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Cure Anxiety with EFT for Improved Sports Psychology

More and more studies show that the performance of an athlete is greatly linked with his mind. The amazing success of EFT has prompted countless thousands of people to look into it as a cure of anxiety, especially when they want to have improved psychology in sports.

If you’re an athlete and you want to excel in any sport, read on…

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, helps people to release stuck emotions that prevent them from experiencing happiness and moving forward toward their goals in life. Curing anxiety for improved performance in sports is a great example of how EFT is transforming lives.

By tapping on specific points in the body, you may be liberated from negative emotions like anger, depression, stress, fears and phobias. Not only is it easy to learn, the results are almost always rapid. Incredible as it may seem, EFT’s magic often works in just a few minutes.

Now imagine applying EFT tapping to improve your performance as an athlete. What would it mean to you to be able to get rid of frustrations, bad memories, self-doubt, and all other negative emotions that stop you from being a high-caliber athlete? Do you want to perform like a seasoned pro? EFT may be the solution you’ve been seeking.

How Curing Anxiety with EFT Boosts Psychology in Sports

Mental focus is a key to success in any activity. More and more professional athletes are attributing their amazing feats as much to their mental conditioning as their physical training.

With the help of EFT tapping, you can expect to:

1. Increase your ability. You’ll be able to release any anxiety, fear, doubt or other emotions that prevent you from staying focused.

Gary Craig, who introduced EFT to the world in 1995, recounted the story of Pat Ahearne. Pat is a professional baseball player for the Australian Baseball League. With the help of EFT, his pitches became more consistent and he had better command of his throws—all done with less mental effort.

In fact, with EFT, he was able to bag the MVP and the Australian Baseball League Pitcher of the Year awards! And results are similar with golf, tennis, and other sports.

2. Improve your concentration. EFT will greatly help you to have a clear head all throughout the game.

Here’s another success story. EFT helped a golfer named Steve with a six handicap. Steve used EFT tapping to reduce the anxiety he felt before hitting the ball. He was able to consistently reduce his handicap by 33 percent with EFT!

3. Enjoy yourself more. Do you enjoy yourself more when you’re performing at your personal best? The answer is obvious. And you may be able to realize your full potential with EFT. Imagine going out there on the field, the court, or the course brimming with confidence. Sports will not be a source of stress for you anymore, but a fun and victorious activity.

Your Bright Future in Sports

You see, society largely influences our beliefs. We were taught that if we study harder, we will do better in school. Similarly, we believe that if we practice more, we can improve our performance in sports.

This is true to a degree. However, it is only part of the equation. In addition to focusing on how to win from the outside in, you have to focus on winning from the inside out.

The key to having the success you desire lies within. And this holds true with athletic performance. You have it in you to be great, and you know that. Only you can make this your time to make success a reality with your psychology in sports and in life.

With EFT at hand, many people feel like they have superpowers. It can help you to cure anxiety, increase your skills, improve your concentration and enjoy everything you do more. To your success!


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