Combining Confidence Activities with EFT for Low Self Esteem

Did you know that combining your confidence activities with state-of-the-art tools like the EFT technique is a great way to help low self esteem?

It’s true. Confidence plays a vital role in everyone’s success. It provides fuel for high performance, as it gives the boost your mind needs to function well. With a boost in confidence, your life can change in wonderful ways and who wouldn’t want that?

Confidence Activities with an Extra Boost

Confidence activities and EFT have something in common—to increase confidence, they both deal with what’s going on inside you, in your thoughts and emotions. They remove those blocks in your path to reach your dreams. You deserve it. After all, you are a wonderful human being!

You undoubtedly know what confidence and self-esteem are. How about EFT?

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, releases stuck emotions by tapping on a series of points in your body. These emotions hinder you from experiencing happiness and reaching your goals in life.

It may sound a bit strange, but the EFT technique works like magic (thus the name of this website). Also, it’s easy to learn and just about anyone can do it. In fact, most people experience changes in painful old stuck emotions in their first use of EFT!

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You can start to build your confidence today with EFT. When you put EFT tapping together with some activities that are specifically designed to help you to boost your confidence and self-esteem, you have a powerful formula.

Three Confidence Activities to Help Low Esteem with EFT

Here are three confidence activities that are, by themselves, quite powerful. And combining these practices with EFT exponentially increases their effectiveness.

1. Body language. How you carry yourself reflects your self-esteem. Act confident and you’ll feel confident.

* Straighten your posture. This can be fun and enlightening! Instead of slouching, stand up straight and notice the difference. Interestingly, it’s hare to feel bad about yourself when your posture is straight and tall. The same goes whether you stand, walk, or even while sitting down.

* Keep eye contact. When talking to people, especially your bosses or clients, maintain eye contact and think loving thoughts about them. Increasing your appreciation of others increases your appreciation of yourself. Looking at the people around you also shows that you’re paying attention and you’re sincere.

When you learn EFT, you can use it as a confidence booster and notice how your posture naturally improves as you release the weights that hold you down.

2. Confidence affirmations. These are simple, positive statements that you can repeat every day. The key here is to build your confidence, be it for the short or long-term goals. For this to occur, you need a constant flow of positive thoughts.

You can combine confidence affirmations with the EFT technique. Here are a few statements you can use as your EFT affirmation:

* I am a unique person with special talents.
* I feel healthy and attractive.
* I can do this ________ (fill in the blank).

3. Set your goals and take action. Decide what you want in life. Don’t know where to start? Look in your heart, because it understands your true desires. Remember to set positive goals, focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

After that, you need to take the necessary steps to take you closer to your goals. And don’t delay your dreams by procrastinating. If you can do something today, do it.

As you might imagine, EFT can help here, too. If you use it to remove the obstacles to taking action, you may be surprised at what you can accomplish. This is a great way to help low self esteem.

How to Raise Self Esteem with EFT

Negative thoughts and negative emotions stop you from reaching your goals. The combination of confidence activities and EFT can become a powerful team to help low self esteem.

With more than a decade of experience with EFT, we’ve seen thousands of people become free from negative emotions like the following:

* Stress and anxiety
* Anger and frustration
* Fears and phobias
* Self-doubt
* Guilt, grief, confusion, and just about any negative emotion you can think of.

In many cases, the effects of a few minutes of tapping are permanent. If not, the procedure may be easily repeated.

Do you still feel dragged down by your low self esteem? It’s time to take the helm of your ship and command it to follow your dreams. You have seen how combining confidence activities with EFT can help low self esteem. The rest is up to you.

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