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How to Heal Quickly with EFT: a Great Natural Remedy for Sore Throat, Back Pain, and More

For most of us, the mere mention of pain produces stress and fear. It is exactly for this reason that we all want to know how to heal quickly. What if we tell you that there is a great natural remedy for sore throat, back pain, and a lot of other types of physical pain you might experience?

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, is considered by some psychologists as among the most important breakthroughs in their field in the last century.

This amazing method can release stuck emotions that block you from experiencing happiness and moving forward toward your goals. By tapping on specific points on the body, EFT brings your energy into balance.

It’s surprisingly fast and easy to learn. In fact, a lot of people report freedom from negative emotions—such as anger, frustration, traumas, and self-doubt, among others—after a single session!

How Can EFT Help You to Heal Quickly?

We have been trained to regard pain as an enemy to be avoided at all costs. That’s why so many people rely on medications, often with limited results or no results at all.

The goal in using EFT is not to replace prescription medications. If you are considering as a natural remedy for sore throat or any form of pain, it’s always wise to consult with your physician first. But when you can use a non-invasive method like EFT and avoid potential side effects, why not try it first?

EFT’s approach is different than medications. It gets to the root cause of physical pain and restores balance in the body. It addresses physical conditions holistically — as manifestations of imbalance in body, mind, and spirit. In many cases, using EFT for healing on these levels can reduce or completely eliminate pain.

Pain is Not Purely Physical

Interestingly, in many cases, pain may actually have no physical basis at all. Picture these circumstances:

When you are about to leave on vacation, a little pain may go unnoticed. When you return from the vacation and are preparing to go back to work, the same pain may become almost unbearable. What is the difference?

Doctors report an increase in heart attacks on Monday mornings. What is different about Monday morning?

In his book Healing Back Pain, John E. Sarno, MD, reports that around 80 percent of the population has a history of pain associated with the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and limbs. He considers it to be largely a psychological condition and has had tremendous success treating it as such. What could explain his success?

The picture is probably coming into focus. In all of these cases, repressed emotions show up as physical pain. With sore throats in particular, these emotions often relate to having difficulties expressing oneself.

How to Heal Quickly and Create a Vibrantly Healthy Future

If you are suffering from a sore throat now, ask yourself if there is something that could be blocking your ability to express yourself and notice the feelings that come to mind. Now you have an emotion to clear with EFT.

As a natural remedy for sore throat, and other forms of pain, this is where EFT shines as an effective alternative to traditional medical treatment. A few minutes of tapping may resolve your pain. It has done this for us many times.

Unlike medications, the EFT technique does not have side effects. For most people, the results are also permanent. And when they aren’t, it may only take you a few minutes to repeat the process.

EFT has helped thousands of people worldwide to learn how to heal quickly as a natural remedy for sore throat and a lot of other common ailments. This includes back pain, headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, joint pain, asthma, allergies, PMS, insomnia, and more. Once you have mastered EFT, you may consider it, as many do, to be a modern miracle!

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