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The Hidden Power of Emotional Healing for Spiritual Development

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EFT users recognize the power of emotional healing. What many don’t realize is that emotional healing is also a fundamental part of our spiritual growth. This is because EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be instrumental in integrating our wholeness, i.e. our souls, which have been fragmented by traumatic emotional experiences from the past.

Facilitating spiritual development and accessing the power of the soul are the most important parts of the work we do to help our clients to overcome the challenges that keep them stuck. Each fragmented part of the soul is connected with an emotional pattern like anger, resentment, agitation, or fear that relates to the traumatic experience.

Energetically, the fragmentation creates blockages in the energy system that look like darkness or muddiness. As these fragmented parts return to our wholeness, the muddiness clears and the magnificent light of our divine nature shines through. The soul emerges, we grow spiritually, and our light shines through into every part of our lives.

Clearing out old, stuck energy feels wonderful and it is! Emotional healing with powerful techniques like EFT influences our entire being – body, mind and spirit. This is the reason we consider a holistic approach to EFT so important, because it addresses all of the aspects of our wholeness.

The Hidden Power of Emotional Healing

We’ve seen over the years that healing stuck emotions with powerful processes like Holistic EFT and SK (Spiritual Kinesiology), another powerful system we developed, gradually brings us closer to the truth of who we are as wonderful spiritual beings. Each time we heal a stuck emotion, more of the soul can shine through and we can feel better about simply being ourselves.

It’s kind of like clearing static from a radio station and receiving a clearer signal. The difference is that the changes that are possible with emotional healing can literally transform your life when you open to the light and wisdom of your soul. The key in relation to spiritual growth is to become aware of this wisdom and integrating it into our daily lives.

Psychologically, the fragmentation created by emotional traumas represents blockages to our conscious awareness, because the fragmented parts exist in the unconscious part of the mind. This explains why we may have no idea what’s blocking us when we’re stuck with painful emotions like anger, fear, anxiety and more. In most people, the unconscious mind represents as much as 90 to 95% of their awareness, so they have very little real understanding of themselves and what’s lying beneath the surface.

The Role of Emotional Healing with Spiritual Development

Spiritual development and emotional healing go hand-in-hand. As we heal painful, stuck emotions and bring in more conscious awareness, the darkness in the energy system is is infused with light and unconsciousness is replaced by more awareness. Mentally, we transcend our limited beliefs and open to new possibilities. Spiritually, more of the soul is able to be present in the body, which brings increasing amounts of love, compassion and joy into our lives.

Religious leader Dieter Uchtdorf put it this way:

“Healing comes when we choose to walk away from darkness
and shift towards a brighter light.”

This is a beautiful thought, and it’s a great beginning, but there’s more to it than simply choosing to shift. Some on the spiritual path want to bring in more light without focusing on the darkness. They want to have spiritual growth and bypass emotional healing. This is not possible and failing to release old, stuck energy prevents many people from progressing further.

The Danger of Trying to Bypass Emotional Healing

People who want to bypass emotional healing and simply reach for more light to grow spiritually miss a critical point. As mentioned, it is by eliminating these sources of stuck energy that we create space for the light of the soul to shine through. It is also by bringing awareness to our limiting emotions and beliefs that we learn about ourselves and access our true potential.

We learned this lesson early in our spiritual journey. We were drawn to spiritual practices like living in the present moment and not expressing negativity, but something was missing. We soon realized that not expressing emotions is not the same as clearing them. Stuffing stuck emotions or saying “I can handle it” as many people do doesn’t produce growth. Quite the opposite.

Access the Hidden Power of Emotional Healing Now

Processes like EFT and SK have created an unprecedented opportunity for accelerated spiritual development. We’ve experienced it ourselves and witnessed it in our students and clients. We noticed as we healed  stuck emotions that being more fully present was a natural result as we connected more and more with the wholeness of our being.

With the powerful healing tools available today, much of the healing needed to create a space for the soul to shine through can be done more quickly and easily than ever before. On a related note, it’s actually much more painful to hold onto old emotional baggage than it is to heal it. In fact, the healing process can be both enlightening and inspiring.


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