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How to Have a Strong Mind and Live Fully

Everyone wants a strong, healthy body. How about a strong, healthy mind?

This subject is particularly important with the rise in Alzheimer’s disease cases. With more people being affected, there is an urgent need to fortify the brain. Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia incubate for a long time. It can take many years to develop, so this is a good time to bolster your mind, and by extension, your brain.

What’s more, we want to go beyond just preserving our mind. We want to keep it as fresh and energized as possible.

What is “Mind”?

We are referring to “mind” as your consciousness that directly influences your physical body and brain.

Also …

* In turn, the body and mind are influenced by the environment.
* Also the brain, like the body, is material; the mind is immaterial.

Five Lessons from the Body to Have a Strong Mind

To get clues about a healthy mind, let’s consider characteristics of a healthy body. Since the body is physical, it’s easier to see what makes it work well.

Other points here…  


Self-Help and Self-Improvement Resources on the Leading Edge

Self-Help and Self-Improvement Quote

There couldn’t be a better time for self-help and self-improvement. With so many resources online, there are more opportunities than you can possibly take. The key is to be on the leading edge, where you’ll find the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable possibilities.

We’ve been there ourselves, seeking solutions to the kinds of problems so many people face – limited time, limited resources, too much hurry and worry, confusion, stress, etc., etc. Our lives weren’t working and none of the conventional approaches seemed to be very effective.

Our search for better lives took us to the leading edge of personal and spiritual development. That’s where we found the most powerfully effective ways to create the lives we desired, the lives we were born to life.

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