Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching and Healing

How to Have a Fulfilling Life

To be successful is wonderful. That includes being abundant. Ultimately, you need fulfillment to be deeply satisfied, continually renewed and enriched.

Let’s examine what is fulfillment and how to “have” it. (Hint: it’s not something you can possess, and the more you try to grasp it, the more elusive it becomes.)

Fulfillment is a process, a journey. It’s finding more meaning, purpose and positive feedback in your life. It brings you to a deeper, more ever present place. To be fulfilled, you draw from your past, hope toward the future and ground it all here right now. Let’s look at keys to your fulfillment.

Your Power

As Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius said, “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” We can make those thoughts soul-infused with our presence.

By monitoring your thoughts and feelings, you can create a higher set point, the internal reference on how you view the world.

The old default set point is …

Tied to the past
Limited by reducing everything to the physical
Being a passive consumer
Being a victim

Your new set point can develop into …

Fluid and open-minded
Using the past as a resource
Responsive and intentional
Connecting the physical to the non-physical (material to the immaterial)
Being a conscious consumer
Being a creator

Fulfillment: The Form

Fulfillment means you see and experience your life as an adventure. When fears and doubts arise, those don’t become ending points. Yes, it may be time to reflect and re-gather, but then you go move forward.

If your health, relationship or business gets stuck, it becomes a pressure point.  Calmly delve into that stuck point and let a way emerge to go through it. 

In short, you don’t let your fears and setbacks stop you from seeking wholeness. You find a way to have that resistance motivate you to grow. Nor do you rest on your laurels when things go well. Life is dynamic and ever-flowing.

Your new elevated set point – thoughts, feelings, inner balance ─ moves you forward. Your elevated internal reference point helps you remember wholeness and oneness. It’s good to celebrate successes and then go on to the new step into fulfillment. You know, and remind yourself, that each moment is new.

Fulfillment: The Empty Container

Seeking fulfillment means you embrace more of the whole: in yourself, others and even the universe itself.

As the big picture comes into view, you can rise to the mountain top, smell the fresh air and take in the panoramic view.

At a certain point everything fades, form disappears, and you are left at one with the world, integrated with it all. It’s as if you merge with everything, however abstract or indescribable that may be. You sense and merge with the beyond, beyond time and space. It calms the nerves and soothes the soul.

To help facilitate this process of bringing the form from the formless, bringing heaven down to earth, we recommend connecting with your soul daily.

Meeting Your Needs – And Beyond

To be fulfilled, you use your body as a vehicle to grow and manifest. You Observe your set point and see how you can raise your thoughts and feelings to a higher level when possible.

Figure out how to meet your lower needs (safety, security and belonging), and You embrace more of your higher needs (creativity, altruism, self-actualization and transcendence). The journey of fulfillment can be the journey of your life, the journey of a lifetime.

You are forever finding ways to be fulfilled, ever changing and growing.

And as you let in all of that growth and change, at some point let it go, too. The form becomes formless. You are present and fulfilled.

You can hear the music, feel the warmth and see the light. And then you refer to what T.S. Eliot said, “Every moment is a fresh beginning.”