Holistic/Spiritual Training Courses & Certification in EFT Energy Healing, Life Coaching, & More

“Are you ready to learn how to help others, come fully alive,
and be the change you want to see in the world?”

If so, Awakenings Institute’s popular Holistic/Spiritual Training Courses in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) energy healing, life coaching, and more may be just what you are looking for.

With over two decades in the field, Holistic EFT experts and trainers Phillip and Jane Mountrose focus on sharing uniquely powerful tools for eliminating obstacles, accelerating personal development, and creating success. They will help you bring the vast realm of spirit down to earth and make it easy to understand and implement.

The Holistic Training & Certification Courses  in EFT Energy Healing, Life Coaching, and more

 Holistic EFT Home Study Certification: Levels 1-3

Time-tested, effective approach to Holistic EFT, offered since 2004.​ Learn in depth going at your own rate.

Spiritual Counselor  Certification Program

Learn skills with depth of spirit to use personally and professionally

Holistic Coaching & Healing Certification

In-depth, hands-on live Online Coaching and Healing Certification Program.

Spiritual Kinesiology Home Study Certification

Learn how to access your soul's wisdom for guidance and healing...

Intuition Development Certification

Learn how to develop your intuition, for yourself and others. Hands-on, how-to techniques ...

Life Purpose Home Study Certification

Comprehensive profile of your soul and personality characteristics.

Under the direction of EFT pioneers and veteran trainers Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose, the Training Courses from Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to creating a more loving and supportive world, can help you, often in unimaginable ways…​

"Today is a new day. It's never happened before. Explore, make the most of it.  Use it as a stepping stone for going forward."

-- Phillip Mountrose​

Steps to Certification with the EFT Training Courses

Getting certified is simple. It only takes fours steps...

Step 1: Study the included manual, audios and videos

Step 2: Log practice hours

Step 3: Complete an open book written exam

Step 4: Have a short individual phone consultation for closure (a valuable experience in itself)

Then you will receive your attractive Certificate, suitable for framing -- with all the competence and confidence that comes with it.

Why Should You Get Certified?

1. It considerably expands your knowledge and tools.

2. It gives you more credibility.

3. It provides a step-by-step structure to go deeper into healing for yourself and those you help.

4. It is a an easy-to-follow course that will help you overcome a wide variety of challenging issues.

5. A high-quality tested course that you can take from home, going at your own pace.

Saves time and expenses of traveling and trying to learn everything in a
weekend training.​

6.​ Unnecessary to pay dues and join an association

7. It will boost your confidence with a beautiful certificate upon completion.​

Why Choose Awakenings Institute?

Awakenings Institute is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting a world "where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect, where all are nurtured."

Its founding directors, Phillip and Jane Mountrose, have been in the field 25 years and on the leading edge of EFT and other modalities for 15 years through their publications and trainings.

  • It's been offering certification since 2004 and continues to develop and upgrade its certification

  • 100's of people have taken the courses with consistently positive reports

  • An easy-to-follow course with depth of learning from written, audio and
    video training that you won't find elsewhere.

Here are your EFT Training Course options again...

 Holistic EFT Home Study Certification

Intuition Development Certification

Holistic Coaching & Healing Certification

Spiritual Kinesiology Certification

Soul Purpose Home Study Certification

Spiritual Counselor Certification Program

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."