treasures, so we can use them to create an extraordinarily fulfilling life.

As a note, know that the “lighting up” can come from within or without. Internally, we may get sparked by a thought, feeling, memory or energy state. Externally, we might connect with a person, place, event or thing.

What lights you up has all of the following elements: 

Opening the Heart and Mind

Two things are required to awaken in this lifetime: opening your mind and your heart.

As you open your heart and mind, wonderful things happen to you.

With an open mind and heart, life becomes a wondrous adventure, one of continuous learning and creating.  You are able to be more in the moment ─ and notice more of the synchronicities that surround you.

On the other hand, when the mind and heart are closed, our view is limited. These blinders reduce emotions to constrictive ones, like fear, doubt, and anger.

It’s essential to open both the heart and mind. A too-open heart can cause you to be naïve and overly trusting. You lack discernment and can be the fool rushing in where angels fear to tread.

On the other hand, if your mind is open but your heart isn’t active, then you may become overly mental and analytical. You know things but are lacking a feeling about them.  Feelings may be hard to fathom and identify. You can grow detached from life and love.

As a note, for this article we are speaking of the mind that connects with source, not the physical brain, which filters the mind’s thoughts and energies. The mind uses the brain to communicate with the physical body.

We are also speaking of the spiritual heart here, not just the anatomical heart. The spiritual heart is a bridge to the soul and spirit. It opens us to the timeless realms ─ this connection then sends a transmission so we can be more in our body and present to our experience.

Here are a few suggestions for opening your mind and heart.

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