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Reading Books as a Key For Coaching Yourself to Success

If you ask ten people if they would like to have more success in business and in life, most would probably say that they would love to have the keys for coaching themselves to success. Surprisingly, very few people know how to go about it, so the vast majority stay the same year after year.

To become your own life coach, you have to be different and follow your own path. As Wallace Wattles’ taught in his classic book The Science of Getting Rich, the purpose of life is to live fully and grow. People who settle for a less than exciting life and repress their God-given desire to live more fully are essentially experiencing a slow death.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you. You can learn to coach yourself and there are some things you can do now. They are not difficult, but they are probably different, so you have to approach them with an open mind.

One of the most powerful success habits you can develop is reading success books. Successful people are avid readers and you can benefit from following their lead.

Four Reasons Why Reading is a Key to Success

1. You become what you think about and reading success books provides some powerful food for thought. This statement about your thinking from personal development pioneer Earl Nightingale’s program The Strangest Secret is profoundly true. Unfortunately, most people think about the wrong things all day every day and their results show it.

When you read a success book and focus your attention on becoming more successful, you have an opportunity to think differently. If you start to think about being successful, that’s exactly what happens.

2. The straightest path to success involves learning from people who have what you want. Why try to reinvent the wheel? With Napoleon Hill’s groundbreaking book Think and Grow Rich, you can learn how the wealthiest people of his time achieved tremendous wealth and success.

Napoleon Hill devoted most of his life to exploring and sharing his discoveries. The truths he discovered have not changed. For a few dollars, you can take what he learned and start immediately to incorporate the secrets of success in your life.

3. You are most like the five people who are closest to you. When you read books written by highly successful people, some of it rubs off on you. Most people are close to people who are unsuccessful and in many cases, these people enthusiastically give bad advice. As a result, most people settle for ordinary, ho-hum lives.

If you are surrounded by people like this, it may be time to find some new advisors and possibly some new friends. You are here to live fully and feel excited about your life and you are not going to do this alone.

4. You need to take action now. Most people put off living, many right up to their last day of life. If you don’t want this to happen to you, reading just a little every day is a great way to start now on your journey to greater success. The goal is to provide a simple way to expand your awareness.

Prepare for Tremendous Success in Business and in Life

If you don’t want to be one of the people who settle for ordinary, ho-hum lives, the time for change is now. Reading just a little each day can open your mind to new ways of thinking, so you can make effective changes in your life. As your mind opens, new ideas and opportunities will appear. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easily success in all areas of life will start to come your way.