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You are Magnificent: Pass it On…

Did you realize you are a Magnificent Being? This is an awesome secret for coaching yourself to success of all kinds. It’s a key for creating your best possible life that many people can benefit from learning.

One of the main reasons people seek life coaches is because they don’t believe in themselves. Life coaches hold this belief for their clients until the clients can hold it for themselves. Watch this short video, where Phillip Mountrose, the Holistic Dr Phil, shows you how to really value yourself and others. He also uses EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, to help.

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You are a Magnificent Being!

 Pat yourself on the back often! You deserve it. Notice as you do this that when you feel good about yourself, just about anything feels possible.

The Science of Being Great

Want to explore your greatness more?

Wallace Wattles’ classic masterpiece, The Science of Being Great, is a wonderful resource for learning to value yourself and your potential for greatness. And you can download it today for free.

Click here now for your free pdf download of The Science of Being Great.