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Spiritual Healing with Angels, EFT, and More

Miracles Quote by Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Do you want tap into the essence of spiritual healing? If so, you can boost your results with a combination of possibilities including intuitive techniques, enlisting the support of angels and even more.

By more, we are referring to the addition of oracles and intuitive techniques. Intuitive skills can take your insights and awareness to even higher levels.

Here’s what people often miss and why. Many healers haven’t explored ways to fully integrate all of these powerful resources. We’ve been exploring this recently, when we were guided intuitively to find ways to enlist our full range of resources in our work with clients and students.

Why Spiritual Healing with Angels, EFT, and More


We often work with spiritual healers, lightworkers, and way showers. For them, this approach to spiritual healing can be transformational, both for themselves and the people they support.

We are always seeking more powerful approaches for these special clients and students. And, as synchronicity would have it, something miraculous happened in recent years that led us to possibilities we never imagined before.

Now we’re making this full range of opportunities available to everyone who is interested. We’ve had remarkable results in a wide range of areas.

Our experiences with these healing techniques include:

  • Powerful spiritual healings from physical conditions
  • Intuitive guidance and support for the kinds of challenges spiritual healers, lightworkers, and way showers face
  • Miraculous clearings of emotional, mental, and spiritual pain
  • Vast improvements in the quality of people’s lives
  • Greater prosperity and abundance
  • Accelerated spiritual growth
  • and even more

Over 30 years in the field, we have explored a myriad of different approaches seeking to produce the fastest and most effective results.

Here's our secret. Along the way, we learned an important key for accessing our spiritual gifts - opening to the place of pure potential where anything is possible and miracles are happening now.

A Real Life Case History

Here’s case history of a spiritual healing session with Phillip. When he started the session with a client we will call Rebecca, she had been suffering from swelling in her right leg for more than four years.

In the spiritual healing session with Phillip, Rebecca reported that she felt and saw light and became aware of her underlying repressed feelings, which she was then able to release with Phillip’s guidance.

After this spiritual healing session, Rebecca’s discomfort, which had been consistently about 4-5 out of 10 over the years, was miraculously different. The swelling and discomfort had completely disappeared.

After the session, Rebecca felt guided to change her lifestyle. She realized that elements of her diet, such as too much salt and dehydration had contributed to the swelling. Four months after the healing, she was thrilled to report that her leg continued to be normal, with no swelling or discomfort.

We want as many people as possible to benefit from this kind of experience. Nothing feels better than having miraculous healings plus greater understanding of yourself and the path to your brightest future.

Here’s a Key to Spiritual Healing for You

Opening as a spiritual healer is a journey. Here’s what happened to us. Awhile back, Jane received a spiritual healing session from a woman who works with angels. It was something new, which is always of interest, but Jane wasn’t expecting anything in particular to happen. Even so, something completely unexpected occurred.

By the end of the session, Jane found herself healed of physical and emotional trauma from a trauma that had been troubling her for more than a decade. For all those years, nothing seemed to change, even with the many methodologies we were using.

With that background, this healing felt like a miracle, but that wasn’t all. As the session was ending, Jane heard a voice that identified itself as Archangel Metatron, who said he wanted to talk with her.

Jane had no idea who Archangel Metatron was. She had heard of archangels and knew they are considered to be angels of the highest order who play major roles in the enlightenment of humanity.

With this in mind and with the powerful healing she had just experienced, she was open to hearing more. The next day, Jane contacted Archangel Metatron in her meditation. From that moment, everything changed.

We started to implement some changes Archangel Metatron suggested. They made perfect sense as ways to enlist a full range of resources for ourselves and the people we serve.

How to Access Your Full Range of Resources

Archangel Metatron suggested something miraculous to us that you can do, too. Enlist the support of the archangels and ascended masters. We've learned a lot with use of oracles and other intuitive techniques that we happily share with our clients and students.

The powerful, loving support of the archangels is available to us all. They are magnificent beings of love and light who are always around us and ready to help with just about anything you might imagine.

"Angels speak to those who quiet their minds 
long enough to hear."

- Proverb

Here’s the key. The archangels and ascended masters honor our free will, so they generally will not engage with us unless we ask. We simply have to request their support. (And remember to thank them, too.) 

Have a Personal Experience with an Archangel Now

If you quiet your mind and open to the love you hold in your heart, you can get a sense of this now with one of our favorite archangels: Raziel.

Archangel Raziel is the magician of the angelic realm, and also one of the most joyful angels. If you want to experience a boost of joy and magic, you can have it now.  Just relax for a moment and follow this script.

Meet Archangel Raziel

Take a few moments to relax, close your eyes, focus on your breath and let go, inhaling pure energy and light with each beautiful breath and as you exhale, release any energy that isn’t serving you now – any tension in your body, and thoughts you don’t need right in this moment.

These breaths of love and light are a gift you can give yourself, breathing freely, relaxing, and letting go a bit more with each breath. Just enjoy the experience.

Nurture your entire being with each breath, and when you feel more relaxed, open to the love in your heart to receive and and with pure intent, call on Archangel Raziel to join you.

Ask Raziel to make his presence known with a cascade of sparkling rainbow light, feeling it all around you and in your body. Just breathe and notice what you experience with all of your senses, inviting the rainbow light into all of the cells of your body.

Enjoy this moment with Raziel and if you wish, ask him if he has a message for you. And when this introduction feels complete, thank Raziel for supporting you and take a few grounding breaths to come back to your normal waking state.

This is just one example. There are many archangels who are here to help you upon request.

If you want to meet more of these magnificent beings, you may also enjoy this video of Jane connecting with angels in a meditation on Enlightened World Network with Teri Angel.

Jane's Video

We continue to develop our relationships with the archangels and ascended masters on a daily basis. If you choose to open to them, you’ll likely find, as we have, that you have resources you never knew you have.

More Ways to Experience Spiritual Healing with Angels

We have also explored traveling into the higher realms to bring back new methodologies for supporting clients and students. The archangels come in handy here, too.

As you might imagine, these methods include tools for spiritual guidance and healing with EFT, intuitive practices, enlisting support from the angelic realms, and more.

"The more you trust and believe in angels,
the more they will pour their blessings upon you."

- Denise Linn

Tangible Results for Spiritual Healers, Lightworkers, and Way Showers

We started using some of the approaches we have implemented with our students, who are often spiritual healers, lightworkers, and way showers. The results have been impressive.

Jane recently did a healing session that included Archangel Raziel with a student we will call Denise, who was seeking to advance in a career as a spiritual coach and healer. Denise reported experiencing sadness and frustration because she wasn’t making any progress in creating the future she desires. She felt so nervous and afraid of moving forward that she was completely stuck. She couldn’t get herself to do anything to realize her heart’s deepest desires.

Jane was able to help by combining a unique approach to Holistic EFT and a request for support from archangel Raziel. Within minutes, Denise was in a completely different space. She was excited to move forward with more confidence and clarity than she could have imagined possible before they worked together.

Denise also felt blessed and very joyful with the intuitive and angelic support she received during the session. And she knew this support was available to her going forward.

The angels bring great joy. They also amplify the results we receive in our spiritual healings. We’re finding surprising success with a variety of physical conditions, along with a host of emotional, mental and spiritual challenges the people we serve face as we work together to heal and lift our consciousness, along with the consciousness of the entire planet.

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