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Going Deeper into Life’s Mysteries

When we pause a moment, look up and wake up, we realize something…  We are surrounded in a mystery, a mystery play we call “life” in general, and specifically our own life.

So first, what does it mean that life is a mystery or “life’s mysteries”? A mystery is by definition “something difficult or impossible to understand or explain.” Can we “solve” life’s mystery or is something else going on here?

For example: just 4 percent of the universe (stars, planets and galaxies) are visible. The other 96 percent hides in mysterious dark matter.  And we are only talking about the physical world, not the internal, subjective parts of ourselves. How much do we know of our own thoughts, feelings and states? How much are we aware of in any given moment?

Yes, much to consider and explore here…

Though much of the light spectrum and physical world is unknown, and much of our own internal world is also hidden, we still have clues via outcomes. What is happening externally, and what are the results, however mysteriously created. We can take stock of our mood and mindset, even if we are not sure how we arrived there. We can certainly set the stage for favorable results and get insights from the outcomes we experience.

So here are four keys to exploring the mystery of life:

Key #1 ─ Open heart and open mind

It’s important to observe what you are doing, as if you are watching someone else. You can be highly active, engaged in a task or doing nothing, just hanging out with yourself. An open-hearted and open-minded approach to your life helps you to pay attention to yourself, without fixating on whatever is going on.

Your heart and mind, then, work together to create a healthy learning environment for you to live in. Then your nervous system relaxes. You feel safe, open and creative. You can engage in the present moment and take calculated risks that can have wonderful returns.

Each day you are thankful, you feel, you reflect and discern … you transcend.

Key #2 ─ Creativity and possibility thinking

What we know is little, but familiar and grounding. It can be a baseline – a springboard from which to grow, learn and evolve. By feeling safe, we can leave the harbor to explore new territories.

Look around now… see new sights, hear the sounds… breathe spirt and life into your body. The mystery-invoking question here is, “What else is possible?”

Key #3 ─ Humility and awe

When we are humble, we know that we’re part of a vast world. A piece of the divine is within us and so too are we within the divine.

Once we recognize that we are a part of the infinite, boundaries slip away. We can surrender more into the moment. We can be here now.  We can follow that bright light of our future.

It’s a marvel that we are even alive, breathing with trillions of cells, vibrating with the universe. We take our very existence for granted, but we can awaken from our slumber.

Key #4 ─ Confidence

Despite the fact that life is an enigma, you can still be confident. How can you be confident amid such a mystery? By learning to trust yourself. You can count on yourself by integrating the above three secrets (open heart and mind, creativity and humility).

Being a soul-embodied being, you have an inner compass. You can find a way. You can take one step at a time. You can do it.

And as you encounter life’s inevitable blocks, we recommend using EFT or holistic coaching to live fully.

Final Thoughts on Going Deeper into Life’s Mystery

We have written elsewhere how life’s mysteries can teach you self-mastery.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived and explored. It is a moment-to-moment affair with yourself and with the outer world.

Breathe deeply, live fully, embrace the mystery of life. Stay tuned and watch what unfolds.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose