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Five Keys for Becoming the Best Life Coach from Tony Robbins

Success ThinkingLearning to become the best life coach is a fulfilling skill that requires being open to change. Unfortunate as this may sound, the fact is that most people’s approach to success in life and in business is all wrong. Tony Robbins, one of the best life coaches in the world, excels at teaching people how to turn their lives around.

Why do you think so many people continue to run around in state of extreme stress in a vain attempt to squeeze more activities into each day? Because they think that the more they do, the better their lives will become. From observation, would you say that their approach is it paying off? The answer is clearly no.

So what’s the solution?

We learned the most important of all keys to success from Life Coach Tony Robbins and it changed our lives. Robbins teaches us that success comes 80% from the inside, from the way you think, and 20% from the outside, from the tools you learn. This means that the thing you and your clients need to master above all is thinking.

This should come as good news. You can change your thoughts and make your main focus feeling good. To help you get on the right track, we created five keys for becoming the coach that can transform your life and the lives the people you touch.

The Five Keys for Becoming the Best Life Coach

1. Relax. Whenever you find yourself in a state of hurry and worry, take a few deep breaths and let go. Clear thinking requires a clear mind and this is simply not possible when you are stressed. So the first thing to do is to stop and relax. This should feel better already.

2. Regroup. If you don’t know where you want to go, you can’t possible get there. The fact is that you are here to live the most joyful and exciting life imaginable. It’s holistic, integrating body, emotions, mind, and spirit. And the best way to recognize what is most joyful and exciting is to follow your heart, the seat of your soul. What do you really want to create? Write a list of elements of the most joyful life imaginable and boil it down to around 3 to 5 goals. You can do this for a single day’s activities or for your entire life, your brightest possible future.

3. Reduce. Once you have regrouped, ask yourself what activities you can eliminate to get where you really want to go. If your life is too busy, something has to give. Are you doing things because other people expect you to? Are you doing things for others that they could be doing for themselves? Finding areas where you can reduce is essential for effective life coaching. Boil your activities down to the essentials, to realizing your dream of living with joy starting now.

4. Refresh. Keep your thoughts focused on what you want, not what you don’t want. This is where right thinking really comes into play. Most people who are rushing around thinking about avoiding what they don’t want rather than creating what they do want. It is refreshing and exhilerating to know that the best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on the wonderful things that are happening and that are coming your way. Live joyfully now to draw more joy into your life.

5. Rebuild. Now, with your thinking in line with your brightest possible future, you can rebuild your life intentionally, from the inside out.

Realizing each day that the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to relax and enjoy life can be a huge blessing. It feeds the soul. From a holistic perspective, focusing on simply feeling good will help you to improve the quality of every area of your life and your health. It is also the best thing you can possibly do for the people around you.

In summary, the best of all keys to success is to live with joy!

We believe Tony Robbins would agree and hope these five keys for becoming the best life coach will help you to create the life you deeply desire and deserve. You are, after all, a magnificent human being who deserves the best in life!