Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

How Can You Find the Right Life Coaching and Healing Course for You?

Finding the right life coaching course can be challenging. This may be especially true if you are seeking a powerful holistic/spiritual approach that can produce transformational results. 

Life coach Training involves a substantial investment of time and resource, which raises some perplexing questions. For many, these questions go unanswered, leaving people stuck and confused.

There are so many courses, and there may seem to be an overwhelming number of choices. What are the best life coaching programs? And, most importantly, what is right for you personally?

Based on previous choices, people fear taking the wrong training. They might waste valuable time and energy… perhaps like they did before. Too many courses have over-promised and under-delivered.

People also doubt whether they could ever make a full or part-time living as a coach/healer, or in an area where they could use their training.

With three decades in the field of holistic life coaching and training, we’ve had a variety of experiences in our own personal and professional development. Like many people, we have had experiences with courses that didn’t live up to our expectations. We also have overcome many challenges and created a life that has exceeded our dreams.

Finding the Right Training for You

Wherever your search for the right program takes you, we want to help you to find the best training for you. Based on our experience, we created a checklist of elements you may want in your selection of a life coaching and healing program.

Maybe you want:

  • A program for a new career or tools to use in your current career 
  • Life coaching and healing tools you can use for the rest of your life for your personal and professional growth
  • Great results with your current or future clients and in your own life
  • Marketing and professional development tools to support your success
  • Fast and effective techniques you can use in a wide range of areas – health, prosperity, relationships, career, life purpose, manifesting dreams, and more
  • Highly experienced trainers who have been where you are and know how to get where you want to go 
  • A library of resources – books, audios, and videos – that you can use while you are in the program and further into the future to develop more expertise 
  • Confidence in yourself and a deeper understanding of what makes people tick that will help you to support them in being their personal best 
  • Personal access to your trainers to get answers to all of your important questions and concern
  • Opportunities to practice the techniques and develop supportive relationships with your fellow students now and into the future

Why You May Want Your Training to Include Healing

If you want to be a life coach, you may not have considered taking a course that includes healing.

With three decades of experience in the field, we’ve found that just about everyone encounters blocks – stress, anxiety, fears and all kinds of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, and more - that can prevent them from getting the results they want. Fortunately, with a holistic approach to coaching and healing, these challenges don’t have to become permanent roadblocks.

The kinds of fast and effective healing tools we’ve found and developed can greatly accelerate anyone’s personal and professional growth. We can’t imagine being without them.

Things You May Want to Avoid

Over the many years that we have been teaching, we also developed a good grasp on how to teach in a way that provides the best results in our students.

Here are some things to beware of:

  • A training program that crams everything into a short period of time: Learning the keys to creating the best possible life is a journey. Intensive courses don’t allow time for the learning to sink in, which denies the opportunity for the student to integrate the material, get enough practice to feel confident, or feel prepared to follow up.
  • A one size-fits-all approach: Part of being an effective life coach and healer involves learning ways to approach different personality types, or people at different stages of their personal and spiritual growth.
  • A program that doesn’t address healing: As mentioned before, this can be a showstopper for a lot of clients. Fast and effective healing techniques can save weeks, month, and even years of suffering.
  • A bunch of techniques that overlook the big questions: Ultimately, we all want to understand the essence of life -  who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. Programs that fail to put the skills they teach into the context of the big picture fall short of the goal of helping clients to realize their full potential.

The Big Picture

With so many years in the field we’ve developed a good grasp of the big picture. Our program is now organized in three courses that address three areas of development we now call the Transformational Triad.

Awakenings Institute's Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program includes three transformational courses:

  1. 1
    The Heart of Success Course, which  focuses on who we are and self development - how to be a personal success
  2. 2
    The Manifesting Your Dreams Course, which focuses on where we are going and dream development - how to realize your hearts desires
  3. 3
    The Awaken to Your True Purpose Course, which focuses on why we are here and purpose development - realizing your life purpose

All three lines of development are essential elements for creating the best possible life. Like us, many budding creators who are fulfilling their potential are living proof of this triad’s effectiveness.

We live where we want to live. We are generously compensated for doing the work we love to do while having control of our time. And we are honored to be making a difference in thousands of lives.

Exploring your Possibilities

Awakenings Institute's Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Program

You can make a bigger difference, too. Awakenings'  highly rated live online program combines life coaching with effective healing techniques to produce powerful results. You will learn step-by-step, in a hands-on practical, holistic approach.

This certification training provides A.) tremendous personal and spiritual growth with B.) the tools and support to succeed part- or full-time with a practice or C.) enhance your current career.

With all classes recorded if you miss any or wish to review them, it’s conveniently offered online via Zoom Conference. There is plenty of support from the instructors and community of fellow like-minded classmates, too.

Your Free Planning Session

If you would like to explore your possibilities, we recommend setting up a 1-on-1 Free Planning Session.

What One Student Had to Say about Awakenings Institute's Coaching and Healing Courses

"I spent two years searching for these courses. I knew I was looking for something, but wasn't sure what until I came across them. It has helped me enormously and in unexpected ways. It provides structure to an area that is traditionally quite ethereal and difficult to put into meaningful processes. I don't know of any other courses even remotely like these, with the scope they have." 

-- Jen Peters, Reinvention Coach