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Coach Yourself to Success With the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is different than you might imagine. Most of us know people who’ve tried to make their dreams come true using the Law of Attraction with little to show for it. And if you’re like them, you may not know any one who has used it with a lot of success. Regardless, the law of attraction provides valuable keys you can use to coach yourself to success in life and in your career.

What most people miss when they use the Law of Attraction is the fact that making your dreams come true requires more than just wanting something. Success in any area of life involves living more intentionally and this is where a life coach comes in. Most people would like to have better relationships, vibrant health and more money, but few are disciplined enough to make it happen by themselves.

Life coaches who specialize in helping people to realize their dreams understand how the Law of Attraction really works. They’ll understand the critical differences that separate people who succeed from those who don’t.

Common Mistakes Life Coaches See With Using the Law of Attraction

1. Most people spend more time thinking about things they don’t want than things they do want. In his classic program “The Strangest Secret,” self-help pioneer Earl Nightingale revealed the key to the Law of Attraction: You become what you think about most of the time. He wasn’t the first person to have this realization. Socrates shared this secret centuries ago this way:

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Seems like we’re slow learners, but more and more people are catching on. Life coaches realize that most people don’t have a clear vision of the future and this is where they start with their clients. These coaches understand that if you don’t have a dream, there’s no way that you can make a dream come true.

Interestingly, most people who have dreams wind up believing that they’ll never happen and this is precisely what they create. The Law of Attraction brings them the things they think about most of the time and their dreams never come true.

There are two keys for solving this dilemma and you CAN do this yourself. First identify your dream. Second, pay close attention to what you think about throughout the day. This is where the need for living more intentionally comes in. It’s critical to direct your thinking productively. Only a small percentage of the population does this, but it’s worth it. It can completely transform your life.

By the way, we found a shortcut – focus on feeling good. When you feel good, the quality of your thoughts improves and more becomes possible. From a life coach perspective, focusing on feeling good also reduces stress and improves your quality of life regardless of what’s happening around you. Try it!

2. Many people expect what they want to instantly appear. This won’t usually happen. It’s true that people sometimes win the lottery but the chances of this happening are extremely slim.

In his 1910 classic, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles described two essential “musts” for making what is now known as the Law of Attraction work for you. The first is what Wattles called “thinking in a certain way.” This is what we just discussed. He called the second part “acting in a certain way.”

Life coaches understand this essential secret, too. You’ll never get results if you sit back and wait for the life of your dreams to come to you. You are a creator and you have to take steps to create better health, supportive relationships, a fulfilling career, financial security, and more. This generally involves taking persistent action over a period of time. Thinking draws what you want toward you and action allows you to take hold of it.

Most people miss the point here. They think that if they want something, the Law of Attraction should just bring it to them. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Quite the contrary. You have to take consistent action to claim the blessings you want for yourself. You could say you vote for what you want with your time and energy. Interestingly, when your thinking is right, your actions are inspired!

The truth is that the people who use the Law of Attraction successfully with their health, relationships, finances, and more are the rare people who feel inspired to work at what they want, who venture forth joyfully in the direction they want to go, and never give up. Life coaches help their clients to keep their spirits up and stay focused,  something you need to do on your own if you want to coach yourself.

3. Some people think they can use the Law of Attraction to get other people to do what they want. They somehow think they can force others to love them, give them what they want, and make them happy. This simply won’t happen and the real truth is that you are the only one who can make yourself happy.

The mistake here is thinking it isn’t necessary to take responsibility for oneself. Those who succeed the most in life know that they are solely responsible for their happiness and success. You CAN take steps to become the kind of person who another person might be attracted to. Similarly, you can take steps to become the kind of individual a business would hire. The understanding you need to have is that it’s all up to you. You are CREATING your results.

You CAN Use Self-Coaching to Make Your Dreams Come True with the Law of Attraction

Hopefully, these points will help you to get joyfully on the right track, because you are here to LIVE, not settle for an ordinary life. In fact, when you really understand it, the law of attraction shows you exactly how to create the things you want in life.

As you are probably seeing, making your dreams come true is life a complete reality shift. This IS, however, one that can make your life exciting and magical. If you can get the Law of Attraction to work FOR you rather than against you, imagine what might happen.

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