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Manifesting Your Best Year Ever – Part 1: “Our Manifestation Journey”

In this 4-part series, we want to share some of our best tips and secrets on manifestation. Why manifestation? Well, creating a better, deeper and richer life is about manifesting.

Manifesting is defined as: “displaying or showing (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrating.”

butterfly-manifesting-small2The reason we teach an entire course (called Manifesting Your Dreams) on this subject is because it lends itself so well to personal and professional growth and transformation. You can manifest for yourself or help others manifest (in your specialty/niche area): better health, better wealth or business,or  better relationships. 


We wanted something more. Yes – as a classroom teacher (Phillip) and architect (Jane) we had jobs that paid our bills and offered some fulfillment.

But at a certain point, we knew more was possible. We felt called to something more inspiring for ourselves, something that could be more meaningful and make a bigger difference.

Our search led us into a deep exploration of holistic healing, and eventually coaching. It included hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology, and Holistic Life Coaching.

We had to start where everyone does. From ground zero. Who would listen to us? How would we know what to do, how to succeed?

We did have a passion for the healing arts and spiritual transformation. But getting our message out to the world?

And the idea of marketing — letting people know what we were doing– bewildered and scared us. Business, promoting and selling was not in our background.


But we felt the fear and did it anyway. Our intense drive and passion for life purpose, holistic healing, spiritual depth and manifestation became a focus and carried us forward. We weren’t going to let our fears and obstacles stop us.

At first we worked on the side, while we had full time jobs, eventually creating a part-time business. After a few years, it grew to a successful full-time business.

Part of the keys to our success (and others’) is to focus on our mission: to make the world a more loving and caring place — rather than focusing on fears and doubts.

Were there challenges? Yes, many. Any entrepreneur will tell you that.

But step-by-step we went forward. Sometimes two steps forward, and one step back (or two steps back, so it seemed).

Many dark nights of the soul occurred. Here’s just one example.

In 2000, the distributor for our first hard-copy books (including Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT) went bankrupt. The company owed us about $15,000 in sales, of which we never received a penny.

But we managed to take our disappointment in stride. And lo and behold — a company called Amazon came along and our books sold well there.


So manifesting is about making the hidden become evident, the invisible become visible, the unknown become known. In making the unmanifest become manifest, it takes some courage.

What does being brave in order to manifest mean? It means taking some calculated risks.

It means betting on yourself by investing time, money and resources into your dream – it’s worth it!It means mastering the inner and outer game of manifesting. Inner blocks, for example, show up as “people don’t understand what I have to offer.” Outer blocks can mean not having the training and skills to succeed. Both can be overcome.

So yes, things do sometimes seem to appear from nowhere — money, new clients, great ideas, new friends and collaborators– and yet trial and error and getting out there is part of it too.

Just get help, take some thought-out risks, and trust the universe. It’s worth the inevitable bumps, setbacks and failures along the way.


It has been gratifying working with so many clients, students and subscribers over the past two plus decades.

One of our most prized offerings, which we and our students value so highly, is our Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Telecourse. It’s a live program, where we develop wonderful relationships with clients, as coaches, mentors and teachers of profound tools and knowledge.

Why is this offering so valuable? We work live with students by phone weekly over a longer period of time (4-12 months) by teleclass with calls recorded and supplemental materials provided.

We get to know students well, teach them directly our deepest holistic healing and coaching materials, answer their questions, form relationship and create a wonderful interactive community for holistic-minded people who seek deep personal and professional growth.

report_optimProfound, awe-inspiring transformations result.


By following your dreams and goals, they will manifest, if even in unexpected ways and forms.

Yes there will be fears of being judged by others. Yet by moving through this fear of exposure, you can share your gifts and skills, in spite of some rejection along the way.

Actually, the challenges along the way can make you stronger and more resilient, if you don’t give up on yourself.

So in the rest of this 4-part manifestation series, we will share some of our best teaching with you on this subject, drawn from our upcoming Manifesting Your Dreams Course and Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program, starting soon.