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Clear Clutter to Increase Success and Feel Better

Life coaching takes discipline and organization and your path to success for yourself and your clients may be different than you think. Clearing clutter is a prime example that offers the immediate reward of feeling better. It also connects with the big picture of increasing your success.

One key for coaching yourself and others is finishing things well. This is an important skill for life coaching, because the next step, project, or phase of your life builds on the energy of the last step. Unfortunately, most people don’t finish things well and this is one of the reasons they are not successful. It is essential to finish each activity on a high note if you want to take positive energy into the next phase of your life.

This also points to the importance of a holistic approach, understanding that everything is connected.

Four Ways Clutter Blocks Your Success

1. Old stuff drains mental energy. It draws your attention away from the things that are actually important to you. It takes energy you could otherwise use to create a magnificent life. Is this what you want?

2. A cluttered environment affects your self-esteem. A neat, clean, and harmonious environment makes you feel good about yourself. It’s a lot like the way taking a shower and dressing well makes you feel refreshed and better about yourself. Both build confidence and confidence is essential if you want to be your own life coach.

3. The stress you feel in a messy environment boggles the mind. To be effective, you need to have a clear head. In this regard, starting the day with a clean living environment, car, and desktop works wonders.

4. Holding on to the past prevents you from being your best now. We have seen numerous cases where people experienced miraculous changes when they cleared clutter from drawers, cabinets, desks, and closets. Their ability to move forward effectively changed dramatically.

Here’s another important point. If you don’t know what you want, it’s more difficult to know what you want to keep and what you want to release. As you start to eliminate clutter, also focus on the life you want to create. As the mental image of a bright future comes into focus, the picture of what you want to include and what you want to eliminate will also become clearer.

Ready to start? We hope so. Another key for coaching yourself is that there is no time like the present.

A 30-Day Challenge for Eliminating Clutter

We challenge you to clear out the clutter in your environment now so you can move forward on a high note. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to devote just a little time every day to clearing clutter and getting organized. If you are coaching others, a 30-day challenge is also a great way to inspire them to make positive changes in their lives and do it now.

If you don’t know where to start, start anywhere. Commit to spending a just a few minutes each day to clearing clutter. Even 5-15 minutes will make a difference if you do it every day. And you may find that once you get started, you will want to spend more than 5-15 minutes.

If you accept this challenge, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the results. You can also tap into the spirit of giving and donate some things you don’t use to charities so others can enjoy them.

A Final Thought

If you have negative items in your environment, get rid of them, too. Here’s an example. One time Phillip was working with a client and he sensed that something in her environment was creating interference. At first, the client couldn’t imagine what it might be. Then she remembered that she had a frowning clown doll in her bedroom.

This may not seem important, but everything has a vibration and a frowning clown or a skull and cross bones or anything with negative energy brings down the energy of the environment.

Conversely, adding items with positive energy helps to lift the energy in an environment and thus lift your spirits. Use your imagination and think holistically about being your best on all levels – in body, emotions, mind, and spirit. As you clear out the clutter, you can create a more positive environment with an elegant orchid, beautiful art, playing some nice Mozart, and more.

You are, after all, a creator and your environment is the foundation for everything you are creating in your life.

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