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Free Resources for Holistic/Spiritual Coaching and Healing with EFT and More

Are you looking for new solutions to old problems? … Or might you be looking for effective holistic/spiritual coaching and healing tools for your personal development or professional use?

Spiritual Gifts

With the right resources, you can open your spiritual gifts
and create the life you were born to live.

We all want a bright future. More than two decades of enthusiastic users find the unique combination of coaching and healing you can explore on this site powerful, enlightening, and practical. The techniques you can learn here bring the vast realms of spirit down to earth, where you can use them to make powerful changes in your life.

The state-of-the-art resources you’ll find here are specifically designed to accelerate healing and your ability to manifest the life you were born to live.

The Free Resources

The free resources you can access on this website include the following offerings from Awakenings Institute, the non-profit organization that runs this website.

For Emotional Healing: The Holistic EFT “Get Started” Manual and Resources

For Success with Coaching and Healing: The Holistic Life Coaching and Healing Success Kit

For Create the Life You Were Born to Live: The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Report

For Pinpointing Internal blocks and Imbalances (this one is a low-cost valuable resource): The Kinesiology “Get Started” Manual 

For Living Happily: Ten Powerful Doses of Love and Happiness Special Report

For Spiritual Healing: The Super Reality Shift Special Report

Each of these offerings puts together pieces of the puzzle of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. The EFT and Kinesiology “Get Started” Manuals provide overviews of highly effective techniques you can learn and start to use right away.

Consider these possibilities:

Personal Sessions Possibilities

Why the Combination of Holistic/Spiritual Coaching and Healing?

This combination works! Think of it this way. Healing is wonderful, and with effective methods, it can produce wonderful changes. It’s limitation is that it isn’t a roadmap for success, and this is where the coaching comes in. Together, it’s like a marriage made in heaven – remarkable things can happen.

Our approach offers more than a group of techniques to eliminate nagging issues. This is often the starting place, quite rightly, but there’s much more. We’re here to live fully, to expand and grow, to feel happy and free, and to realize our full potential. We’re here to realize the dreams that bubble up from the center of our being in our hearts.

With more than 30 years of dedication to accelerated personal and spiritual development, we’ve been amazed with what is possible. For us as well as our clients and students, life just keeps getting better and better. Our results have exceeded our expectations, and our students generally report feeling the same way. What could be better?

Accessing and Realizing Your Full Potential

We, like many people, came to a point where life just wasn’t working for us. We knew things had to change to make it worthwhile, but we had to create a roadmap for what we now call The Ultimate Paradigm Shift.

Creating a practical roadmap for success involved a lot of trial and error, wrong turns, and other deviations. It also took a lot of time and resources we would prefer to use more effectively. Our goal now is to help others to avoid the pitfalls we had to endure.

Here’s the good news. Contrary to popular belief, we humans are not generally limited a much by our circumstances – our age, gender, education, “good looks” – as we are by our thoughts and feelings.

Think about it. When you feel happy and good about yourself, everything seems to fall into place. This, then, is our focus – to understand and value the truth of who we at and what is possible for us. And the results we consistently witness are nothing short of miraculous.

How Can You Benefit from these Coaching and Healing Techniques?

Wherever you are, you can start now and benefit from the free resources you’ll find here. This, of course, is just the beginning and there’s much more to explore. You can also find a wealth of information on this website and follow up with some of the following:

EFT Books and More

Certification Courses

Continuing Education Courses

Personal Sessions

Best Wishes! Wherever you are on your journey, the time to take your next steps is now. As Anne Frank observed:

“How wonderful nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”