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Are you feeling stuck or confused about that one big thing that is in your way?

Would you like help eliminating what's standing in the way for better health or wealth or being on track to live more fully and freely?

Energy-healing pioneers and holistic coaches,  Phillip and Jane Mountrose have more than 25 years of experience using their signature Holistic EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology methods. They are widely recognized for their ability to quickly pinpoint blockages and facilitate impressive shifts in their clients' lives.

The Mountroses have worked successfully with people with a wide range of challenges. Some of their situations are acute and some have been limiting the quality of clients' lives for years with little or no relief after trying a variety of approaches.

Results clients commonly report include visible physical changes, reduction or elimination of pain and other physical symptoms, clearing of emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks, a new sense of well-being, feeling better about themselves and their possibilities, and more. (See testimonials on the sidebar to the right>>>)

From the Mountroses' 25 years of deep, wide-ranging experience, you will receive precise, targeted support and strategies that you won't find anywhere else.

Getting personal assistance...

Getting individual help can make all the difference. Just contact us to set up an appointment.

We will have a 20 minute session with you to see how we can help and make further suggestions based on your needs and what you want to accomplish.

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We look forward to connecting.

Wishing you miraculous blessings,
Phillip & Jane Mountrose

Founding Directors, Awakenings Institute

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is make the most of yourself.