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EFT and The Law of Attraction

Turn up your speakers and

The law of attraction continually works whether we are aware of it or not. To harness it become aware of your thoughts and feelings.

The vibration you send out energy that activates the law of attraction.

Our brain is a sender and receiver of messages. These vibrations travel instantly, transcending ordinary time and space. At some point, what we put out comes back to us.

It can be garbage in, garbage out as the saying goes. Or instead, you can put good thoughts and feelings in so congruent people, places, events and circumstances appear. In other words, your inner world will be reflected in what happens in your outer world.

The challenge comes when we are having the law of attraction work against us, due to negative thinking and thoughts.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the tapping technique, can definitely help. Use EFT and tapping to address the blocks in areas like wealth, health and relationships.

For example, you can tap on the EFT acupressure points saying affirmations like,

For money: “Even though I have this debt, problem I can still love and accept myself and know I can find resources and opportunities.”

For health: “Even though I have this health challenge, my body is resilient and can get better.”

For relationships: “Even though I don’t have the relationship I want, I am appreciating the good relationships I have and better relationships are continuing to develop.”



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