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Five Life Coaching Tips for Being the Change You Want to See

Many of us want the world to be a better pace. It’s in our true nature. We want to come closer to our ideal: a more loving, peaceful, generous and creative world. The key, as Mahatma Gandhi famously said, is in being the change you want to see in the world. This is an important life coaching tip and one that merits our attention.

Life Coaching Tip for Being the ChangeLife coaches know that changing others is difficult, if not impossible, and it’s usually the wrong order of things. We know that change first starts within. Making this shift and being the change shapes our inner world. We feel better, more fully alive, and our outer world synchronously becomes a more harmonious place, too.

Sometimes being the change is more easily said than done. The solution, then, is to have practical strategies, which is our focus here.

Here are Five Life Coaching Tips for “Being the Change”

It all starts within. As a life coach, you first embody the life coaching tips you share with clients. This is an important key for success. It’s holistic.

Coaching Tip #1: Have strong, heartfelt desires.

Your desires issue from your imagination — your dreams of a better world. You know that wonderful things are possible. Others have done it, and you may have already done some amazing things yourself. Now it’s time for more.

Picture Nelson Mandela in his prison cell imagining a better world that one day would free him and unite a country. His life exemplified the power of being the change.

Your dream may not be that big… or maybe it is. We are all part of a participatory world, and it starts with a desire for something more and better.

Coaching Tip #2: Be expectant.

Desire alone is not enough. You need to expect your desires to manifest. Like your desire, you can measure from 1-10 how strong it is.

Expectancy is linked to optimism, expecting things to turn out. Grounded, rational optimism leads to better health, longevity, improved work and relations. If you think you will succeed, you are motivated to do things to make that happen.

If you expect your business to succeed, you will network and get your message out, in spite of any discomfort and challenges.

If you want to get healthier, you will find different ways to improve, such as lifestyle medicine (diet, exercise, rest, play). If you want better relationships, you will look for opportunities in that area.

Coaching Tip #3: Trust yourself.

Self-trust comes with experience. When things aren’t working out, with little signs of success, it’s hard to trust that you are ‘being the change’. If you’ve tried similar endeavors in the past with little success, that can just dampen your enthusiasm too.

You can still count on yourself to do your best, to put your best foot forward, to become a better you. You can be a problem solver who grows in the face of adversity.

Monitor your inner world – your thoughts and feelings — to help you take care of your outer world.

A Story About Being the Change

Here’s a quick example. Years ago, we were anxious to sell our house and waited for months (which seemed like years) with no results. In spite of the frustration, we sensed the timing was off and trusted that things would somehow work out.

The happy ending made us laugh. One day, out of the blue, a couple came up to our door and told us they wanted to buy our house. It wasn’t even on the market at the time. They bought the house and in 30 days we realized our dream of moving to California’s beautiful Central Coast. That was 17 years ago now and we are still grateful, knowing it all worked perfectly.

You may have had similar experiences, where nothing seems to be changing. In such cases, your desires may not manifest in your time, but God’s time, or your higher self’s time. There is more at play than you can rationally figure out. Patience becomes a key virtue in learning to trust yourself.

Coaching Tip #4: Let go of the old and open to new possibilities.

To be open to bringing the new into your life, you may need to let go, including some outer clutter as well as inner baggage.

We use EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology to get clear so we can open to change. Removing the old and opening to the new is an ongoing journey. We also advise our clients to clear clutter from their environments – homes, cars, offices, etc. The difference this makes can be dramatic.

With the fog lifted, you can be more alert to opportunities. It may be a chance meeting or a resource that comes your way (a training or book, a new contact, reconnecting with a friend or colleague).

It appears that the universe is a smorgasbord — you can sample many items and find the ones you like, which keep you nourished and alive. You don’t have to go hungry, nor do you need to overeat.  Explore, consume, digest, rest, and go for more.

Tip #5: Have the will to follow through.

Many people with beautiful dreams fail because they never take action. Learning and receiving is part of growth. So much is given to us, for us to use, grow and experience. Yet there is a time for deliberate action.

Once you get some clarity on what you want to create, it’s time to act. It will be imperfect action, but much better than fear of action, which leads to paralysis and stagnation.

You will fall, scrape your elbows, stub your toes and sometimes more. It’s inevitable. A richly full and creative life includes trial and error, and like a child learning to walk, we all stumble as we seek to find our way.

As we teach in our Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Training, take inspired action without delay. And when you are not inspired, some action may take more effort and discipline. But you still act because you know it’s worth it, in spite of the fear, rejection (real or imagined) and the courage it takes.

You can also avoid the evil cousins of hurry and worry too. You can take your time and sometimes wait — the pause that refreshes.

Our Most Important Life Coaching Tip for Being the Change

It’s always appropriate to follow your heart,
which is the center of your being.

This is especially true when being change feels uncomfortable. You move forward, not because you ‘should’, but because you know in your heart that it’s worth it. You continue for the sake of your growth and all you touch, all the beautiful ripples you will make, like the ones that influenced you to be the change.

Your heart calls you to embrace change. With desire, expectation, trust, possibilities, and follow through, you will be living fully. As you do, your inner world improves as does the world you live in.