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Becoming Your Own Spiritual Guide

What is a Spiritual Guide

Are you interested in becoming your own spiritual guide? If so, a whole new world of possibilities is waiting to reveal itself to you - to activate new levels of awareness and engage your innate spiritual GPS system.

Why is Becoming Your Own Spiritual Guide So Important?

The time of the great awakening is upon is. Becoming a spiritual guide takes you on an extraordinary journey into life's greatest mysteries and the magnificence of the higher realms. It accelerates and enriches your journey -- and if desired, you will also be able to help others in life-changing ways. 

Here’s something most people fail to understand. You don’t need to have any special gifts or talents to become your own spiritual guide. Everything you require is already within you, just waiting to be revealed. It’s yours for the asking, and this is the key. You just have to ask – and open your heart and mind to the blessings that await you on this enlightening journey into the unknown.

We view this as the next new frontier
for humanity, venturing into the unknown and awakening 
to the vastness of the higher realms.

From this lofty perspective, life becomes more meaningful, mystical, and miraculous. And with support from above, synchronicities abound.

This is what happened to us as we reached into the higher realms and magnificent beings of light - the archangels and enlightened masters - we found there.  The same thing can happen to you. Opportunities also emerge to connect with priceless resources - spiritual wisdom, like-minded souls and uplifting groups and communities.

Realizing your full potential is about venturing into the mysteries, the vast often uncharted territory, which is such fertile ground for your spiritual growth.

Six Powerful Benefits of Becoming Your Own Spiritual Guide

1. Personalized Guidance:

This amazing journey of self-discovery activates whole new ways of being in the world. It results in many “aha’s” and stunning realizations. They often happen unexpectedly – but at just the right time to learn and integrate these profound shifts. The right people, resources and events show up, as if right on time. You develop more trust in your intuition in the process.

In addition, as your personal journey unfolds, you can set goals and overcome challenges.

2. Spiritual Practices:

You will be led to the right spiritual practices for you. These may include special meditations, visualizations, journaling, and spiritual movements like yoga and qigong, along with dialoguing with your soul and higher guides. You might do uplifting rituals like saying spiritual affirmations at the start or finish of your day.

For example, at the start of each day we like to go outdoors to face the sunrise and say: “Mighty God in me! I face Thy Eternal Sunrise and receive its Mighty Radiance and Activity, visibly manifest in my experience,” from the Ascended Master Instruction by Godfre Ray King. After saying these words, we feel their effects in our awareness.

A related note here on why to “practice.” The right spiritual practice helps you become a better you, a more aware, enlightened version of yourself in this lifetime. Your practice will resonate throughout your day, creating optimal learning and experiences. It keeps you headed for a bright future and higher trajectories.

3. Expand spiritual knowledge and deepen understanding:

As you activate your intuition, you'll find yourself drawn to the right material, including texts, podcasts, teachings, channelings and more. Your perspective broadens and your heart opens as a result.

4. Finding the right Mentors:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The right mentors have been where you are going. They know the ropes, including the pitfalls and what to prioritize. They will give you support and feedback, helping show the way.  They can develop your discernment too.

Here’s an important note: as you awaken, you discern the right teachers for you and how long to stay connected with them. Awakenings Institute functions in the spirit of the world's great mystery schools, opening all involved to life's great mysteries.

5. Energizing and Motivating:

Life can be challenging and confusing. You will also meet inner resistance (from your own critical and fearful parts). Outer resistance comes from those who don’t understand you stepping outside the mainstream. Maybe they fear what will happen to you, amplifying their own fears.  In any event, you will have the energy and spiritual fortitude to deal with these oppositional forces.

As you follow your spiritual passions, you can stay energized and focused. You deal with the inevitable lulls and slowdowns.  Becoming your own spiritual guide keeps vitalizing you, allowing for breaks at times before a renewed period of growth begins.

6. Healing and Transformation:

You will learn ways to deal with your wounds and trauma. These blocks are actually the raw material to alchemically transform through healing. Dealing with inner wounds and karma leads to new growth and awareness.

For example, Alicia, one of our students, did a process where she recognized how she felt stifled a couple decades ago during her 40’s. At that time, she had lots of family and work responsibilities. Where was her life going, what did it mean, where was the fulfillment?

Using Holistic EFT tapping, she quickly dispelled the negative charge and felt at peace with her past. Updating how this blocked energy – now released – affected her current life, Alicia noted that she felt more in the flow. She let go more, releasing the need to strictly control her schedule and activities – more trusting of life and the universe.

All of the above benefits for becoming your own spiritual guide – personalization, spiritual practice and knowledge, mentoring and healing – will solidly prepare you. It’s wonderful to authentically guide yourself and others.

Four Extraordinary Resources for Becoming Your Own Spiritual Guide

Over the years, we have found the following four pitch-perfect resources for our self-development as well as for clients and students. They are all part of the Awakenings Institute's Spiritual Guide Certification Program.

1. Energetic and Spiritual Healing:
We engage the soul and Holistic EFT Energy tapping, along with direct support from the higher angelic realms. These methods can make a huge difference in going forward with confidence and clarity.

2. Connecting with Archangels:
The divine love, support and healing transmitted by these celestial beings is sublime and, unknown to many, it is there for the asking.

3. Learning directly from Enlightened Masters:
Unlike angels, ascended masters had human lifetimes that led them to a high level of mastery.  You can now directly connect with them and receive their abundant wisdom to develop your own guidance.

4. Using special decks of oracle cards for spiritual enlightenment:
Reaching into the higher realms, we found over the years that certain oracle decks can greatly accelerated our evolution, including connecting with the soul, archangels and enlightened masters. 

They are a source of great wisdom. And you learn how to use them with this journey into the higher realms in mind, you will come to realize that you become the oracle. The right decks of cards can precisely reveal hidden knowledge and connections. All the while, amazing insights and synchronicities transform your daily life in wonderful ways.

As we learned how to become our own spiritual guides, magical and mystical experiences became the norm. Our awareness rose into the higher realms and every precious moment of our lives became richer and more meaningful.

Your Journey into Becoming Your Own Spiritual Guide

Looking at the big picture, becoming your own spiritual guide might just be the best thing you can do for yourself -- and for others and the planet. 

We have included the above four interconnected resources into Awakenings Institute's upcoming  Spiritual Guide Certification Program.

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