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Life Coaching Success Secrets for Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires

Seeking Success Secrets for Coaching Yourself and Others to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires?

We hope so, beThumbs Up to Your Successcause you absolutely CAN make your dreams come true. Life is a remarkable journey and you’re probably here because you want to learn how to create the best possible life for yourself and possibly for others.

Life coaching focuses on teaching you how to make this possible, on create the life you were born to live. Whether you want to coach yourself to success or have a career in life coaching, there couldn’t be a better time.

This is a time of tremendous opportunity!

In recent years, people have been saying that times are tough and opportunities are scarce. This hasn’t been true for us and it doesn’t have to be true for you, either. The key is learning the secrets to success. With these secrets, you can coach yourself and, if desired, for coach others to manifest your dreams and desires with joy and ease.

This is the focus of this part of the gettingthru.org site, tapping into your unique gifts, realizing your dreams, and living fully with holistic life coaching and healing.

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A holistic approach adds power to coaching and healing. It draws on the connectedness of everyone and everything in  making dreams come true. Becoming your personal best involves integrating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit so you can realize your full human potential.

Here’s a success secret people typically overlook when they set out to realize their dreams and desires. Creation of anything new begins with creative thought, and our creativity emerges from our connectedness with an infinite intelligence that transcends our normal awareness.

With all the negativity in the world, the power of the mind seems to be a well-kept secret these days, even though it has been out in the open for years and even scientifically proven to be true with Quantum Physics.

The Importance of Creative Thinking in Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires

If you have studied tremendous resources like Wallace Wattles classic book, The Science of Getting Rich, you know that success starts with what Wattles called “thinking in a certain way” that will allow you to access this infinite intelligence. Wattles’ little book is one of our favorites and it brings up another important point:

Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, you have greatness within you and you deserve the best.

You are here with a purpose and with potential for having a positive impact on the world. Wattles even goes so far to say that the universe (God) wants you to live fully and grow, and to have everything you need for this to happen.

Wattles explains that it is your right to have the things that will allow you to expand, enjoy life, make a difference. You could say that this is how the universe evolves.

Success Secrets from Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill

Success ThinkingWattles was talking about the Law of Attraction, and a success secret that was further validated by Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich, which opened with this statement:

“Thoughts are things and powerful things at that.”

While people generally devote most of their effort to doing things that in hopes of creating better lives, Napoleon Hill, who had the privilege of studying the most wealthy and successful people of his time, found that they focused first and foremost on success thinking.

LET YOUR MIND DO THE HEAVY WORK! When your thoughts are right, “thinking in a certain way,” your actions become inspired. This is when miracles can happen.

If you are thinking life is difficult, it is. On the other hand, if you decide that this is a time of great opportunity and you deserve the best that life has to offer, it is and you do.

Interestingly, ancient Chinese wisdom teaches that times of uncertainty are the times of greatest opportunity. You absolutely CAN turn your challenges into opportunities.

Here’s another coaching tip. This can even be a time of great opportunity for you if you decide to make it so. And we want to give you another important success secret.

Inspired Action Leads to Success

Wallace Wattles’ success formula didn’t stop with success thinking. The second part of his formula focused on “acting in a certain way” that will bring what you want to you. When your thoughts are positive and constructive, your actions truly become inspired.

TAP INTO THE JOY OF INSPIRED ACTION! When we studied the secrets of success and put the principles of success thinking to work in our own lives, the impact of our actions changed. We were literally inspired by a sense of being connected to something extraordinary. We started to enjoy life more and we were also surprised to see that new opportunities magically started to come our way. Life became more and more exciting, and richly rewarding. This can happen to you, too!

Phillip and Jane MountrosePhillip and Jane Mountrose are Holistic Life Coaches, Healers, and Trainers.

They are the founding directors of the Awakenings Institute, which teaches people how to access their full potential and make a greater difference while enjoying a wonderful life.