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Enlisting Spiritual Power with Holistic Life Coaching

The key for accessing spiritual power in holistic life coaching may be much simpler than you ever imagined! While many people spend hours each day and search year after year for the truth within, hoping to connect with a higher intelligence, they’re missing a simple key. The truth within exists in the realm of the heart and soul.

“Obvious as it may seem, we’re here to follow our hearts.”

While most people identify themselves with their minds, like walking heads, we all know at a deeper level that the essence of our being lies in the heart. Try this. Point to yourself. Now notice where you pointed. If you are like the vast majority of people, you pointed to your heart. Why might this be?

Spiritual Truth and Power Actually DO Lie Within

Over the ages, Eastern spiritual traditions have viewed the heart as the seat of the soul. More recently, the heart has been identified from a more scientific perspective by the Heartmath Institute as a “second brain,” one that has the ability to lift our human experience to a new level of coherence and inner knowing.

In his book Life Energy, psychotherapist John Diamond identified the thymus gland, which lies in the area of the heart, as our source of life energy. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? In our years of exploring spiritual development, healing, and holistic life coaching, which focuses on the connectedness of all things, the heart has become a primary focus for connecting with our deepest desires and accessing the divine wisdom of the human soul.

As a source of spiritual awakening and transformation, some also refer to the heart center as the spiritual bridge. This perspective views the heart as a bridge between our current reality on the physical plane and a higher reality on what Wallace Wattles calls the Creative Plane. If you have ever felt like you were standing between two worlds, you understand what this means.

Our Journey to Spiritual Empowerment

When we first started to use the Soul Centering process we share here, it completely changed our lives and countless others now share our experience. Here is our process.   Even though so many of us view ourselves as limited physical beings, each of us has a connection with the higher realms and the divine wisdom of the soul. Within the body, our connection with the soul is anchored in the heart.

It’s another validation of a holistic approach, understanding that everything is connected. It is by connecting with your heart and opening to the experience of unconditional love in your heart that you access your divine nature, guidance, and truth.

The Soul Centering Process

We offer this process as a transformational practice for anyone’s spiritual journey. For those who are not familiar with guided visualization processes, the key is to relax, disconnect from the active, rational mind, and allow the receptive side of your nature to emerge.

The easiest way to do this is to shift your focus away from the thoughts that normally occupy your attention and focus on the sensations you feel in your body.

As you let go of the control of your thoughts, allow the experience to unfold without expectation and involve all of your inner senses to deepen your awareness. Each of us has a unique way of accessing the soul. Some feel more, some visualize more, some hear messages or see words. Just open to the experience, however it may unfold.

The process you find here is easy enough for anyone to do and short enough that you can do it every day to strengthen your connection with your heart and soul. The ultimate goal in the process of remembering is to be in this state of connectedness with your heart and soul all of the time.

Once you are familiar with this process, you should be able to make the connection easily. This will allow you to readily access your soul’s inner guidance and wisdom, which can transform your life.

Although Soul Centering is simple, it won’t work if you are in a hurry, because you access your soul through the receptive side of your being. Please allow ample time when you first use it. As you become familiar with the process, you may find yourself feeling much more confident personally and spiritually.

This process is designed for you to read each word slowly and close your eyes at intervals to focus on the experience. Before you start, you may want to focus for a moment on a challenge you’d like to address as you connect with the energy of your heart and soul. Now we can begin.

As you start to read this process and begin to relax, take a few deep breaths and feel the tension beginning to melt from your body. Fill your lungs completely with pure, clear air with each inhale and allow the tension to continue to release with each exhale, so that with each breath, you feel more and more relaxed and your body becomes lighter, allowing the tension to drift down through your arms, legs and feet and into the earth. Imagine that you have a grounding cord from the base of your spine and widen it out so whatever you are releasing can melt down into the earth.

Now bring clear energy into your mind with each inhale, so all of the cells of your brain can relax and your mind becomes more and more clear with each breath. And allow the clear energy to move down so that your entire head is relaxed, traveling down your neck and shoulders now, and allowing all of the organs in your body to relax. Now allow a wave of clear energy and relaxation to move gently down your arms, all the way down to the tips of your fingers. And feel another wave of relaxation moving down your spine to your legs and feet, flowing all the way down to the tips of your toes, so your entire body is relaxed and filled with clear, pure energy. You may want to stop reading for a moment and focus on allowing your entire body to relax, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

As you continue, begin to focus your breath on the area around your heart, where your soul connects with your body. Imagine that you’re sending pure energy into this area, so with each breath, there is more and more energy and, as you continue breathing, you can feel the energy intensifying so it may seem like there is a ball of light around your heart. Allow this ball of light to become brighter and brighter, radiating out in all directions, so that you feel yourself completely surrounded by the energy and you can feel this energy permeate every cell of your body with its beautiful light. As you do this, if any pain comes up in your heart, simply allow the pain to enter into your awareness and ask the breath to release it. Letting go of this pain will help you to completely embrace the love you hold in your heart. You may want to stop reading again for a moment and focus on experiencing the energy of love in your heart and feel it radiating out around you.

Now you can shift your focus to the area just above your head and imagine that there is another light there. As you imagine it there, allow this light to pour down through the top of your head and fill your entire body, so that you can see and feel yourself filled with this light all the way down to the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes. As it becomes brighter and brighter, it overflows so that you are completely surrounded with this light and you can feel yourself in perfect harmony and balance with all that is. Take a moment now to feel this harmony and how you are connected with everything and everyone.

From this place of peace, you can ask for guidance about any challenge you may be experiencing. This is especially useful if you focused on an obstacle you are facing before starting the process and can recall how it felt to you then. You may find that your perspective is different now than it was earlier.

From this place of clarity, you can access new awareness to help you in any aspect of your life. If you are focusing on a challenge, you may want to stop reading for a moment and view it from this higher perspective.

As a note, if you were not able to fully experience the energy of your soul, just continue to experiment with this process and focus on releasing any painful emotions that arise. You’ll notice a shift as you release old stuck emotions and open to the loving energy of your heart and soul.

Now it is time to shift your awareness back to the present time and feel yourself where you are, sitting or lying down, making note of your body’s position. And, as you breathe, allow your breath to bring you back to your normal waking state, feeling alert and alive. As you prepare to go off to other activities, make sure that you are grounded with your feet firmly on the ground.

Following Up to Get the Most From your Heart and Soul

The best way to develop the spiritual power and wisdom of your heart and soul is to give them more of your attention. We’ve used this practice for more than thirty years now and find it joyful to just breathe and focus on our hearts during the day.

It’s also wonderful to connect and journal on the messages that come from your heart. Relax, allow, enjoy!

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