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Accessing The Soul’s Inner Guidance and Wisdom: Three Keys

Are you seeking to access more of the Soul’s Inner Guidance and Wisdom?

If so, it may be the most profound discovery on your journey to wholeness. When you are ready, the soul blossoms like a precious flower. Accessing the soul’s inner guidance and wisdom may also be easier than you imagine.

Learning to access the soul’s inner guidance and wisdom was a pivotal moment on our spiritual journey and the same may be true for you. It was the culmination of a years long search and our desire here is to speed the journey for you.

Our Soul Searching Story

We met years earlier, in the mid 1970’s, as members of a spiritually oriented organization called the Fellowship. We learned a lot as members, but ironically, our greatest lesson was not part of the teachings.

As with many such groups, the Fellowship had a charismatic leader who claimed to be an awakened man. His role was to guide us and as members, our role was to follow the leader. The work included some profound teachings we haven’t found anywhere else in more than three decades since we left this organization.

Our Search For the Souls’ Inner Guidance and Wisdom

After being devoted members of the Fellowship for nearly 10 years, we recognized that something was missing. We came face to face with a critically important question. A similar question may be haunting you, too. Here it is. “If our Teacher had access to divine wisdom, why is couldn’t we have this, too?”

You probably have some unanswered questions of your own. And like us, there are probably times when you won’t feel satisfied until you find the answers you seek. This brings us to the first key.

KEY#1: Empower yourself to follow your own path. On the spiritual journey, each of us comes to a time when we have to step out of the safety of the herd and take command of the direction of our lives. This is a pivotal step on the journey, when each of us embraces our freedom.

Our search for access to our soul’s inner guidance and wisdom was moving us in a new direction and it was clearly our time to step out. It was time to leave the safety of the Fellowship and empower ourselves to face the unknown.

How We Finally Connected with our Souls’ Inner Guidance and Wisdom

With our new found freedom, we started to study different spiritual practices, forms of meditation, ways to develop our intuition, and more. Again, we learned a lot, but something was still missing. After a few more years, in the late 1980’s, we were invited to an event where a spiritual teacher named Barry was speaking. We had no idea that this event would change everything.

That evening and following up for several years, we studied with Barry. His teachings provided the freedom we were seeking. They were based on accessing the soul’s inner guidance and wisdom to achieve spiritual transformation. And they worked!

The Soul’s Presence in the Heart

Barry taught us a simple process he called Soul Centering, which focuses on accessing the love, guidance and wisdom each of us holds in our hearts. It changed everything. Since that time, we’ve explored the role of the heart in human development. Some Eastern Spiritual Traditions view the heart as the bridge to higher truth and wisdom. Some would say it is the seat of the soul. Now, many people, picking up on the profound energy of the heart, simply say “Love is the answer.” We would also say:

“Love is the language of the soul.”

“Heartmath” is also conducting scientific research exploring the power of the heart in transforming people’s lives. This brings us to the second key.

KEY #2: Connect with your heart and soul every day. Scientists are beginning to discover what many cultures have known all along. The heart is more than merely an amazing mechanical pump. The heart not only feels, but also thinks, communicates, and remembers. When we can silence the ongoing rush of the brain, we hear the heart.

From the day we started to do Soul Centering as a regular practice, it completely changed our lives and countless clients and students now share our experience. We accessed a simple wisdom there. This process has become the foundation of our work with clients and students all around the world. If you are seeking spiritual transformation, this is the real thing. You can find a Soul Centering Process on this website at:

Enlisting Spiritual Power with Holistic Life Coaching

There is, of course, much, much more to learn, and connecting with the truth and wisdom in our hearts has led us to more miraculous discoveries.

Where the Soul’s Guidance and Wisdom Has Taken Us

Before we learned Soul Centering, we were both growing weary of our jobs, Phillip as a school teacher and Jane as an architect. We were successful with all the trappings of a good life, but we were unfulfilled. Jane felt as though her soul was dying. Phillip enjoyed his work but knew much more was possible.

Soul Centering was the answer to our deepest desires. In addition to learning how to access the soul’s guidance and wisdom, we learned how to use the energy of the heart and soul for healing and accelerated spiritual development. This soulful journey has been an endless source of fascination, transformation, and enlightenment for both of us.

KEY #3: Allow your heart and soul to guide you in the direction of your true purpose. We all know the phrase “Follow your heart,” but few of us do.

In the years after we learned soul centering, our explorations focused on the nature of human evolution, and a holistic approach that unifies the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. We learned Reiki (hands on healing), holistic hypnotherapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), spiritual healing, kinesiology and much, much more.

Recognizing the profound value of what we had discovered over a period of several decades, we decided to teach, with the goal of saving others from having to spend so much time to uncover the truth. In 1994, we started teaching many of the transformational techniques we learned.

Soul’s Inner Wisdom and Accelerated Spiritual Development

Little did we know at the time where teaching would lead us. Our first comprehensive program focused on holistic hypnotherapy. Since then, our studies, discoveries, and unique innovations have progressed even more, including the use of EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Spiritual Kinesiology (a complete spiritual development system we developed).

In the late 1990’s we discovered how the entire spiritual journey is built into the human energy field, which opens to higher energies and truths as we evolve. We now share what we have learned about the soul’s guidance and wisdom and much more in our comprehensive Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program.

How to Learn More About the Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program

This program truly transforms lives. With more than 20 years of teaching, we have also witnessed the kinds of transformational changes that are possible with the techniques we teach.

If you are seeking a program to accelerate your spiritual development and/or for professional training, you’ll find that there is nothing like it anywhere.

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“Our soulful, loving presence is the height of our humanity. Love truly conquers all.”

– Jane Mountrose