EFT Magic in Minutes Book and Quick Start Kit

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Attention: Those seeking fast and effective emotional healing…

EFT is the premier, proven energy-healing tool. But here's the problem: how can you easily learn to do it?

Plus, how can you make it even better with "Holistic EFT"-- which boosts your results even further? And if you want to take it further, how can you build emotional intelligence, a valuable skill that benefits just about everyone.

The good news is that Holistic EFT is a proven technique that could help boost your energy, relieve stress, improve performance and more.

And there's more. You can learn how to do Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in about an hour– to improve your well-being now and for a lifetime. 

Enthusiastic EFT users say, “Try EFT on anything.” They know how effective it as a lifelong tool for anyone who wants to eliminate a wide range of emotions, health and relationship issues and create a better, prosperous life now.

Millions of people now have used EFT for pain relief, ending insomnia, improving performance, eliminating bad habits, reaching ideal weight, creating abundance and much more…

And with the addition of two key points, you can use "Holistic EFT" ... to transform your life.

So how do you learn it? Being widely recognized experts in the field for over two decades and Founders of Awakenings Institute , we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) created a user-friendly approach -- so you can quickly and easily learn the basics of Holistic EFT.

Announcing ... 

The Holistic EFT Magic in Minutes Book and Quick Start Kit

Here's What You'll Receive

(with Immediate Access):

Downloadable, Easy-to-Read Ebook

Provides clear diagrams, steps and valuable tips to learn Holistic EFT in about an hour. This updated EFT ebook guide takes you step-by-step through EFT, showing you exactly what you need to know.

Note: In this easy-to-read ebook, you'll also learn 10 essential tips on how to be more effective using Holistic EFT.

How-to Holistic EFT Audio

Listen from your computer, mp3 player or burn to CD. This EFT gives you step-by-step instructions that you can listen to on any audio device.

Three Step-by-Step Holistic EFT Videos

See exactly what you need so Holistic EFT works reliably and easily for you in these exclusive videos.  Plus an additional video on EFT tips to boost your results.

Plus Two Valuable Bonus Special Reports

Although you can finish all the basic materials in about an hour or two, you might want to go further with the valuable bonuses below.

Bonus 1: The Messages Behind Your Emotions — Special Report
Common emotions like fear, anger and confusion offer certain identifiable obstacles and opportunities. The good news is this report, along with Holistic EFT, can give you quicker and better results. It's also a must for building emotional intelligence.

Bonus 2: How to Use Muscle Testing with EFT — Special Report
Learn how to use this versatile tool to test virtually anything (body-mind-emotions) along with EFT

Here's the key... if you want to learn or review EFT in about an hour and enhance it with "Holistic EFT" with multi-media materials, you can get an instant download now.

We value you.  If you don’t feel you received value from this training, you can receive a full refund on your investment.

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