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The Value of EFT Articles

These EFT articles and basic instructions on EFT like those you can find on this website are a great place to start. We (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) were instantly hooked on the value of this powerful tapping technique and longed to learn as much as possible about EFT. This kind of depth required more than any EFT article could be expected to provide.

The key for those who want to accelerate their progress is to learn powerful holistic approaches from recognized experts in the field. With more than two decades in the fields of personal and spiritual development, we continue to learn more ways to increase our effectiveness with Holistic EFT and many other methods we have learned over the years.

As recognized experts in the field who specialize in accelerated personal and spiritual development, we focus on learning and teaching keys for increasing effectiveness and creating success in all areas of life. It pains us to see people who get stuck in the same place for month, years, and even decades. Above all, we want to avoid being in this kind of situation. As authors and trainers, it has also become a mission in life for us to teach the keys for rapid growth to those who are similarly fascinated with realizing their full potential.

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