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Life Coaching Success Secret: Looking for the Good

What’s an easy-to-use “success system” for a greater life? If you want to be an effective life coach or self-coach, you must be in the right state, have the right attitude, to create what you want — so you can help yourself and others.

You need to keep your vibrations up. This means living in higher energy where more harmony and abundance naturally reside.


How then do you keep your head up if you are irritated when, for instance, someone drives inconsiderately? Or how do you feel good when a setback occurs, like a project you worked hard on has poor results?

Jack Canfield, renowned success coach and co-creator of the Chicken Soup of the Soul series, provides a wonderful strategy for keeping your energy up.

Once he missed his train stop and ended up in a foreign part of the city. So instead of pouting, he decided to explore this new landscape. He found a wonderful restaurant in his unintended “sightseeing.” Over time, he has befriended the owner and loves to return to this wonderful restaurant


Among the huge amounts of dirt, miners search for the precious metals. So too can we find the good amid life’s irritants and setbacks, like the miners and Jack Canfield did.

Here’s what to do…

When life deals you a light or heavy blow, immediately rebound by finding the good in the situation.

  • For example, if you accidentally delete a document, maybe you didn’t need it, or maybe you need to retrieve it and focus more closely on its contents.
  • If someone mistreats you, perhaps you need to examining your behavior or the relationship itself
  • If someone doesn’t return your phone call, maybe they became too busy (as you do sometimes). This can be an opportunity for you to develop your empathy (a success trait). You can also grow a thicker skin (another success trait, knowing you will still stay positive, regardless of such external setbacks. You can still focus on positive relationships.


What’s the alternative of “finding the good” in difficult situations? You end up complaining and seeing yourself as a victim, which just lowers your vibration and keeps you going in the wrong direction. This is not an effective approach for anyone wanting to create a better life.

Instead, commit to finding the good.

As a result, your vibrations will rise, which means attracting and creating more of what you want. You deserve it.