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You may be wondering why EFT is receiving such wide recognition. Thousands of people are learning about the amazing success of the EFT tapping technique and increasing numbers of people are seeking EFT training and certification.

Many people regard EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a modern miracle for blocked emotions and even physical conditions. Because of its’ tremendous effectiveness, persons whose work focuses on natural approaches to healing are successfully implementing EFT in their professional practices.

With more than two decades in the field of holistic healing and life coaching, using EFT and more, Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose wrote one of the first books on EFT and they have offered EFT Training Courses since 2004.

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These courses implement the Mountroses’ unique holistic approach for quickly pinpointing obstacles and clearing them so you and the people you serve can move forward with greater joy and ease. The Mountroses also integrate life coaching to teach students how to accelerate personal and spiritual development and create success in all areas of life. These courses are of special interest for those who want to realize their purpose and create the lives they were born to live.

Five Reasons For the Tremendous Popularity of EFT Training Courses and Certification:

1. This technique is so easy that practically everybody can do it. Trained EFT specialists can successfully provide relief to clients who want to overcome many different disturbances. These caring professionals also can easily teach clients how to use EFT tapping on themselves to increase their effectiveness. Many individuals use it routinely.

2. EFT often produces astounding changes in just a few moments. And, users can repeat it as a routine to attain the desired results.

People commonly think a disturbing emotion one has been carrying for many years will require a long time to clear. EFT tapping proves that this is false. Every person responds differently, but results can be absolutely astounding. Frequently, issues that have evaded healing for years and even decades are substantially reduced or completely disappear in just a few minutes.

3. The process balances the whole system. By tapping into the integrative energy of the acupuncture meridians, a single short sequence of EFT may be effective with an extensive range of issues.

4. There are also other things to do when the basic tapping sequence is not working. This is where the skill comes in. These extra techniques can improve results and these also often produce rapid results.

5. The EFT tapping technique is almost worry-free. It doesn’t create pain, no special equipment is required, and the user doesn’t have to ingest anything. This eliminates detrimental side effects that accompany many prescribed medications.

Considering all of the benefits, people often suggest trying EFT before committing to an invasive or time consuming approach.

Here are some suggested areas of specialization where EFT Training has been shown be tremendously helpful:

Clearing sensitivities and allergy problems
Pain Control
Managing Stress
Clearing Clutter
Personal Growth
Improving Performance
Losing Weight
Fears and phobias like the fear of flying

This is not a complete list. These illustrations of the range of EFT only graze the surface of the many benefits people experience daily by using the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Concluding Remarks on EFT Training and Certification

For the person who is taking EFT Training and seeking certification as an EFT Practitioner, it’s wise to choose a single issue like the ones itemized here as an area of expertise. Any difficulty comes with unique considerations. Gaining proficiency working with individuals in a single area of expertise helps in two ways, for building self esteem and for your success rate with EFT.

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