Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching & Healing

The Holistic Life Coach & Healer Success & Prosperity Quiz

If you are interested in Life Coaching and Holistic Healing, learning the keys to success and prosperity is an absolute must. It’s also important to be aware of the price of missing out. As entrepreneur Chris Grosser suggests:

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

This is important. In our own training and work with clients and students over the last three decades, we’ve seen how easy it is to get lost in the muck of a person’s situation. This isn't a pleasant place to be. And It’s completely unnecessary.

For this, we created the Holistic Life Coach and Healer Success and Prosperity Quiz. It's an opportunity to learn 12 keys for transforming your life and realizing your true potential.


The key is in your awareness. In our training programs, we teach our students how to get out of the mud and stay out. This is the foundation for making deep, lasting changes with the greatest possible joy and ease.

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Holistic Life Coaching and Healing

Consider this question: How do you avoid dead ends, potholes, detours, and spinning wheels on the path to success, both for yourself and others?

You may have wondered about this. How can you triumph over common pitfalls that eat away at your potential for success with the people you so deeply want to serve?

The solution may be easier than you think. And, like us, you can succeed in a loving way. It's what we call the heart of success.

Understanding the Big Picture

In the larger scheme of things, success and prosperity are two of the most important topics holistic life coaches and healers encounter with their clients.

Here, we're talking about achieving success in just about any area of life: health, career, relationships, healing painful memories or emotions, managing stress, life balance, personal growth, life purpose, spiritual healing, and more.

When the people you serve doubt their ability to change or miss some of the other essential keys to success, your ability to help them dwindles quickly. Turning it around, your understanding of some key principles helps them to reach their dreams and goals. 

Their success also allows you to realize your deeper purpose as a Holistic Life Coach and/or Healer: making a positive difference in people's lives.

The ability to prosper is equally important. Here, we’re not just referring to money. Prosperity is about enjoying life in all its richness. It’s about experiencing each day to the fullest in a heart-centered way – feeling energized and fully engaged in the life you are creating.

Learning the Real Keys to Success and Prosperity

Clients come to life coaches and healing practitioners because they are at a loss. In most cases, they’ve tried everything they can think of and now they're handing their challenge to you. When this happens, do you feel confident in your ability to accept the challenge?

This is where having a clear understanding of the heart of success and prosperity come in. when you understand the big picture, everything else to make sense.

As you probably know, the most important part of your work lies hidden beneath the surface. The client probably doesn’t know what it is. And in many cases, you probably don’t know what it is either.

Fortunately, this is okay. Your skill lies in understanding the big picture; it's the source of the real keys to success and prosperity. With this as your foundation, the details fall much more easily into place. 

Without the big picture, a lot of time and energy can be spent going nowhere. This is unfortunate, to say the least. 

Here’s an example. In most cases, clients with physical challenges don’t just have physical problems. Something is going on beneath the surface, and they are stuck. What you need to know is that they aren’t likely to experience deep, lasting changes in their health until they get “unstuck.”

Focusing only on fixing the physical symptoms is like trying to build a beautiful new structure on a weak foundation or remodeling a room in a home without removing old junk that needs to be discarded. This approach misses the heart of the problem.

What is the real solution?

From the perspective of the big picture, here’s the real question. How can you help your clients to build a strong heart-centered foundation for change? How can you help them to feel more successful as a starting point?

The solution lies in understanding how everything is connected. This is where the heart shines. Love is all about connectedness, and this is the key. It's about being in a place of connectedness where nothing stands between you and your dreams. 

We decided on a holistic approach to healing decades ago, because we saw in our work with clients how clearly everything is connected. With this in mind, it’s interesting - even miraculous - that the same keys for change apply to just about any issue.

So how can you find out what’s keeping a client stuck? It starts with understanding the principles of success. For this - to help you to find out what’s really occurring - we created the Holistic Life Coach and Healer’s Success and Prosperity Quiz. This is a priceless tool for life coaches and holistic practitioners who want to focus in on real keys to positive change in all areas of life.

Clients will benefit greatly from your understanding of the heart of success. Sharing this awareness with them could put you leaps and bounds ahead in your ability to help people to make deep and lasting changes with the greatest joy and ease.

Where do you begin?

You probably know it starts with you. To begin, you can take the Success and Prosperity Quiz now.

The Holistic Life Coach and Healer Success and Prosperity Quiz is designed to teach you how to master the keys to success in your own life. Then you will be ready to share them to your clients.

Phillip and Jane Mountrose